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Glutko the Cyclops is a large, green monster residing inside the Glutko Area in Link: The Faces of Evil. During one of the cutscenes, he can be seen feasting on defenseless Koridians. Link can defeat the monster with a single hit by tossing a bomb into his throat, just like the Beer Guy had suggested him to do.


He makes an appearance in one of Achille12345's videos, CD-I Super Guns Fight. His slowness is recompensed by an extremely high attack power and durability that surpasses the one of Ganon's and even Militron's. Morshu kills the creature in the exact same way as Link did in the game.


  • Glutko's name is derived from his gluttony.
  • He could be the strongest of Ganon's minions, if only he wasn't so slow.
  • His skill level in CD-I Super Guns Fight is equal to 85/150 (Elite).