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Earthmate Pete (Backstory)

(His childhood)

Earthmate Pete was born in a world ruled by a cruel and powerful Demon Overlord, life wasn't easy at the age of 5 his mother and 3 sisters were captured to become sex slaves his father was killed as he was spare and he became a labor slave, at the age of 10 he learn that his mother and sisters died as it was very common for slave to be killed on a wimp by the demon nobles, but that made him strong and he quickly learns that in this kind of world is kill or be killed.

At the age of 15 he fell very sick from a unknown illness, but as he was about to die from it, his body burst into a giant green light and all nature in the region suddenly died, his skin and eyes turned green as he was heal from his illness, this events unlocked a power inside him.

The power that allows him to make any kind of vegetations grown at a extreme speed or make it die in a instant at will, he could purify water no matter how polluted or dirty it was or make it extremely poisonous in a mere second, he could also touch any material such as stone, steel, wood, diamond and absorb it and then create walls or any solide shape he wanted depending on the amount of materials he absorbed, there was no limits to his absorbing ability as he could make mountains disappears in few seconds and recreate them in another location.

Using this power he took revenge against the ones that took his family away from him, he absorbed a giant mountain and recreated it above the city where all the nobles and cruel demons live alone with the the Overlord castle the whole city was crush under the giant mountain, but this wasn't enough to kill the evil overlord as he easily came out from under the mountain unharmed and confuse at what happen.

Weeks later he found the location of the overlord, if brute force didn't work against the powerful demon other ways might work, he waited until his personal loyal slave brought him his daily meal and for the food and water tester to do his job, he immediately poisoned the water from a safe distance, he watched the Overlord choke fall and dies in horrible pain.

Few days later with the powerful overlord dead the rest of the weak demon nobles over the planet quickly lost control and was overthrown by the population and killed as peace came back to the world.

The great wars of good and evil

Earthmate Pete actions didn't go unnoticed as a man with a overwhelming mysterious energy came with a giant spaceship and greet him asking him if he was interested in joining his cause, his cause was to fight the evil forces and free planets from the control of demons overlord and other evil powerful human like the one he just killed.

Since Earthmate Pete no longer had any reason to stay he accepted his offer, but before leaving he used his power to make the whole planet water as pure as possible and made the nature grown into a vast and lustre forest with fertile lands.

Years past by as he when on a endless wars against the forces of evil and quickly realize he could not only effect the nature grown, but also keep his body young and stay in his prime, he couldn't die from old age or fall sick.

Over 500 000 years passed by he became one of the 10 strongest heroes in the allied nations fighting against the forces of evil called the "Army of light" those 10 heroes of light were called "The Universal Guardians" they were feared by all demons.

He learned that the leader of the army of light was in facts a god, he was the (Old) God of Destruction who decided to throw away his past duty and title to fight off evil beings in the universe, 200 000 more years passed by the army of light won the wars against the forces of evil, Earthmate Pete and the (Old) God of Destruction build a giant prison inside a planet with extremely durable minerals which they called "The Universal Prison"

As they just barely finish building it the (Old) God of Destruction called all the allied nations in a emergency, all the leaders of the the 50 great nations reunited as they learned from the god that the end was near, The God of Balance when mad and was about to unleash his fury over the whole universe on anybody who had power, he asked everybody to go into hiding to never use their power ever again or else The God of Balance would sense them, find them, and kill them!

Hidding to survive

The plan was to evacuate as much people as possible to the Galaxy ruled by The Mages Institute, Earthmate Pete was the leader of the The Mages Institute which were located in a galaxy on a planet made of special minerals that gave the people born on it powerful Magic abilities they used all of their combines powers to make the Galaxy invisible and undetectable which allowed them to not be notice by The God of Balance and his minions, the galaxy was big enough to hide a good portions of each nations and allow them to survive.

Sadly time was short and they needed to abandon a lot of planet to their fate and abandon other planet to the remnant of the evil forces without defense many people would die, only 6 out of the 50 nations decided listen to the God these 6 nations were The Archadia Empire, The Kingdom of Hyrule, The Mages Institute, The Trade Federation of Gungan, The Imperial State of Legion and The Dominion of Voth a portion of each nations took refuse in various parts of the Galaxy abandoning a lot of people to their fates.

