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CD-i Super Guns Fight is a YouTube video series made by Achille12345. The premise of the series is a war between two teams: Good and Evil, that will last until one of the teams is completely wiped out.

There are 5 battles in total. Before beginning of the each fight, there is a text showing how many units each team has sent into the battlefield. The battle ends when one of the teams loses all units. After the round, a screen appears, showing number of kills each person scored and if they made it out alive. If they survived, they will participate in the final, fifth battle.

The series is unfinished and only two out of three parts are made.

Part 1


CD-I Super Guns Fight Part 1

In the first part, just before the first battle, a board appears showing Leaders of each team.

Evil Team

Overlord - The King

General - Ganon

Captain - Lupay

Elite Soldier ("Flamethrower of Doom") - Militron

Good Team

Leader - Morshu

General - Link

Captain - Mario

Elite Soldiers ("The Friendly and Cute Fairies") - Red Fairy and Purple Fairy.

Bowser in CD-I Super Guns Fight.

First battle is Minor, 1 Evil unit VS. 6 Good units. Fisherman, Water Lady, Fairy Dust Lady, Impa, Swamp Wizard and Astronomer of the Good Team sneak through the Mushroom Kingdom, when suddenly, they get ambushed by Bowser, who pulls out his mini-gun. Most of the 6 Good units get slaughtered. Fisherman runs to the left and Impa jumps on the mushroom. She manages to injure Bowser, but quickly after that, he pierces her with stream of bullets. Fisherman sneaks behind Bowser and empties a whole clip on him from his AK-47.

Round ends with only Fisherman advancing to the final battle.

Second battle is also Minor, 1 Evil unit VS 4 Good units. Fish Lady, some Koridian, Old Fisherman and Frozen Woman of the Good Team enter the King's castle in order to assassinate him. They can't see anything inside, which The King uses to his advantage. While hanging from above on the rope, he snaps Koridian's neck and dismembers Old Fisherman with his knife. The two remaining squadmates scream in fear and Harkinian uses the commotion to easily take them down with his golden pistol.

Round ends with the King advancing to the final round.

Third Battle is Major, 32 Evil units against 25 Good. Luigi, Mario and another Koridian get surprised by Glutko's attack, who squishes Old Man. As the Good Team opens fire, Glutko goes mad and punches Mario, sending him flying to the other side of war zone. Morshu kills Glutko with a bomb. The camera moves to the other place, where some minor characters are hiding behind obstacles and shooting each other. Unknown sniper hiding in the tree takes down 4 units, 2 from each team.

Mario in CD-I Super Guns Fight.

Mario lands in the bushes after Glutko's punch. He hears Peach's plead for help and rushes to the hotel, where her voice was heard from. Hovewer, he is too late and sees Princess getting shot by a Koopa Mage with a shotgun. After that, Mario awakens his Malleo power and jumps into action, killing everyone nearby. He shows no mercy to the Mage as he stabs him in the chest and rips the knife lower down the Mage's torso. Mario then proceeds to chase one of the Koopalings.

Scene then jumps to George the Baker and the Knitting Woman guarding the cave entrance. Armos approaches and George isn't able to leave even a scratch on him with his shotgun. Mayor Kravindish comes to aid and snaps Armos's neck. George is shocked by this scene and says it's awful, to which Mayor replies: "Don't worry! This is legal, you know." They kill three Sleepy Bones later, but then Lupay with her squad comes to the cave and kills all defenders. Upon entering the cave, they are greeted by complete darkness and spooky voices. Once Lupay turns on her flashlight, she sees the Red and Purple Fairies, which transform and brutally murder her along with her teammates.

Scene cuts back to Mario, who catches Koopaling and snaps its neck. He rises his head and notices Militron, Ushrom, an army of Armos soldiers, and Koopa Football Players with machine guns aiming at him. Mario has nowhere to run, so he pulls out his gun and shoots. He gets overwhelmed by the squad's power and goes to Hell for causing the Weegee Apocalypse in The Last Stand Against Weegee. joins his Princess in heaven. genocide, killing everybody, showing no mercy, and letting Princess die.

One final scene cut-back goes to Lupay: while she was the sole survivor in the massacre and had managed to get out of the cave, she didn't last very long as the fairies grabbed her back and finished her.

The remaining Good Team forces gather together, when suddenly, they get attacked by Millitron. Morshu barely dodges his rocket launcher missiles. Gnorris and a Koridian keep shooting at Militron, knocking him down for a while. The rest of the team finishes off the Evil Team's remains (and Morshu gets quadruple kill on Armos). Link blocks Millitron's fire breath attack and stabs Millitron's arm off. It turns out that the Evil Team's Elite Soldier was a robot, who then explodes. While Morshu celebrates victory, Ushrom sneaks up behind him. Fortunately he gets shot in the head by a sniper, who was Duke Onkled all along.

Round ends with Morshu, Link, Zelda, Gnorris, Gay Luigi, Gwonam, Red and Purple Fairy, Ice Queen and Koridian advancing to the final battle.

