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He's gonna eat us!

Koridians are people of Koridai from Link:The Faces of Evil.They only appear in the cutscenes in which Gwonam introduces Ganon's minions to Link.

Those people are victims of:

  • Lupay, who with use of a magic rubee replaces their souls and transforms them into Moblins, 
  • and Glutko, who simply eats them.

Strangely, not a single Koridian can be found anywhere outside of the cutscenes. In Achille12345's videos, their role is much bigger. In CD-I Super Guns Fight series, they are actually decent gunners. One of the Koridians even made it alive to the final battle. Their skill levels are as following:

Koridian in the Second Battle: 90/150 (Elite);

Koridian in the Third Battle (the one that made it alive): 60/150 (Elite);

Koridian Bros in the Fourth Battle: 65/150 (Elite);

Elite Koridians in the Final Battle (reinforcements): 85/150 (Elite).

In CD-I Tactical RPG series, they are defending Duke Onkled's castle against Ganon's army. Koridian General and Commander's powers are on a par with the heroes. Also, their mages deal extremely high amount of damage.

In the CD-i Pokemon Tournament, Hectan, one of Ganon's faithful minions, recruits 300 Koridian soldiers when he finds out there's a powerful Cave Demon lurking as the guard. Due to the Cave Demon's excessive power - even defeating Mecha Smith, who's over 9000 times stronger with his mechanical enhancements - every one of these soldiers are mutilated by the Cave Demon. 

Koridian General.