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Link Nukem Blaster is a skill name and weapon used by Link Nukem in one of the Achille12345's RPG fights. This gun fires a powerful proton beam at the enemies, usually killing them instantly (unless they have a shield). It can quickly launch a single bullet, or charge up to fire a much more devastating beam. The only drawback is quite a big co

Link Nukem Blaster.PNG

oldown time.

Making an appearance in Skies of CD-I Legends Part 2 Preview, the Link Nukem Blaster claims its death toll during the fight with Ganon's minions. Firstly, Link Nukem attacked with it just to mock his enemies, showing how powerless they are even with their Omfak Shield being active. Then, he overkills Omfak with Bang! You're Dead attack, slashing him with his twin swords and obliterating him with the blaster without even looking at him. The battle ends with Link Nukem finishing off Harlequin, who tried to make his way out of the battle zone.

Link Nukem Blaster Fire rate Power
1st mode 70/100 (High) 70/100 (High)
2nd mode 40/100 (Below Average) 90/100(Amazing)


This is likely to be based off the Dinner Blaster.