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Dark Armos

Dark Armos is a stronger version of Armos made by Militron from the Elite Koridian Warriors, while the normal Armos are made from worthless Koridians.

The major difference is they're way more intelligent and deadly. A single Dark Armos possesses the strength of 20 normal Armos.

Skills list

The main attacks of the Dark Armos are:

1: Dark Rush

The Dark Armos charges at his foes, knocking them down and canceling any attacks or spells in progress. This attack deals a moderate amount of damage.

2: Evil Scream

The Dark Armos lets out a terrifying evil scream, causing one out of four negative status effects to the enemy, like fear, paralysis, petrification or even instant death if the target's HP are below 20%.

3: Thousand Thrusts

The Dark Armos skips one turn, only to attack the target with a devastating barrage of thrusts in the next one.

Dark Armos have the power to control the other normal Armos, making them stronger and faster.

Power Level for Skies of CD-I Legends only.

The Dark Armos's power level oscillates between 2,000 up to 20,000, while the Normal Armos's power level ranges from 500 to 2,500.