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Hectan is an evil mage working for Ganon. He appears in Zelda: Wand of Gamelon. In the game, he kidnaps Fari and puts him in Dodomai Palace. Hectan is extremely weak in the game, as he can be taken down with a single blow. After being defeated, a hilarious cutscene shows, where he dissolves into a blue liquid and screams "You've killed me!" to which Zelda replies: "Good".

Powers and abilities

In Achille12345's videos, Hectan is a powerful mage and has surprisingly high vitality. He is primarily a support caster, able to teleport himself and others, create energy barriers and cast healing spells. He is the second strongest minion of Ganon by level, while the proud title of the strongest goes to Militron.

Hectan has a variety of ablities that he casts to support his team. He heals them with his spell "Hectan Healing", or raises barriers to protect his comrades. During the CD-I Pokémon Tournament Part 4, where Ganon is battling Bowser, he, Millitron and Harlequin executed a special team ability, which increased Ganon's maximum health 4X, Millitron's 3X, Hectan's 6X and Harlequin's 10X. Plus their attack was boosted 5X and also got a critical attack probability increased by 9001%.

His role in the team Limit Break You must DIE! is the Sacrifice ability. This move reduces an ally's HP to one (usually Harlequin's, as he is very evasive and has low health anyways) and boosts Hectan's HP by 30 times for 5 turns. While it does not deal damage to the enemy, it increases the survivability of the team as Hectan can survive powerful attacks and then save the rest of the team. Sacrifice allowed Hectan to survive Insane Bowser's Going Rambo attack and save his defeated teammates from Bowser's wrath by teleporting them to safety.



Hectan's Skill level in CD-I Super Guns Fight is equal to 85/150 (Elite)  He participates in the second major battle and survives along with most of the evil team in the fight after Ganon blows up the majority of the good team. He later shields Militron and Iron Knuckle from Morshu's lamp oil but needs to be rescued by the King.

Following Morshu's demise, The King instructs Ganon's remaining minions to go wipe out the good team, but to save Link and Zelda for himself.