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CD-i Pokémon Tournament is a Youtube video series made by Achille12345. The CD-I characters have been invited by Achille to a Pokémon Tournament, where they must duel to see who will be true victor. However, the rules are different from the original formula from the games made by Game Freak and published by Nintendo:

  • Pokémon can reach a maximum level of 400.
  • Pokémon can have the Pokerus which can increase the HP from 50% up to a maximum of 1,000%
  • Shiny Pokémon are way stronger than normal ones.
  • The limitation of moves is removed just like in the anime, so Pokémon can use more than 4 moves.
  • Status effects are much more deadly and can be stacked (There's a possible combination of 2 or even 3 status effects applied on the enemy. ex. PSN + BRN + SLP)

So far the series has 6 parts and finishing it is now Achille's main priority.

Part 1

In Part 1, Gwonam crashes through the window and delivers an important message to The King. The letter is an invitation for a Pokémon Tournament from Achille himself. He tells them to go to the coliseum and register their parties at Themysteriouspirate's kiosk. Zelda doesn't really want to go, but seeing that Link Nukem, King and even Gwonam have their Pokémon ready, she changes her mind.


CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 1

At the coliseum, Harkinian noticed something weird. Link Nukem entered the locker room and somebody wearing a long, blue robe left it. He had an evil aura on himself and during the tournament, he was known as "????".

The Tournament begins. There is a total of 64 players. Part 1 doesn't show the actual battles, but skip fights, in which there's a board showing number of Pokémon left in each player's hand and fight is fast-forwarded. There are 3 rounds in total shown in the video and between them there are funny scenes to make the video less repetitive (Like Mario and Luigi searching for Princess and blaming Smith for her disappearance).

Once the first three rounds are over, the announcer, Achille himself arrives with his mothership "Tempus moriendi mortale" on the planet and fulfills the role of the announcer.

Apparently, Bowser, Morshu and ???? had won having 6 Pokemon left.

Part 2 - Zelda vs Duke Onkled

There's a short scene of Mario & Luigi punching Smith repeatedly, forcing him to answer a simple question: "Where's the princess?". They blame him for her absence, because they saw him wearing her crown


CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 2 Zelda VS Duke Onkled

. Meanwhile, The King and Morshu are playing Killer Instinct and Harkinian owns his opponent. Then he gives the controller to Link Nukem and - no surprise - he loses without being able to hit Link once.

Then Round 4 starts. Zelda and Duke Onkled take the stands.

As a pun on the name of the series The Legend of Zelda, Zelda owns a whole team of legendary Pokemon. Despite this, she had difficulties against Duke Onkled's team of normal Pokemon (due to the low level of her Pokemon and occasionally her own stupidity), but ultimately won with her Mew.

Part 3 - Mario vs Bowser

Mario and Luigi have found the Princess. In this scene, Mario gives the crown back to the Princess, but he notices she already has one on her head. Mario looks at the one he's holding and it turns out to be a replica made by Smith. It's too late to say sorry to Smith as he gets apparently killed by Fairies who got angry at him.  During this debacle, Achille12345 watched with amusement.


CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 3 Mario VS Bowser

Mario started a fight with Bowser. Just at the beginning of the battle, Bowser put his shiny Kyurem named Ass Kicker into the fight. All 5 of Mario's Pokemon got one hit KO'd, some after putting up a token resistance, some... not. The only hope for him was his shiny Ho-Oh named 'Princess.' He managed to defeat Ass Kicker and Mario thought now it will be easy-going, but then, as his 4th Pokémon, Bowser sent out a shiny Arceus named My Princess. Ho-Oh stood absolutely no chance and Mario was eliminated from the tournament when My Princess used "Flame of Judgement", a massive beam of fire that vaporized the Ho-Oh. The Plumber then noticed that the Princess betrayed him and started kissing Bowser, which made Mario cry and leave the arena. The events were broadcasted universe-wide. I.M. Meen was watching, and started laughing at Mario's defeat.

@$$ Kicker.png

As a bit of trivia, all of Mario's Pokemon are at least partially Fire-typed, while most of Bowser's team is at least partially Dragon-typed (Arceus is normally not, but can be Dragon-typed if equipped with a certain item).

Part 4 - Mario's Revenge

Gay Luigi walks in on Mario in tears, and they conspire to destroy Bowser. Afterwards Mario chats with Ganon on the Internet through MSN. After all, they were both humiliated by Bowser in the Tournament, and they begin to teach Bowser a lesson. Gay Luigi makes an "Evil plan of evilness", in which he explains how to do that: 


CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 4 Mario's Revenge

1.Ganon has to kidnap the Princess.

