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“Oh, look, what clever children!
See them study, watch them learn!
How I hate those goody goodies!
How they make my stomach turn!”
I.M. Meen

I.M. Meen
The fifth face of evil.



Sexual orientation:



Spellcaster (long range)


Meen's World
Book Storm


Neutral Evil


Rude, Intelligent, Confident





Skill in Guns Fight:

115/150 (Godlike)

I.M. Meen (Ignatius Mortimer Meen) is an evil magician coming from the educational game on MS-DOS under the same title. The game is often confused with being one of the CD-I games, like Link: Faces of Evil, Zelda: Wand of Gamelon or Hotel Mario, because of very similarly looking cutscenes. That's because the cutscenes for all of those games were made by the same studio, called Animation Magic.


I.M. Meen, who despises children, creates a magical book, that can suck in any kid that will open it. The kids then land in cell room of a massive labyrinth, guarded by monsters. Gnorris, Meen's servant, betrays his


master by freeing player and giving him a crystal orb to keep in touch with him. Player's mission then is to find magic scrolls, correct grammar errors in them and in a result, rescue other children and destroy the Labyrinth. Since Meen draws his power from the errors in the scrolls, correcting them weakens his magic. At the end of the game, player confronts Meen and defeats him with Writewell's Book of Better Grammar (other weapons have no effect on him at all). After that, I.M. Meen promises his revenge and escapes.

The game is enjoyable and unique, but it doesn't really have that much educational content (only in correcting scroll errors). Its cheesy cutscenes, just like in example of CD-I Zelda games, have become popular in YTP community.

A sequel was made, titled Chill Manor, featuring a story about Meen's presumed wife (Ophelia Chill), who obtains the Book of Ages and tears out all the pages, allowing her to re-write history. I.M. Meen appears at the game's ending.


In Achille12345's videos, just like in YTP's of many other Youtubers, I.M. Meen is portrayed as a pedophile. He's a jerk and laughs at somebody else's failure, just like he did when Mario and Ganon lost against Bowser in CD-I Pokémon Tournament. He has a very flexible body and good dancing skills.

He also makes appearance in CD-I The Secret Game, where he fights at Ganon's side. Meen was also supposed to be the next boss in The Random Game video series, which was unfortunately cancelled.

Inside I.M. Meen's Book (I.M. Meen world)

In Achille12345's universe, I.M Meen doesn't seem to be very powerful,

If you get caught in his book, you're screwed.

but he's far from being weak, either. He can be an actual threat for The King, Morshu and even the super powerful characters such as Link Nukem, thanks to a nasty little trick he has up his sleeve.

If I.M. Meen traps somebody inside his Book, he can enter it and then battle his foe in the "Meen world". While being very close to the source of his magic, I.M Meen becomes extremely strong, strong enough to take on Triforced Link Nukem or Ultimate Malleo. Even though Mortimer is in his own world, he can die in it like anyone else if he ends up fighting with an enemy that is still too powerful.

One of the best techniques I.M. Meen can use here is the ability to read mind of his opponents and gather their 'data'. He can then use the 'data' to create a perfect copy of any character he knows. For example, if Ignatius reads Link Nukem's mind, he will be able to create his copy with the exact same power level and then send it to fight against Link himself.

The only drawbacks to this technique are high mana consumption and difficulty in controlling an incredibly powerful characters. Ultimate WeeGee or The Big WeeGee Head's clone may be too much for Meen to handle, so he needs to be careful what character he chooses to copy. Those two mentioned characters can break loose from the magician's control and kill him. Once Meen is dead, those copies disappear with him.

The only way for his enemy to leave the I.M. Meen's world is to kill its creator or if I.M Meen decides to let him out.

The Forbidden Artifact

On lose video 8 in Unfinished Projects from Achille12345, I.M Meen was using a forbidden artifact to give him invincibility, in which the rest of the powers made him a Demi-God, this was not until Link Nukem suprisingly turned into Dark Link Nukem, in which he gave I.M Meen a "hug" to death.



  • Some people say that I.M. Meen may be related to Ushrom, a shopkeeper.
  • I.M. Meen is also the main antagonist in YTP series I.M. Gay, a series not made by Achille12345.



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