The (Old) God of Destruction didn't follow them and disappears, The God of Balance who now became The new God of Destruction was unleashing his fury and killing anybody with power on his path all of the allied nations who refuse to stop using their power and go into hiding were quickly wipe out alone side the remnant of the evil forces.

Earthmate Pete when into hiding with the other nations leaders this when on for 6 557 490 years Earthmate Pete became a sage and powerful mage and learned multiple new techniques as teleportation and telekinesis, he was the one of the two only original leaders of the nations still alive, one day Earthmate Pete was shock after sensing the (Old) God of Destruction suddenly power up somewhere else in the universe and then disappears as if he tried to defend himself against something, but was killed at least this is what Earthmate Pete thought.

They hidded for so long that people started to wonder if there was truly a God of Destruction and it wasn't just a fairy tale, but it was forbided to leave the galaxy anybody who tried were executed, Earthmate Pete was able to keep peace and avoid intern wars between the nations forcing all of them to obey very strict laws made to protect them and avoid to be detected by the God of Destruction, until one day some rumors appwars the God of Destruction was defeated by a young warrior, Earthmate Pete when to the location and realize it was true.

He allowed all the other nations to leave the galaxy and go back to their original location if they wanted to and so they did, Earthmate Pete allied himself to Link Nukem and helped him by building the sealing room for TBWH inside the old Universal Prison who was still somehow intact even after all those years.

But 780 years later with The God of Destruction gone the forces of evil was slowly starting to reappears and regain powers so they needed to reforms the old Universal Guardians to keep order over the universe one of them would be Earthmate Pete first son who was born 10 years ago he was already very powerful and skilled for his age and with the right training would make a great universal guardian, he would later be know as Magic Emperor and become the new leader of The Mages institute.

(Immortals cannot have children, but Earthmate Pete wasn't immortal he was only able to maintain and stop his body from aging due to his power and after The God od Destruction defeat and Link Nukem changing his mind he decided to have a family with one of his most powerful and loyal student a young woman called Adele, he never regretted this decision even if he had to see Adele grow old and die, but luckly his son inherited from his ability to stay young and so did his Grandson, so he never had to see them die from old age too.)

They asked the new leader of The Dominion of Voth a powerful demon who was determinated to change his way and become a good person to join them he accepted and become the second universal guardians his name was The Fallen, 7220 years passed and with the help of Link Nukem he reformed the Universal Guardians and was able to keep a certain peace over the universe until one fateful day he was called for a emergency the Universal Prison was under attack and needed his help.

The Pokemon Tournament Part 6 events (Universe 5)

As a fact shit was going down in the Universal Prison and they were in big trouble when a Giant powerful Pokemon God called The Legendary Shiny Mewtwo Y God was release, with a uncomplete team of 6 members they had a long and hard battle against the powerful pokemon.

They lost one member of the team and many other were injured, Earthmate Pete was one of them he was seriously injured during the fight as the other universal guardian were finally able to bring the monster down, but as the giant pokemon was about to self-destruct with a power strong enough to obliterate the whole prison, the only section that wouldn't be destroy was The God of Destruction sealing room so a risk of him being unseal was zero.

But Earthmate Pete saw everything go in slowmotion as he saw his Grandson The Great Brian seriously injured at death door looking at him with regret on his face the other universal guardian looking at the giant pokemon trying to stop him from exploding but it was too late for that he had enough times for two options...

1: Teleport to his Grandson and then his Son in another part of the prison and teleport the three of them away to safety and let everybody else die with the planet.

2: Teleport to the giant pokemon grab him and teleport the both of them in his sealing room, reactivate the force field using his telekinesis and uses his power to create multiple new prison walls to enclosed both of them and uses all of his life force to reinforce the force field to stop the explosion from destroying the prison.

He thought about what lead him up to this moment, he had a long and harsh life this is why he never wanted to have a family to not lose them as he lost his family, but Link Nukem was able change his mind and during the last 7 230 years he had the life that was stolen away from him as a kid, he was truly happy and at peace.

He decided to do the right thing and choose option 2 and as the giant pokemon exploded his last thought was of him and his family happy moment the birth of Magic Emperor, his memories of his first and only wife Adele when she was still alive and the birth of The Great Brian and his training to become a universal guardians, he smiled as he said: "Adele I'm coming home"

This is where his story ends as he save all of his friends and family for a certain death by giving up his own life.

The Pokemon Tournament Part 6 events (Universe 13)

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