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This will hurt.

The Dinner Blaster is a special weapon The King uses frequently in RPG fights. Also, when he enters Majin King form, the Blaster also gets huge power up and another fire mode: Flak Cannon. Whether it's in it's first, or second form, it's still really powerful.


Dinner Blaster  is a video created by CraaazyCat13, in which The King was driven Insane due to Link throwing a brick at him just for Shits and Giggles. His Insanity caused him to wield the Dinner Blaster, in which he used to absorb abundances of fat into Link (And in an attempt to Zelda.) using Hamburgers that were shot out of the Dinner Blaster.

Dinner Blaster Fire rate Power
1st form 80/100 (Very High) 70/100 (High)
2nd form 100/100 (Extreme) 80/100 (Very High)