2.Then he needs to lure Bowser to his Airship.

3.Mario & Luigi will be waiting for Bowser.

4.Ganon will hold off Bowser for as long as possible.

5.At the same time, Mario & Luigi will be charging their attack, which requires at least 7 minutes of concentrating energy and standing still.

6. They will fire a beam at Bowser, killing him instantly.

7. Ganon will get Bowser's Pokéballs and Mario - his revenge, and Luigi Mario gets the princess.

Meanwhile, Achille is playing poker with Link Nukem in a nearby abandoned castle, while Themysteriouspirate watches. Link Nukem is winning until Ganon asks Link if he can borrow the Triforce of Power. Link agrees, but limits its power to 5%. Achille uses the occasion to cheat and swaps his and Link's cards, making him win. Link gets angry and blows up the entire castle by slamming the desk they were playing on.

Then Ganon, Mario and Luigi start acting out their plan. Everything is going smoothly until Ganon notices that he can't penetrate Bowser's shield. He tries to use Evil Enclosed Instruction Book to learn the tricks, and meanwhile realises that it also contained a manual on how to beat Link Nukem, but the info is censored by SOPA. He figures out that the only way he can deal any damage to Bowser is by deflecting the Mecha Koopas he is throwing back at him. He then calls Hectan, Militron and Harlequin for help, just as Bowser enters Angry Mode, making him far more powerful. Militron uses his skill Shield Breaker to shatter Bowser's force field, and Ganon's party eventually barely wins, but since the Princess is on Bowser's side, she gives him the power of love, allowing him to enter Insane Mode. He easily obliterates Ganon's entire party. Thankfully, Hectan withstands the onslaught and teleports his unconscious team members away. Now fully charged, Mario and Luigi fire their Anti Bowser Beam at Bowser, but he dodges the attack. However, the attack rebounded off Link Nukem, who was pissing on the wall of a nearby building, and hit Bowser, overkilling him. Having found yet another "hero", the Princess came to Link wanting to get laid with him, but he snaps her neck instead, paralysing her, calls her a "dirty bitch" and leaves.

After Bowser's defeat, he was sent flying to the Mushroom Kingdom and he ended up on the ground next to Zelda, completely unconcious, and Zelda loots his lunch money. Bowser wakes up and tries to kill Zelda with his fire breath while her back is turned, but before he can unleash his attack, he is Overkilled by an arrow out of nowhere. Zelda turns around and sees that the arrow was shot by a dancing archer. Zelda, completely speechless and having nothing else to do at the moment, slowly walks away.

Bonus scene


Mario's Revenge (Bonus scene)-0

Mario and Luigi have found the Princess, but they can't figure out how to un-paralyze her. Ganon lies in hospital with his team. He decides to send a "present" for SOPA company. After hacking their emergency system, the package arrives to Walleo the SOPA leader and Waweegee the Co-Leader, who are in control over the censorship co. They discover that the package contains Morshu Bomb, which injure them and obliterates the planet they were living on.

Part 5 - Link Nukem's Lair

Part five starts with Hectan telling Ganon about an interesting discovery. It turns out that inside an abandoned


CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 5 Link Nukem's Lair

cavern there is a Link Nukem's secret lair, in which he keeps all his weapons and pokeballs. There is also a possibility that the cave cointains some info about Link Nukem's only weakness. However, according to Gwonam, the entrance is guarded by a powerful demon, forcing Hectan to recruit 300 Koridian soldiers just in case the monster proves to be a big deal. Gwonam agrees to help the Evil Team in assaulting the cave and brings some forces with him.

After a rendezvous near the entrance, the team waits for the monster to show up. It turns out to be a black Octorok. Everyone is angry at Gwonam because of the time they've wasted to gather such a big army for just one lousy monster. Gwonam keeps insisting that the creature is dangerous. Suddenly, Mecha Smith appears out of nowhere and volunteers to kill it for them. As he approaches the creature, he gets his head chopped off. Seeing how serious the situation is, Ganon sends the entire army after the Octorok. Gwonam sneaks in, while the monster is busy murdering everyone.

