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CD-i Tactical RPG is one of the old Youtube series made by Achille12345. It was a strategy RPG-like series showing adventures of The King and his team trying to save the world from the evil army. CD-i Tactical RPG bears resemblance to Fire Emblem and Shining Force games.

The series was cancelled, because Achille had too much work on his hands and other, more interesting projects to do. Still in recent videos like Pokemon tournament part 6 Achille keeps showing this kind of Battle system.

CD-i Tactical RPG Scenario 1 The Landing Intro


CD-I Tactical RPG Scenario 1 The Lading Intro

After receiving message from Duke Onkled, The King, Link, Morshu, Luigi, Zelda, Impa and Gwonam went to Gamelon to help him. After arriving with their ship on the secret landing place, they get ambushed by Hectan's minions: 6 Sleepy Bones and 1 Skeleton Mage. Achille himself comes and offers the heroes a tactical advice, but they reject him. The screen appears showing victory and defeat conditions. All enemies must be destroyed and Link, The King or Achille cannot die.

Scenario 1 The Landing Battle


CD-I Tactical RPG Scenario 1 The Lading Battle

In the first turn, Link rushes forward and attacks Sleepy Bones to the east, while Gay Luigi attacks the one on the north-west. The rest of the team moves carefully. Achille scolds Link for making a bad move and underestimating the enemy, who then deals critical damage to him. Another Skeleton attacks him, but Link manages to block and counter the attack. Gay Luigi dodges the attack from the upper left skeleton he attacked before. The rest of the enemies fall back to south-east part of the map and Skeleton Mage casts Protect LVL 1 spell on himself. 

Scenario Map 1.

Second Turn. Impa recovers Link's health, then he finishes off his enemy, granting him a level up and a new skill "Sword Boomerang". Gay Luigi kills his enemy on north-west, also gains level up and learns Gay Kiss. The King defeats another Skeleton near Link. The enemy team does nothing, except for Skeleton Mage, who now casts Strong LVL 1 on himself. 4 enemies remain.

Third Turn. All heroes move forward. 3 Sleepy Bones from south-east now attack. Morshu gets badly injured by one and two others attack Link, but their attacks seem to do almost nothing this time. Skeleton Mage approaches slowly.

Fourth Turn. Impa heals Morshu. The King critically hits the closest enemy, levels up and learns Drinking. Whole team (except Gay Luigi, who was left behind) attacks an now only Skeleton Mage remains. He casts Explosion LVL 3, hurting The King, Gwonam, Impa and Gay Luigi.

Fifth Turn. Skeleton Mage, surrounded, gets easily defeated. Morshu levels up and learns Lamp Oil (although he has no mana to use the skill). Link uses his Sword Boomerang, killing the final enemy and clearing the map. Achille sees that the team had no trouble fighting, so he's sure they will do well without his help.

Scenario 2 Duke Onkled Castle Intro


CD-I Tactical RPG Scenario 2 Duke Onkled Castle Intro (CANCELED PROJECT)

After surviving Hectan's ambush, the team, worried about Duke Onkled's safety, makes haste to his castle.

Turn 0. The King and the others aren't here yet. 2 Koridian Mages, 3 Gunners, General and Commander are guarding the bridge at the north. At the center there are 4 Skeleton Mages and 6 Sleepy Bones. One of the Koridians shouts to fall back, but the General says that if they retreat, he enemy will surround the castle. The Koridian mage appears on the east, informing about Hyrulian reinforcements incoming.

Scenario Map 2.

The few encounters occur, then turn 0 ends with enemy reinforcements approaching. Akhekhu, 21st commander of Lord Hectan's battalion treatens Koridians with death. Suddenly, heroes arrive at the bottom of the map. The victory and failure conditions list appear. Defeat all the enemies without letting Koridian Commander, Koridian General, The King or Link die. Bonus conditions: Deliver final blow to Akhekhu with The King.

The video ends and Achille thanks for special effects and correcting spelling errors to some users. Then he warns if somebody will write a comment like "ZOMG, your spelling suck", he will kill them. Ushrom doesn't listen and posts a comment like that, laughing like an idiot. Achille breaks through window in his house and eats his limbs. Screen goes black with creepy music in the background and red letters appear: "You have been warned".

Scenario 2 Duke Onkled Castle Battle

A brief fragment of this video was shown in Achille12345's Unfinished/Cancelled Projects video. This includes the first player turn, the first enemy turn, and a duel between the King, and Akhekhu. The rest of this series is still cancelled, though.



Unfinished Old Videos Projects

In Achille12345's Unfinished / Cancelled Projects video is shown the introduction of CD-i Tactical RPG.

Year 665

Link, the future hero of Hyrule, is born, blessed with the legendary Triforce of Courage. The child soon to be evidence Hyrule's greatest hero.

Year 666

South from Hyrule, Within the Gerudo Desert, the evil warlord Ganon raised an army of immense crudelty. Ganon led these evil forces to Hyrule and began an assault upon the kingdom.

Responding the threat of impending invasion, Harkian IV, King of Hyrule sent out His own army to counter Ganon's forces.

But Ganon's forces was like horde. The Hylan forces had not been preapered for such a

mosterous fight. For everyone of Ganon's minions killed, ten more would take its place.

It was clear That Hyrule was fighting a war ten to one. Hylians were being massacred by thousands.

As the war continued to raverage Hyrule and its people, King Harkinian IV called upon the aid of Koridai (ruled by young Mayor Kravindish), and Gamelon (ruled by young Duke Onkled), who sent large reinforcements of soldiers with the hope to turn the tide of war .

Despite the addictional troops, the Hylian forces became overwhelmed by Ganon's evil forces. Hoping to make a last stand, the Hylan army was forced to abbandon most of His outposts and fell back to Nabudis, the evil forces in hot prusuit.

King Harkinian IV himself decided to guard Nabudis with his life, leaving the throne of Hyrule in the hand of his only son, Prince Harkinian V.

Unfortunatly Nabudis fell and the remain forces fled to the castle.  At the gate of Hyrule Castle another major battle was about to begin. With the help of Gay Luigi,Mario and the Seven Stars; the heroes won the battle and destroy the army of Ganon.




Character Music Theme Source
The King The Decisive Attack Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Link Attack Fire Emblem
Zelda Apostle of Light Shining Force III
Impa Attack Shining Force II
Gwonam Promoted Attack Shining Force II
Morshu Clash Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Gay Luigi Promoted Attack Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon


Character Music Theme Source


Character Music Theme Source

Poll ranking

Currently this project is ranked 5th in the poll list of which video Achille would do next after CD-i Pokémon Tournament.