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Falcon mmmm punch

The Falcon MMMMM Punch is a special technique used by SSJ3 Morsayen against Weegee in the Alternative Ending of CD-I Fight Special Episode 3.


SSJ3 Morsayen obliterated both Malleo and Yushee with ease. Weegee, after witnessing the death of his companions began concentrating power in order to become Ultimate Weegee. Just before the transformation was complete, Morsayen interrupted it with his Falcon MMMMM Punch attack, thus sealing Weegee's fate in this battle.

It's not the strongest offensive ability, but it comes in handy while dealing with powerful enemy's attacks that require concentration. Falcon MMMMM Punch stops the enemy from using the skill and also partially drains power. The ability itself, alongside "Falcon MMMM," is based off of Captain Falcon's "Falcon Punch."