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“Squadalah! We are off!”

Only Link can defeat Ganon.




Spellcaster (long range)/Summoner


Map & Sword
Summon: Slime


Lawful Neutral


Wise, Loyal, Horny, Crazy, Funny, Snooty


The King, Morshu, Link



Skill in Guns Fight:

80/150 (Elite)

Gwonam is a wizard making appearance in Link: The Faces of Evil. At the beginning of the game, he tells Link and The King about Ganon's invasion on Koridai. He states that according to prophecy, only Link can defeat Ganon.

He accompanies Link throughout the entire game and helps him travel long distances on a magic carpet. He makes appearance in several cutscenes, including the final one, in which he congratulates Link and takes both him and rescued Zelda back to the Hyrule.

Gwonam is popular in YTP community thanks to his aforementioned quote. He is humorously called by fans "Squadala Man".

In Achille12345's videos, he's a good, but fragile and not very powerful character. He defeated Iron Knuckle in The Random Game, but got his butt handed to Link in the next round. Gwonam is also known for steady hands. He scored a headshot in CD-I Fight Episode 1 while flying on magic carpet at the same time.

Gwonam's Quest in Link's Lair

In [1]CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 5 Link Nukem's Lair, Gwonam helped Ganon and his minons in a quest to retrieve powerful weapons from Link Nukem's Lair. While the Cave Demon was busy slaughtering Ganon's army, he has managed to get into the cave. Inside, Gwonam finds hundreds of trophy rooms filled with iconic shields and weapons taken from different video games. Just in case, he steals a minigun. As he passes by the Tails Doll, it turns into its demonic form and silently follows Gwonam, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Next he comes to the Quad-Force Seal Room, and ignores the sign that says "Please do not touch or hit the Quadforce" and punches the Quadforce, not knowing that he has just released Giygas, Weegee, Malleo and Yushee (the seal is very fragile from the outside).

He finally enters the treasure room with a big pile of gold in the center. Here he finds a gold bird and unknowningly dodges Tails Doll's attack. Then, it seems that he notices Link Nukem's top secret book (which in summary countains EVERYTHING about Link Nukem's power and the Quad-force). but goes right past it and picks up the Ocarina of Birds (which can unlock the full potential of any bird and boost their power tenfold). Supposedly, this is the only reason he came to the lair and ignored everything else, although anyone else will attempt to take all of those.

Gwonam then gets surrounded by an army of gold Octoroks and tries to leave the cave as they chase him. He uses the minigun he took but it does not stop them. Suddenly, the Octorocks stop and the flee in fear. Gwonam looks around in confusion because Giygas and Tails Doll have surrounded him. Caught in the outragious crossfire between Tails Doll and Gygas, he hangs on by the end of his carpet while a barrage of explosions collide around him. As he flies away from a powerful beam, he escapes through an emergency exit which is actually a dimensional portal of some sort.

He first finds himself in the start of CD-I The Secret Game and sees an alternate version of himself and other CD-I characters in star ships. He exclaims "What the fuck?!" in complete confusion. As Leeroy Jenkins charges in Gwonam is caught in another paradox while screaming for his life. He then ends up in CD-I Super Guns Fight video, where Morshu is finishing off Ganon. Witnessing Ganon's death, he picks up an uzi but shoots accidentally because he got hit with a severed Ganon's hand (from Morshu's bombing spree). The bullet ricochets and headshots The King, which activates a self destruct sequence ("The Last Dinner!") that destroys the entire planet. Thankfully Gwonam goes through another paradox and lands in The last stand against WeeGee. Here he meets a retarded(?) Link and Bowser, who are fighting a very weakened Weegee. Gwonam easily defeats Weegee and is finally sent back to the CD-I Pokemon Tournament stadium. He now puts the Ocarina of Birds along with his Pokeballs (which assumingly all contain bird pokemon) and plans to use it against the mystery trainer.

Because Gwoman *Unseal* Super WeeGee (what is almost one million stronger than the Original Ultimate WeeGee), he doesn´t know what happen, but he know what do now...


Gwonam, despite his old age, seems horny. He was having sex with Princess in CD-I Pokémon Tournament series.

He's a daredevil. He decided to do Death Fight in The Random Game, just to turn out his opponent was Malleo at level 5500. Needless to say, Gwonam was goosed.

He is wise to some extent (as seen when he tries to warn Ganon's army against fighting Link Nukem's Oktorok), but at the same time he can be simpleminded: he broke the Quadforce seal in Link Nukem's lair and passed up on the opportunity to become as strong as Link Nukem.

He has a huge obsession with birds, he picked up an Ocarina of Birds out of all the treasure in Link Nukem's Lair (and he even knew that Link Nukem had it beforehand) and all his pokemon are birds. This obsession has not been explained but is taken from his line in the game: "The birds are singing, isn't it beautiful?"

Powers and abilities

Gwonam's attacks typically consist of throwing swords or maps at his enemies. He can also ram into foes with his magic carpet, use his scroll to shoot beams and use the powerful ability Sniper, which deals massive damage to a single foe.

In the CD-i Tactical RPG, Gwonam is shown as a potentially powerful summoner, with him summoning a strong slime that owned one of the enemies. This ability was also displayed in "The Evil King" where he summoned a powerful Fire Emblem Dragon which managed to hold its own against the titular King. In The Random Game, he was shown to summon the weak Sleepy Bones, but could presumably have summoned more powerful monsters if he had leveled up higher.


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    Gwonam is based on Aladdin, due to the fact that he rides a magic carpet, although he does not carry a lamp that summons a genie. He may also be based on a Saudi Arabian man as he wears a turban and an Arabian-style robe. Fans consider Gwonam to be
  • Arabian rather than Hylian due to his appearance.

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