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Giygas, the Embodiment of Evil.

   “Now this is a force to be reckoned with.

Link Nukem

Giygas, otherwise known as the "Embodiment of Evil" and the "Universal Cosmic Destroyer" is an evil extra-terrestrial life form featured prominently in the Earthbound series (Mother series in Japan), being the main antagonist of the first two games. 

In Achille12345's video's, Giygas appears to live upto his titles overpowering not only Tails Doll, but Link Nukem himself. His inception in Achille12345's universe is currently unknown but it is implied that he was somehow sealed, alongside Weegee, by Link Nukem before the events of CD-I Pokémon Tournament.

Role in CD-I Pokémon Tournament

Giygas is first introduced in CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 5 as being sealed by the Quad-Force in Link Nukem's Lair. When Gwonam is sneaking in the lair shortly after awakening Tails Doll, he encounters Link Nukem's trophy room which contains many powerful remnants such as the Majora's Mask and the Master Sword.

The Quad-Force, which had been used to seal Weegee and Giygas.

After sneaking around, he then enters a mysterious cosmic plane known as the Quad-Force Seal Room. In the room, there is an explicit sign which instructs "Please do not touch or hit the Quadforce!". However, Gwonam naively ignores the sign and continues approaching the Quad-Force. Foolishly, he acts against the sign's caveat and begins to hit the Quad-Force, even charging at it with his carpet. This causes each piece of the Quad-Force to separate freeing what seems to be the evil piece (upsidedown centre triangle) and what manifests Weegee and Giygas.

During Gwonams escape he is being chased by Goldren Octorocks, however after a point they stop chasing him and begin to retreat in terror, as Giygas is unleashed. He then fires a destructive red beam in Gwonam's direction, causing him to fall off his carpet. However, Tail's Doll intervenes and absorbs the attack, since it was hunting Gwonam it was a matter of coincidence that the beam came in its direction. Tails Doll and Giygas then continue to battle giving Gwonam a chance to escape. Despite Tails Doll's powerful barrage of attacks, the fight ends quickly with Tails doll being overwhelmed.

Evil Sealing monitor indicating the separation of the Quad-Force.

After Link Nukem defeats The King in a tap dance duel, to his dismay the monitors for the evil-seals in his lair are alerting 3 levels of warning, causing him to immediately return to his lair. Link Nukem arrives noticing Tails Doll in his defeated form and attempts to halt Giygas' attack in his triforced form. However, it appears that not even Link Nukem himself can apprehend Giygas' attack.

Powers and strength and origin

Although not much has been revealed about Giygas' strength neither his power level, it is implied at the end of  CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 5 that he is capable of overpowering Link Nukem, arguably one of the strongest characters in Achille12345's universe, making him a deadly foe, making the enemy's stats true to the Mother series(he cannot be defeated through normal means in both games he appears in).

Link Nukem struggling against Giygas.

He also appears to have the ability to regenerate, which is apparent when Tails Doll eradicates Giygas, only for it to reform perfectly in a matter of seconds. 

During Link Nukem and Giygas' struggle, Giygas appears to send a shockwave of energy similar to his attacks in the final battle of Earthbound which are appear with the famous line "You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' attack!"/"Giygas' attack was inexplicable!". This is shown as being an extremely powerful attack as it causes Link Nukem to grunt in recoil.

Giygas is born from the chaotic energy unleash by The God of Balance when he fell to the dark side and became The God of Destruction also known as The Big WeeGee Head, Giygas is one if not the most evil creature in the multiverse, In a way this make Giygas the brother of WeeGee and Malleo who were also created by The Big WeeGee Head chaotic energy, the only difference is Giygas was born without The Big WeeGee Head knowing about it while he created both WeeGee and Malleo on purpose.

Giygas Weakness

Giygas has a totaly annoying skill:

Giygas is always a little stronger (for example, if you have a Power Level like 300, Giygas has 450)

Nobody can defeat him using their own power unless they have God energy such as The Big WeeGee Head, The Goddess of Life Achille himself or a Super Saiyan God.

To defeat him, you need absorb people energy or prepare a Spirit Bomb type of attack this way, Giygas is unable to leech off and power up (and that make Giygas confuse and weaker).

Once you are stronger you can defeat him but killing him won't stop him the only way is to seal him.

  • Nothing to see with the original Giygas*


  • In CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 5, after Gwonam broke the Quad-Force seal that was sealing both WeeGee and Giygas, a distorted version of a song played during the final battle in Earthbound, Giygas Disintegrates , can be heard as they are freed.
  • WeeMallSheeGas appears to have been inspired by Giygas, being something that represents pure evil, and the fact that it shares a similar appearance and uses the '-Gas' suffix.