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I'll take a potato chip - and eat it! (ALL)

I'll take a potato chip and eat it! (all) is a YouTube Poop made by Achille12345. It parodies a scene, where Light Yagami, the main character from the anime Death Note, says: "I'll take a potato chip... and eat it!" and then consumes mentioned chip in a dramatical way. Achille added random quotes in place of 'potato chip', resulting in a hilarious lines, like:

  • "I'll take my RIGHT HAND... and eat it!"
  • "I'll take Super Mario Sunshine... and eat it!"
  • "I'll take MY BALLS... an eat it!"
  • "I'll take FALCON PUNCH... and eat it!"
  • "I'll take *insert emo cry*... and eat it!"

Surprisingly, this is Achille's most popular video with a view count of over 380,000.  

Yagami Light himself approves of this video.