Music Used

Name Source
Monastery In Disguise Ragnarok Online
Locust Temple Gears of War 2
Sulphur Unreal Tournament 2004
Dark Mountain The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Dark Dungeon The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Hospital Battle Gears of War 2
Battlefield Lost Odyssey
Tank Theme Left 4 Dead
Hold Them Off Gears of War 2
Dark Cave Gears of War 2
Witch's Theme (Calm) Left 4 Dead
Witch's Theme (Action) Left 4 Dead
Left For Death Theme Left 4 Dead
Rolling Thunder Gears of War 2
Boss Fight #2 Star Fox 64
Horns of Victory The Last Remnant
Attack With Conviction!! GRANDIA 3

Part 2


CD-I Super Guns Fight Part 2

Fourth battle is Major, but really short. 17 Good units VS ?? (32) Evil units. Fari commands a small group of soldiers and they regroup near the ravine. Fat Lady notices something behind the rock and gets killed by Iron Knuckle and his Koridian Mice. Iron Knuckle, since he's resistant to bullets, easily runs away and manipulates the Good Team into following him. Fari warns them that it might be a trap and tells them to be careful. Ipo, Smith and Beer Guy get nervous, and Smith comments that it is unusally quiet for a battlefield. They proceed further and Ganon activates a mine trap, killing most of the Good Team's squad for the round. The whole Evil team jumps out of cover and kills the rest. Orange Yoshi tries to contact the Good Team's leaders, but gets decapitated by the real Militron, called Old Militron.

Evil Team wins with only 2 casualties. Ganon, Hectan, Goronu, Omfak, Harlequin,  Iron Knuckle, I.M. Meen, 5 Armos, 4 Koridian Mice, 8 Sleepy Bones, Dr. Rabbit, Dr. Robotnik and Militron advance to the final round.

Before the final battle begins, an information appears that both teams will receive reinforcements.

Good Team: 12 Koridians, 2 Children, 1 Secret Weapon.

Evil Team: 15 Koridian Mice, Sleepy Bones and Armos.

Final battle is the biggest one. 76 Evil Units VS 26 Good Units. Luigi gets attacked by soldiers hiding behind rocks. He accurately throws flashbang, allowing his friends to easily take them down. Link and Gwonam are worried about Morshu as they don't know where he is.

Morshu in CD-I Super Guns Fight.

Next scene shows Morshu, Fisherman and Koridians inside The King's castle. They infiltrate the base and kill the guards. Morshu goes right and his squad to the left. They enter a dark room, in which Ganon was waiting for them. Morshu, hearing gunshots, decided to check what's going on. He sees Ganon breaking Fisherman's spine. Ganon then starts throwing tridents at Morshu, which he cunningly avoids. An epic fight begins with Morshu prevailing at the end by piercing Ganon with his own trident and then blowing him up. He then got attacked by Militron, Iron Knuckle and Hectan, but The King ordered them to stay away, because he wanted to deal with Good Team's leader himself. And he did.

Zelda informs Link, Gwonam and Luigi about Morshu's death. They decide to sneak up close to Harkinian's castle. They see Morshu's corpse being thrown into the river and dozens of soldiers coming out of the gates. Link orders Gwonam to use the Secret Weapon - and the video ends here.

Music Used

Name Source
Skaarj Assault Unreal Tournament 2004
Hospital Battle Gears of War 2
Victory Fanfare Golden Sun
Witch's Theme Left 4 Dead
Hyrule Castle The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Ganon's Message The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Ganondorf Battle The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Middle Boss Battle The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Boss Battle 2 Star Fox 64
The Black Knight Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Witch's Theme Left 4 Dead
Time of the Falling Rain The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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Arrangement: The Black Mages

Part 3

Unfortunately, Achille doesn't plan on making part 3 anytime soon, even though Part 2 was released back in 2010. According to his messages, he wants to finish CD-i Pokémon Tournament and Skies of CD-I Legends first.


Name (Evil Team) Status Name (Good Team) Status
Bowser Dead Yokan Dead
The King Live Impa Dead
Militron Dead Water Lady Dead
Magikoopa Dead Lika Dead
Merchant Dead Grimbo Dead
Witch (brown) Dead Odranoel Dead
Witch (green) Dead Anutu Dead
Witch (red) Dead Hamsha Dead
Armos 10x Live 5/10 Fish Lady Dead
Gibdo Dead Koridians 5 Dead
Wizzrobe Dead Morshu Dead
Glutko Dead Yoshi (blue) Dead
Lupay Dead Peach Dead
Sleepy Bones 16x Live 8/16 Crone Dead
Mortan Koopa Dead Zelda Live
Larry Koopa Dead Lubonga Dead
Roy Koopa Dead Hungry Girl Dead
Lemmy Koopa Dead Lady Alma Dead
Iggy Koopa Dead Myra Dead
Chargin' Chuck 3x Dead Gwonam Live
Ganon Dead Fat Mario Dead
Hektan Live Gay Luigi Live
Goronu Live Link Live
Omfak Live Horgum Dead
Harlequin Live Yoshi (green) Dead
Iron Knuckle Live Harbanno Dead
I.M. Meen Live Suprena Live
Koridian Mice 9x Live 7/9 Mayor Cravendish Dead
Dr. Robotnik Live Fairy (purple) Live
Dr. Rabbit Dead Fairy (red) Live
Old Militron Live Alora Dead
N/A N/A Gnorris Live
N/A N/A Oogtar Dead
N/A N/A Koridians 1 Live
N/A N/A Lord Kiro Dead
N/A N/A Kulvan's Daughter Dead
N/A N/A Koridians Brother 6x Dead 6/6
N/A N/A Kulvan Dead
N/A N/A Aypo Dead
N/A N/A Yoshi (orange) Dead
N/A N/A Droolik Dead
N/A N/A Cave Peoples 5x Dead 5/5
N/A N/A Children #1 Live
N/A N/A Children #2 Live
N/A N/A Secret Weapon Live
Duke Onkled Live


  • The series is based on several shooter series: METAL SLUG series, Contra series, Unreal series, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, and Conker: Live & Reloaded.
  • There's a sequel for this series called, YTP Gunfight, made by Gloin1994.