Gwonam explores the cave, amazed by the amount of trophies Link Nukem has collected. At the same time, he's being followed by Tails Doll. Gwonam approaches the Quadforce, trying to take it, but he accidentally breaks the seal Level 3 containing Weegee and Giygas. Unaware of it, he continues his search for treasures and steals the Ocarina of Birds. This alerts the golden Octoroks, which begin to chase him. Giygas and Tails Doll engage into a fight while Gwonam tries to escape.

Meanwhile, inside the castle, Link Nukem's Octorok notices that the seal has been broken, but is unable to inform Link about it, because he's out (Tap Dance Duels Final Match is some serious business).

Gwonam runs to the Emergency Escape room (which somehow causes time paradoxes). He appears in CD-I The Secret Game in place of Leeroy Jenkins and his ship gets destroyed. Then, he's teleported to CD-I Super Guns Fight universe to the scene when Morshu kills Ganon. Gwonam picks up Morshu's uzi and by a pure accident, he shoots The King in the head, leading to the alternative ending, where Militron, Iron Knuckle and Hectan also die. Then, Gwonam makes it to the The last stand against WeeGee, where Bowser and retarded Link fight Weegee. Gwonam, since his power level is much bigger than weakened Weegee's, easily wins by impaling Weegee with Maps and Link's sword.

Finally, he arrives home and so does Link Nukem, who is not happy to find out the seal has been broken. He teleports to his cave (everybody died, except Hectan, who ran away, and Ganon, who befriended the Cave Demon) and battles against Giygas. Gwonam is confident and ready to take on ???? in the Pokemon Tournament. Weegee leaves the lair and meets the Cave Demon, who lunges at him.

The explanation of the Quad-Force Seal and Link Nukem's Triforce

Triforce: The Triforce is used by Link Nukem to become Triforced Link Nukem. (Link Nukem has a complete control over it and can use 100% of its power). He can share its energy with other people if he wants.

The Quad-Force : The Quad-Force can be used by Link Nukem to achieve his most powerful form, but now serves as a sigil, sealing Link Nukem's most powerful enemies, like The Big WeeGee Head, WeeGee, Malleo, Yushee and Giygas. There are other, slightly weaker foes like Tails Doll, who can be sealed in Link Nukem's Lair without having to use the power of Quad-Force.

Link Nukem can transform into his strongest form, but because the Quad-Force's power is already used at 99% to maintain the seal, only 1% of its potential can be unleashed.

There are Quad-Force seals in the multiple places at the same time. For example, there is a Quad-Force seal that holds WeeGee and Giygas (the one that Gwonam broke), There is another Quad-Force holding Malleo and Yushee and finally the one keeping The Big WeeGee Head in its place.

Link Nukem can create multiple Quad-Force seals, but they all share the same source of energy. The amount of power used to contain the enemy varies from the seal level. For example, the Quad-Force with WeeGee and Giygas is level 2 and 3, the Quad-Force holding TBWH is level 4 and the one holding Malleo and Yushee are level 1.

The power used by each sigil is...

Level 1 > 0.5% (Malleo and Yushee)
Level 2 > 0.6% (Giygas)
Level 3 > 2.9% (WeeGee)
Level 4 > 95% (The Big WeeGee Head)
Not used > 1%.

Without the seal Link Nukem would be far more powerful. As mentioned before, he could only use 1% of the Quad-Triforce Power, but since the seal levels 2 and 3 are broken, Link Nukem can now use 4.5% of the Quad-Triforce Power. (Which doesn't seem like much, but it's actually a lot.) Link Nukem sealed The Big WeeGee Head with A LOT of luck and the reason why he sealed WeeGee and the others is because they're immortal. No matter how many times he can manage to destroy them, they will always come back even stronger than before. By using seal he prevents them from coming back as long as the seal remains stable.

(Preview) CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 6


(Preview) of CD-I The Universal Prison Link Nukem Universal Prison

The preview start in another galaxy where Link Nukem (Fierce Deity) fights against Super Ultimate WeeGee.

At first, Link Nukem have a losing battle here, but he find three rare and powerful suns and he absorbed that and he became *Ascended Fierce Deity Link Nukem* and start pummeling Super Ultimate WeeGee (20%-50%). He charged and unleashed a powerful beam (70%), but Link Nukem uses his Reflect Shield and could reflect the attack.

Super Ultimate WeeGee go to (80-85%) and start to shoot powerful beams and the two last one were extremely powerful (enough to destroy the Reflect Shield) and Super Ultimate WeeGee goes (100%) at the last second before the explosion hit him.