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CD-I Fight is one of the Achille12345's Youtube series. It shows random RPG fights against CD-I, or non-CD-I characters. It was made a long time ago, shortly after The last stand against WeeGee, so animations and sfx aren't great, but still, it's a really good series.

Part 1


Youtube Poop CD-I Fight Episode 1

Part 1 shows a friendly competition between two teams: The King, Luigi and Link against Morshu, Gwonam and Mario. Morshu starts the fight by using Rain of Bombs, a shower of several giant nukes from above. Mario normal punches Link and Gwonam concentrates, increasing the power of his next attack.

Luigi, using his Help! skill, heals the entire party. Then, Link and The King attack with 'Oh Boy!' and 'What's for Dinner?', badly damaging Morshu's team. Morshu then prepares Kaioken X10. Mario's area of effect attack, Giant Spinning Toast, almost kills Gay Luigi. Gwonam uses 'Sniper'. Seeing that Luigi has little HP, he decides not to waste a bullet on him. Instead, he kills Link instantly. The King and Luigi decide to play defensively, as the situation is getting rough. Harkinian recovers his HP by drinking from his goblet and Luigi goes invincible for one turn. Morshu with Kaioken X10 attacks with Spinning Bombing Ropes, dealing enormous damage to The King. His goblet shatters, and then gets angry and goes full power. Even though Mario and Gwonam use a Combo Attack on him, he still barely survives. Luigi resurrects Link with Gay Kiss, recovering their health completely.

Now, the tables have been turned. The King receives extra turn and uses it to finish off both Mario and Gwonam. Morshu brings them back to life with Rupees, but the outcome is already obvious. Luigi boosts his party's attack power, Link strikes with Rain of Swords and the King with Dinner, destroying Morshu's party and winning the fight.

Music Used

Name Source
Clash of Opposites The Last Remnant
Press to Victory The Last Remnant
Battle with Magus CHRONO TRIGGER

Part 2


Youtube Poop CD-I Fight Episode 2

This video was actually an SGhonk contest entry, in which Achille got 5th place. SGhonk said it as a really good battle, but disliked the fact that it featured Weegee, who - in his opinion - is overrated.

Link is fighting with Weegee. He attacks him with Tornado Slash, which deals almost no damage. Weegee then easily defeats Link with his Death Stare. It's not the end of the fight, though, because Link uses all three Triforces and comes back as Triforced Link, his second form.

Link's Cutlass Fury takes away over half of Weegee's health, who then tries to attack with Weegee Virus, which shockingly has no effect on Triforced Link. After taking another hit again, Weegee activates his passive Auto Regen skill, and charges a powerful attack. Link counters it with Mirror Shield, deflecting the attack. Then, Rain of Swords almost kills Weegee, but he uses Heal to recover his wounds. Link, seeing that his skill is annoying, decides to seal it with Triforce. Weegee goes desperate and prepares his Overlimit. And Link unleashes Triforce Attack.

Weegee has nothing to lose. He uses Overlimit and hurls a giant fireball at Link. Link flies through the fireball and stabs Weegee, ending his horror once and for least, that's what Link would have thought. 

At the epilogue of the video, we see Malleo and Yushee reviving Weegee and promising their revenge.

Music Used

Name Source
Boss Battle Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Zero-Two Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Legend of Hyrule The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Arrangement: The Black Mages
Finishing Blow Lost Odyssey
Battle with Magus CHRONO TRIGGER

Special Episode 3 Part 1


CD-I Fight Special Episode 3 Part 1

Here, Achille resigns from the RPG style and introduces real-time action battles. Link comes back to Hyrule saying that he has defeated Weegee. Zelda doesn't believe him and neither does The King, who replies that Weegee is too strong. Link then shows his Triforce Form, astounding everybody with its power.

