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Dark Sleepy Bones

Dark Sleepy Bones are reincarnated skeletons of the powerful Koridian Mages. They were brought back to life by either Goronu or Hectan.

The Dark Sleepy Bones are comprehensive on the battlefield, thanks to their variety of spells. They range from damage dealing, healing, to status affecting. Surprisingly, the Dark Sleepy Bones are not very evil and may occasionally refuse to follow cruel orders.

(Skies of CD-I Legends only)

Few Dark Sleepy Bones can even exceed Hectan and Militron in terms of power.

Attacks and power.

The main attacks of the Dark Sleepy Bones are:

1: Curse you!

Inflicts a random negative status effect on every foe. However, it's very inaccurate (25% success rate).

2: Meteor

An attack enfolding all enemies: Drops a flaming meteor, dealing moderate amount of damage.

3: Mega Heal

A powerful healing spell which is able to cure severe wounds.

4: Tornado

Creates a huge tornado, inflicting continuous wind damage to all enemies for 6 turns (Has a small chance to knock down the enemy and make him unable to attack for 1 turn). This spell takes 2 turns to cast.

5: Unholy Curse 

This spell takes 3 turns to cast and has 90% chance of causing all of the following status effects on all enemies: Poison, Blind, Charm, Critical weakness, Condemned, Confuse, Curse, Disease, Disable, Freeze, Petrify, Silence, Sleep, Stop, Slow, Toad and Zombie.

Dark Sleepy Bones, just like Dark Armos, have the power to control their weaker counterparts (in this case normal Sleepy Bones) and make them much stronger and faster.

Power Level for Skies of CD-I Legends only.

The Dark Sleepy Bones's power level oscillates between 5,000 up to 90,000. The Normal Sleepy Bones's power level ranges from 200 to 1,900.