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Link is the main character of The Legend of Zelda series, and the hero of Hyrule. Often he plays the role of defeating Ganon, saving Zelda, and bringing peace to the land of Hyrule. While almost all of the games in the Legend of Zelda series are regarded as masterpieces, there were three games not developed by Nintendo that are regarded by many as being some of the worst games of all time: Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, and Zelda's Adventure. These infamous games were developed by Philips for the CD-i, along with Hotel Mario, after Nintendo was working together with them to make the SNES-CD, a CD addon for the SNES, and although it was ultimately cancelled, Philips contractidly had rights to make games using Nintendo characters after Nintendo partnered with them. The games developed by Philips are most-known to be some of the most popular sources for YouTube Poops (except for Zelda's Adventure) due to their cheesy cutscenes, and Achille12345 usually relies on the clips to make his YouTube Poops.

How about a kiss? For luck?


In most of Achille's YouTube Poops, Link acts relatively the same as he does in his CD-i titles, and thus acts completely different than he does in other Zelda games. Link is leaned-back, not very serious, and has a very irking voice, as opposed to Link's serious, determined, and heroic

Link, the Hero of Time

personality in his usual titles. Link acts somewhat childish for his age, as he is nineteen years old, and unlike his non-YouTube Poop counterpart, swears often (along with most of the CD-i characters in Achille's videos). Link, however, is somewhat weak in terms of fighting in Achille12345's YouTube Poops, with some exceptions. When fighting Gwonam in The Random Game, Link effortlessly overpowered Gwonam and decided to join him out of pity for him being so weak. When fighting Weegee in episode two of CD-I Fight, Link was able to use the power of the Triforce to transform into 'Triforced Link', and became powerful enough to even beat Weegee. In this form, he wields the Double-Helix Sword that Fierce Deity Link uses in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, although he can summon the Master Sword if he wishes and still use it stronger than in his normal form. After Weegee, Malleo, and Yushee teamed up to fight him, Link was able to use "Overlimit" to defeat the trio, but was no match against Ultimate Weegee. It is shown that after Triforced Link transforms back into Link, it takes a certain period of time before he can use the Triforce again.

Link Nukem

Link Nukem

In Achille12345's more modern videos, he redid Link and dubbed him "Link Nukem", a parody on Duke Nukem. Debuting in Skies of CD-I Legends, Link Nukem wears shades, and his personality is the exact opposite of his original counterpart, and is given a 'badass' feel. Link Nukem tends not to show respect for those he finds useless (almost everyone), and gets through almost all his problems by his personality in general.

Link Nukem is far beyond extremely powerful, especially the one from universe 5 after his quadforce restraints are removed, one of the most overpowered characters in achille's videos, and in his base form is shown to be as strong as Triforced Link. Link Nukem uses a variety of guns, such as the Link Nukem Blaster, and instead of carrying the Master Sword, carries two large swords on his back. The reason for this is that he can absorb any weapon or armor if he pleases, like the Master Sword, and can make them appear or disappear any time he decides. The only thing he cares very much about is his pet Octorock, and will make sure that anyone who threatens it dies. He doesn't show very much mercy for his enemies, as he won't hold back on anyone who fought with him, whether or not they beg for it.

Link Nukem is often even amazed by himself, which he admits to on occasion. He has preformed amazing feats, such as killing Iron Knuckles in just one hit without the use of the Power Glove. He can do so by using Armor Breaker, a unique skill designed specifically for that enemy. He was also able to easily beat Millitron, Iron Knuckle, Hectan, Harlequin, and Omfak all in one battle when he absorbed the Triforce. Link Nukem is able to learn and perfectly replicate any move he sees, so he can use them against his opponents at a much stronger scale. When the moon was crashing down onto Earth in the CD-i Pokémon Tournament, Link Nukem transformed into 'Triforced Nukem', his equivalent to CD-i Link's Triforced Link form. In this form, he is granted an enormous bazooka, and, like Triforced Link, his two swords transform into one sword: the Double Helix Sword, the difference being that this one is gold. Link Nukem was able to use these two weapons to completely obliterate to moon easily, accidently but not caring that he killed one of the Four Giants while doing so. In a game of poker, Achille12345 cheated to win Link Nukem's money, causing the latter to lose his temper and smash the table with all his might, creating a massive explosion, which all three survived. Later on, he took a leak near Roy's hotel shortly after Ganon and his minions were defeated by an insanely powered up Bowser. Mario and Luigi's Anti Bowser Beam hit Link Nukem, but it bounced off of him. After Bowser's defeat, the Princess called Link Nukem her "hero" and decided to make out with him, only for him to grab her neck and break it with one hand, calling her a "dirty bitch" and walking off afterwards.

