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"Don't worry, dear. the Triforce of Wisdom promises that the king shall safely return."


Impa in "The Wand of Gamelon".

Impa is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. She usually serves as Zelda's nursemaid and offers guidance to Link. In Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon's intro cutscene, she uses the Triforce of Wisdom to ensure that The King will return safely from Gamelon after aiding his cousin, Duke Onkled. When neither The King or Link return after weeks of being away, she goes with Zelda to Gamelon.

Impa fulfills the same role as Gwonam in Link: The Faces of Evil. She appears in a few in-game cutscenes, providing Zelda with help.

In Achille12345's video, The Evil King, she helps her friends with taking down The King. However, he regains consciousness after the beating he took from the entire team, kills both Impa and Zelda and absorbs their souls. The Evil King then uses Impa's soul to cast the Triforce of Evil spell and power himself up.

Impa may be useful as support, but she is completely useless in direct combat. In The Random Game, she didn't even have a health bar and couldn't defeat the easiest enemy, George the Baker. Even the game's character select screen said she sucks, and in the loading screen, WeeGee was seen beating Impa up.

Impa in "Adventure of Link"


  • Her skill level in CD-I Super Guns Fight is equal to 67/150 (Elite).