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Smith in "The Faces of Evil"




Swordsman (short range)


Experienced Blacksmith Submachine Gunner Mecha Cyborg


Lawful Neutral


Naive, Imprudent, Vengeful


The King


Link Nukem, Octoroks, Mario

Skill in Guns Fight:

90/150 (Elite)

Smith is a minor character from the CD-I game, Link: The Faces of Evil. In that game, he was initially tied up to a wall by a pair of chains. After Link set him free, he offered to upgrade Link's sword with a Fire Diamond, giving the sword the ability to shoot beams. He has no role in the story beyond this. He's less used in YouTube Poops due to his limited screentime, but nonetheless, he found his way into Achille12345's videos, once again a minor character.

Skies of CD-I Legends

Smith makes his first appearance in Skies of CD-I Legends Part 1 abord the The King's ship, Mah Boy. He is shown as being quite relentless and kicks Link Nukem's Octorok, unware of the fact that he is standing right in front of him. In response to this behavior, Link Nukem chains Smith to the back of Mah Boy as they prepare for launch. He is not shown during the ship battle sequence.

CD-I Pokémon Tournament

Smith takes on a slightly more prominent role in CD-I Pokémon Tournament appearing in the first episode as a CD-I Pokémon trainer. At the beginning, alongside many others, he pays Morshu to have sex with the Princess, which turns out to be a bad move as he is noticed by Mario. This is because he is wearing what appears to be the Princess' crown however it is later revealed in Part 3 that it is merely similar. They fight each other however he is quickly taken out by Mario (using the skills he learned from Fei Fong Wong) and Luigi . He is subsequently interrogated by Mario through dipping his head in a toilet. 

In Part 3 it becomes apparent to Mario that Smith wasn't responsible for kidnapping the Princess however he had still left him chained up, which later results in him being brutually attacked by the Fairies, which is witnessed by Achille12345 and the Themysteriouspirate.

Mecha Smith tries to attack the Cave Demon

In Part 5 Smith returns when Ganon and the army of Koridians are facing the Cave Demon, however to their surprise he has rebuild himself after the Fairies attack and now takes the form of Mecha Smith, The Octorok Killer. In this form he is 9,000 times stronger compared to before due to his cybernetic enhancements. After charging up he then advances towards the Cave Demon in a destructive blaze, however to everyone's surprise he is quickly dismembered and taken out by the Cave Demon effortlessly.


Normal Smith

Normal Form

In his normal form, Smith is not very strong having a power level of 60,000 and is weaker than some of the other minor characters such as Duke Onkled. In CD-I Super Guns Fight is part of Fari's unit and wields a submachine gun. 

Mecha Smith

Mecha Smith, The Octorok Killer

After recieving cybernetic enhancements, Smith had supercharged himself with the intent of Octorok genocide. Mecha Smith is 9,000 times stronger than Normal Smith in theory giving him a power level of 540,000,000 and his Full Power Mode (43,200,000,000) making him an extremely powerful warrior. Despite his dramatic increase in power level and being given the opportunity to charge up, he was still easily killed by the Cave Demon (400,000,000,000,000). (Or was he...).


  • Mecha Smith's power level is 540,000,000 and 43,200,000,000 (Full Power Mode).