Suddenly, Link gets surprise attacked by Yushee, who pulls him out of the castle. After getting punched by Weegee and Malleo, Link counters with Dimension Slash. Then he charges the sword beam, but Yushee steals his weapon. Malleo and Weegee use Rapid Fire, throwing many laser beams at Link, damaging him and forcing him to use Overlimit. He slows down time and defeats the entire evil party.

Weegee's soul then takes over Weegee, allowing him to enter his 2nd form: Ultimate Weegee. He rapidly punches Triforced Link to show him how weak he is compared to him now, then he breaks his arm and leg. When Ultimate Weegee is about to kill Link, he suddenly loses control of his power. Walleo and Waweegee then attack disoriented Weegee and heal Link. Morshu and The King enter their special forms: Morsayen SSJ1 and Majin King, and enter the chaotic battle. Link now has to wait before his Triforce recharges. The evil team has an upper hand until Triforced Link comes back and defeats them all easily. Seeing there is no other way to win, Weegee decides to fuse with his brothers, creating the abomination of WeeMallSheeGas.

Music Used

Name Source
Open Treasure Box The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Arrangement: The Black Mages
Hellfire Soul Calibur II
Everything In These Hands .hack//G.U.
The Decisive Battle (Speed Up 1.5) FINAL FANTASY VI
Arrangement: The Black Mages
Hellfire Soul Calibur II

Alternative ending


CD-I Fight Special Episode 3 (Alternative Ending) RE-UPLOADED

In alternative ending, SSJ1 Morsayen attacks Ultimate Weegee, trying to stop him from killing his friend, but he gets knocked out. Weegee, seeing that Link is charging at him, uses an eye beam on him, disintegrating him. Majin King screams with anger and attacks with Super Dinner Blaster. Then he punches Ultimate Weegee, crushing his eye. When King tries to punch again, Weegee bites his hand off, breaks his spine and drives him to the ground, creating a huge crater. Ultimate Weegee heals all of his own wounds. Walleo and Waweegee try to fight back, but they get obliterated. After that, Ultimate Weegee exits his special form and leaves.

Morshu regains consciousness and tries to sense life energy. He finds out that Link is already dead and The King barely holds up, so he rushes in to save him. Majin King grabs Weegee's neck and tries to choke him to death, but Malleo uses Fire Flower, disintegrating the King. Morsayen, seeing he's too late, screams. He sees flashbacks of his live, when he was took in by Harkinian as a child. He was present at Link's birth, watched him grow and become a strong warrior. Now all he loved is lost because of the evil Weegee. Morshu, screaming in anger, enters his SSJ3 form. He shows no mercy to Malleo and Yushee and kills them with powerful beams. Then he notices that Weegee is trying to enter his Ultimate form, but stops him at the last moment. He pulls Weegee's arm off and pierces his chest with it. Weegee, barely alive, uses his Overlimit, but Morsayen easily counters it with a tiny ki blast. It's enough to destroy Weegee and every single cell in his body.

Few days later, everybody celebrates victory against evil trio, except Zelda and Morshu. The shopkeeper goes to the graves of his friends. He leaves a photo and then flies away. On the photo there is Link, King and Morshu together and a description above: "True friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget".

Music Used

Name Source
Everything In These Hands .hack//G.U.
Giygas' Intro Earthbound
Eight Melodies Earthbound
Giygas is Fatally Wounded! Earthbound
^ ??? ???
Parting Forever Lost Odyssey
x Bowser's Message Super Mario 64

^ A track from the "Titanic" film was used, but was removed from the video due to the video being banned from certain countries. Therefore, the Alternate Ending to CD-I Fight Special Episode 3 is a reupload.

x Forgot to add a song, but it was removed by reuploaded.

Special Episode 3 Part 2 


CD-I Special Fight Episode 3 Part 2

Music Used

Name Source
Hellfire Soul Calibur 2
Skyhook Battle and Escape from the Dark Lord Star Wars
Battle 2 / Battle 3 Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
Arrangement: Saitama Saishuu Heiki
Daughter of the Dark God Octopath Traveler