Link Nukem's history

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow, as they have been confirmed by Achille12345 by private messaging on YouTube. Only read forward if you want to spoil the story.

In actuality, Link Nukem isn't just a remake of Link, but is really a fusion between Link and Link's ancestor from a separate dimension. Achille12345 has explained the story of Link Nukem: 

The story starts off 8,000 years prior to the CD-i Fights, where the TBWH was wreaking havoc and destroying planets. He used his minions (Weegee, Malleo, and Yushee) to kill anyone with a massively high power level in order to fulfil his duty as god of balance. TBWH decided to come for Hyrule next, and thus sent his minions there. In Hyrule lived Link's ancestor, named Nukem, who was a very strong young warrior that, while having an anti-hero attitude, truly cared for his planet. Standing up for everyone that lived in Hyrule, Nukem fought against and easily beat Malleo and Weegee.

From behind the shadows, TBWH decided to fuse his minions together, creating WeeMallSheeGas. Nukem was unable to inflict any damage onto WeeMallSheeGas, as Nukem couldn't keep up with the speed of the regeneration. Nukem considered sealing away WeeMallSheeGas into a different dimension, but he soon realized that he was only a minion. Nukem called out for the real person behind this to show himself. TBWH could tell by Nukem's fighting abilities that Nukem wouldn't be able to harm him, so he appeared before him, revealing to be a giant, horrifying head with an undefinably huge amount of power. However, he underestimated Nukem, leading to his own downfall. Nukem used his ultimate sealing technique as soon as he got the chance, and literally shredded through every dimension with his sword to find a fitting one to send TBWH into. He chose a dimension with almost nothing in it; no physics, no life, no rock, but only darkness.

In the third episode of the CD-I Fight Special, Weegee, Malleo and Yushee fused together to create WeeMallSheeGas. Triforced Link, Morsayen and Majin King were no match for him and were killed very quickly. Walleo and Waweegee fused as well, trying to fight back, but they were also easily defeated.

Suddenly, with the help of the Triforce of Wisdom, Courage, and Power, Link, Morshu and The King were reborn from the ashes into a single being: LinKingMorsen. After a fierce battle, they managed to destroy WeeMallSheeGas. The heroes cancelled their fusion, thinking it was over, but a badly wounded Weegee fell beside them. He was able to heal himself and transformed into Ultimate Weegee. Before the heroes were able to react, Link was knocked out cold and The King was killed. Morshu stood alone against a powerful foe. He turned into his SSJ3 form and started pummeling Ultimate Weegee, at first appearing to have the upper-hand, but to his surprise, he kept on regenerating. Soon, Morsayen was exhausted, but Weegee's power remained the same from the beginning of the fight, because due to his regenerating abilities in this form, he would never get tired. After destroying Morsayen, Ultimate Weegee came to finish off Link, but then the spirits of every single main character, such as The King, Morshu, Gwonam, Zelda, Impa and even Ganon came and helped Link by giving him the ultimate and hidden 4th Triforce: The Triforce of Union.

The role of 4th Triforce was to unite all Triforces together and release their real power. The reason that the Triforce had a gap in its center is that the Triforce of Union was supposed to be there. The Triforce of Union itself is already as strong as three other ones, but with all parts at the same time, they gave Link the abilityto ascend to his ultimate form, Quadforced link, he used this form to defeat Ultimate Weegee himself. TBWH became desperate and opened a portal to the past where Malleo and Yushee were still alive. TBWH told Link that he will create WeeMallSheeGas again and unleash hell on the entire world. After these words, he jumped into the portal. Link hesitated for a while if should he follow him, but seeing that everyone is dead, he saw no point in staying here and jumped inside. However, since he waited before jumping inside through portal, time flew a lot faster on the other side and he was late. Two days have already passed as WeeMallSheeGas has reborn and started wreaking havoc. Due to going back in time, TBWH and WeeMallSheeGas replaced their past selves. During those two days, Nukem was fighting WeeMallSheeGas, just as he should be. However, when he called out for Tbwhto show himself, he received no response. TBWH had already been sealed, and could not possibly reveal himself to Nukem. Thus, for two whole days, Nukem was busy barely holding up against WeeMallSheeGas.

