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“You dare bring light to my lair? You must DIE!”

Ganon from CD-I Zelda Games.




Spellcaster (long range)


You Must DIE!
Thunder of Fury
Trident Storm
Dark Radiance
Lightning Field


Neutral Evil


Cooperative, Strict, Ruthless, Short-tempered


Militron, Hectan, Harlequin, Omfak, Ushrom and other minions


Entire Good Team

Skill in Guns Fight:

120/150 (Godlike)

Ganon is the main villain of the The Legend of Zelda series. This incarnation originates from the two infamous CD-I Zelda games, Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: Wand of Gamelon.


In Achille12345's videos, Ganon is (unsurprisingly) evil. He kidnaps the Princess in Skies of CD-I Legends part 1 and is a General of the Evil Team in the CD-I Super Guns Fight series. He's kind of foolish, since despite his ass being kicked hundreds of times by Link, he still thinks he can beat him. 

However, Ganon is not always a bad guy in Achille's videos. He cooperated with Mario and Gay Luigi in CD-I Pokémon Tournament part 4 in order to defeat Bowser, who humiliated them during the tournament. Also, in The last stand against WeeGee series, Ganon fought along with Mario and Morshu against a greater evil, Weegee.


Ganon has powerful minions at his disposal. Militron and Iron Knuckle are strong warriors, Harlequin is a rogue, and Hectan is a mage/healer hybrid. There are also lesser minions like Omfak, Lupay and Goronu


Ganon is usually not very powerful in the Achille12345 universe. In The Last Stand Against Weegee he is easily destroyed by a weakened Weegee, and in the Pokemon Tournament series, he is unable to fight Bowser without help from Link Nukem's Triforce of Power and the help of his most powerful minions, and even then he gets destroyed by Bowser's ultimate form. His team of Pokémon is also fairly weak and consists of only Electric types, referencing his spells being mostly electric-based. His main Pokémon is a Pikachu called "My Baby" which was Ass Kicked and killed by Bowser's Ass Kicker.

Do NOT bring light!

In battle, Ganon uses magic with an emphasis on lightning and dark spells. He uses spells like Lightning Field (electric damage around himself), Mega Lightning (a blast of lightning in front of himself), and Dark Radiance (which heals Ganon and damages enemies).

He is able to summon his minions (Militron, Harlequin and Hectan) to help him. When the minions arrive, both they and Ganon gain an HP boost, an attack boost, a massive critical hit boost, additionally Ganon regains all his health. Ganon can resurrect them to full health with "Get The Fuck Up!" His ultimate combo Limit Break with them, "You must Die!", has multiple effects and increases the damage of their next attack depending on the HP they had remaining at the time of the Limit Break execution. Ganon's role in You Must Die! is the Ganon Double Smash, delivering two extremely powerful punches.

He can also summon the Evil Enclosed Instruction Book to find his enemies' weaknesses, but the book is censored by SOPA, making it next to useless in most cases.

In Super Guns Fight, he used a double-pointed trident and could perform devastating melee attacks, though he does not do it in newer videos. Unlike other videos he has been in, he is depicted as being very powerful, being the general of the evil team and a very serious threat to the good team. Curiously, he is portrayed as an ally of the King instead of being his enemy.

Ganon almost single-handedly won the second major battle for his team following their defeat at the first major battle, using mines to blow up Fari and the majority of the squad. He is later successfully at killing the Fisherman and the rest of Morshu’s squad but is killed by Morshu himself.

Multiverse Tournament (Future Project)

In most universes, Ganon is very weak compared to the other characters, like Link Nukem, WeeGee or The King and Morshu. However, there are exceptions from this rule, where Ganon may actually be the most powerful and even rival Link Nukem in terms of Power Level. Same thing goes for Ganon's Alignment. In a vast majority of the universes he is Neutral Evil or Chaotic Neutral, but in one of them he is Chaotic Evil and in another one - actually Lawful Good!

(Click on the Blue Alignment link and read to know what these alignments mean.)

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