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Thou art Fucked.

Ass Kicker is a special and powerful Shiny Black Kyurem belonging to Bowser.


This Pokémon is much taller than a regular Kyurem, and has a special intro animation that consists of blue thunderbolts dramatically striking the ground around it.


Ass Kicker is used by Bowser in the CD-i Pokémon Tournament. It was believed to be his strongest Pokémon until Bowser revealed his Shiny Arceus, My Princess. It was only ever beaten by Princess, Mario's Shiny Ho-Oh.


Ass Kicker is fast, strong, and deadly, able to kill its opponents with ease. It single-handedly swept Ganon, Astronomer and Mayor Kravindish's teams, as well as most of Mario's team. It is powerful enough to outspeed almost any Pokémon and kill them in one hit. Bowser's Ass Kicker is at Level 400 and knows the moves Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Hyper Voice, Outrage, Roost, Stone Edge, and its signature move, Ass Kicking (a vicious and devastating move that involves Ass Kicker brutally striking and crushing the victim several times, similar to a brutality in Mortal Kombat).


  • All of Ass Kicker's moves can be legally taught to a Kyurem in the Pokémon games, though Ass Kicking is obviously a made-up move.
  • Despite being Dragon/Ice typed, it is unknown whether it has any Ice type moves.
  • Ass Kicker is somehow able to use Outrage without being confused. In addition, Ass Kicker's Outrage only lasts one turn, as opposed to two or three turns as in the games.
  • Ass Kicking can apparently kill the opposing Pokémon, as both times it is used a ghost of the victim is seen leaving its mangled body.
  • When a Pokémon is destroyed by Ass Kicking, a special message is displayed: "[Pokémon] was PWNED!"