Once he arrived back in time, Link sensed Nukem, who, of course, had never met before. Link rushed to the scene and realized that he was seeing himself fighting WeeMallSheeGas right in front of him, the only difference being that he had black glasses and Duke Nukem's voice. After quickly introducing themselves, Nukem and Link had both realized who each other were. It was obvious for them that they wouldn't stand a chance against WeeMallSheeGas unless both Link and Nukem fused with each other, even though the fusion would last forever. Both Links started a dancing move and fused, creating an immortal warrior known as Link Nukem. With this new power, Link Nukem defeated WeeMallSheeGas. Link Nukem then used a much, much more powerful sealing technique against TBWH by using most of the triforce of union (in universe 4 he used nearly all of the triforce) leaving TBWH with a power level of only 1,000,000. Due to this low power level, TBWH did not have the power to unseal Weegee and the others for 8000 years.

Since Link Nukem is immortal, he decided to rebuild the world into a better place. After 8000 years, thousands of planets were colonised and Hyrule had 16 billionof people living on it, compared to 4 million in the other dimension.  Soon, The King, Zelda and the rest were all born. None of them know that Link Nukem is an ultimate being or that he is immortal...

In truth, some parts of the CD-I Fight Special took place 8000 years before Achille12345's newer projects. Link Nukem has died many times before, but, being immortal, has come back to life in only a short amount of time through nothing but thin air, with his corpse disappearing in the process. While not only having enormous amount of power due to the fusion, he has had 8000 years to train, thus giving reason to his immeasurable power, but in universe 5 he had a quadforce restraint on him, limiting him incredibly, howver they were removed after pokemon tournament 6, and in universe 4 almost all of link nukem's power is being limited, due to the much more efficent seal he used compared to universe 5 link nukem (however this doesn't matter in the long run for universe 4 link nukem as he has to face MUCH weaker foes than universe 5 link nukem does). 

Link Nukem forms

Besides his base form, Link Nukem can transform into four more forms.

Triforced Link Nukem

Triforced Link Nukem

His first transformation is his Triforced form, which uses the power of the Triforce of Courage, Power, and Wisdom. In his Triforced form, Link Nukem is a thousand times stronger than his regular form, Link Nukem can summon this form at any given time, as the power of the Triforce is already embedded into him. If there's such a crisis as Spirit Weegee's release, he can also transform into Mastered Triforced Link Nukem, which is even stronger than fierce deity link nukem!

Fierce Deity Link Nukem

Fierce Deity Link Nukem

Fierce Deity Link Nukem's giant beam attacks

His second transformation is known as Fierce Deity Link Nukem, which is over one million times stronger than his previous form. For this form, Link Nukem now uses the power of the Fierce Deity to gain the power of the deity itself. Link Nukem gains tremendous power and can destroy galaxies with his beam attacks. Not only is he strong enough to wipe powerful enemies, such as Malleo, from existence with just a single punch, but it also gives Link Nukem extremely increased defense, as a Fire Flower from Malleo, which would almost always kill it's target, had shown no effect when it made contact with Link Nukem. However, Link Nukem prefers not to use this form unless fighting extremely powerful enemies.

Ascended Fierce Deity Link Nukem

As shown in Pokemon Tournament Part 6, Link Nukem in his Fierce Deity form can also absorb three rare stars which puts his power on par with Super Ultimate Weegee. 

After this battle, when the Goddess of life heals link nukem, since throughout pkmn tournament 6 he does not use the powers of the fierce deity again, it's safe to assume the the fierce deity mask was destroyed, however, if link nukem has a mastered quadforced form like his mastered triforced form, this probably won't matter.

Quadforced Link Nukem

Quadforced Link Nukem.png

Link Nukem's ultimate form is his Quadforced form, where he not only has the power of the Triforce of Wisdom, Courage, and Power, but also has the Triforce of Union. This form was used when Link Nukem battled WeeMallSheeGas after the two Links fused. Quadforced Link Nukem has complete control over his attacks, and can decide what gets damaged and what doesn't. For example, if an evil creature took a child hostage, and there was a bird on the creature's shoulder, Quadforced Link Nukem could fire an enormous beam that would easily destroy the creature, but the child and the bird would not even feel the blast, whether or not it went straight through them. Link Nukem also used this form when he was when fighting TBWH in pokemon tournament 6 before fusing with Weegee.

Dark Link Nukem

Link Nukem's last form is known as Dark Link Nukem. Unlike Link Nukem's other forms, he cannot transform into Dark Link Nukem whenever he wants, as this form isn't any ordinary transformation. This transformation occurs only in a special scenario. (See goddess of life page for details) In this form, Link Nukem can't control himself, and no longer fights like a warrior, but rather an animal. He loses all sense of strategy and instead relies on instinct, with no remorse of others. His appearance changes drastically too; his whole body turns pitch black, his eyes and mouth turn red, his teeth are much more jagged, and he gains a red aura around him. This form is roughly as strong as his Quadforced form, and it is unknown how Link Nukem can free himself from this transformation.

"What's wrong, Demi-God?"

Dark Link Nukem

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