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“Hey! Listen!”

The Fairies as they appear in "CD-I Super Guns Fight Part 2"




Spellcaster (long range)


Magic Long Claw


Chaotic good


Caring, Shy, Brutal, Volatile


Link, Morshu


Ganon, Lupay

Skill in Guns Fight:

Calm: 80/150 (Elite)
Annoyed: 145/150 (Godlike)
Angry: 250/150 (Legendary)

The Fairies are a race of creatures common in the Legend of Zelda series. Their role is often to heal Link if he is incapacitated. However, they also serve as companions.

In Wand of Gamelon they are held captive by three Witches, and after defeating them, the Fairies reward Zelda with a life heart, fairy dust and water of life. They serve a similar function in Faces of Evil with the absence of the Witches.

Role in Achille12345's videos

In CD-I Super Guns Fight series, they hold the rank of Elite Soldiers. Despite their cute looks, they are a formidable opponents. Once they get angry, they transform into monsters and mercilessly slice their enemies in half or rip their intestines out. Captain of the Evil Team, Lupay, one of the Koopa Kids, a Charging Chuck, and the Witches were unlucky enough to encounter them inside the cave and have a taste of their power. Their appearance after the transformation also remains a mystery. 

The fairies right before their transformation.

CD-I Pokémon Tournament proves that not only are they good fighters, but also great Pokémon Trainers. Purple Fairy's Ice Pokémon has defeated Gay Luigi's Grass and Bug type Pokémon in the 2nd round, being a 6-2(not that it's of any achievement due to type advantage), but ultimately lost against Mario's Ho-oh, named "Princess" in the 3rd round, a 5-6. Red Fairy's Fighting-typed Pokemon has even, somehow, managed to damage one of ????'s Pokémon, whose all other fights ended with Perfect Victory, which possibly could imply that ????'s first Pokémon is Normal typed.


  • The different appearance of the fairies in their defeat from Mario and ???? and the purple fairy's victory against Gay Luigi in the Pokemon Tournament could possibly be the appearance of their Transformations