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Link The Hero of

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Age at death:

200 000 560



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Time travel



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Lawful Good

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The Goddess of Life and all the Heroes of Light from Universe 11


Legende (U11)

Nukem (U11)

Ultimate WeeGee (U11)



This is a very long and detailed backstory of Link, The Hero of Time & Space from Universe 11 when he was still alive. This Link will be a main character in my next series, so he deserves a long backstory.

Link, The Hero of Time & Space comes from a very distant future, where the Multiverse doesn't have 26, but 50 universes. He was born in a peaceful Universe 13, where he was living a perfect life with his wife Zelda. Link was an almighty being comparable to a god, thanks to his ability to travel back and forward in time with no restrictions whatsoever.

He used this ability for every thing possible - from making sure nothing bad happens to his friends to even trying to avoid dropping a cup of water on the carpet.

The only drawback to this ability was, whenever he travelled to the future, the current timeline would "save" and could never be changed again. Trying to change a saved timeline would lead to dangerous unknown side effects.

One day, he went to the future to see one of his favorite TV series sooner, since he didn't want to wait for a few hours. As he was watching his TV, he heard a knock on his door. When he opened them, he saw police officers, who delivered him tragic news of Zelda's death in a plane crash.

Link was shocked as he knew he just went into the future, so the timeline was saved and couldn't be changed. He found out that the incident has happened three hours ago. Despite the timeline being saved, Link still decided to return to the past and stop Zelda from taking the plane.

After preventing her from taking a plane, they both went back home. Zelda the heard the news that the plane she was suppose to take just crashed. As she was about to tell that to Link, who was on the other side of the street, she gets hit by a giant truck that went out of control, killing her on the spot.

Link was shocked to see her die before his very eyes. He once again went back in time and stopped her from crossing the road. The truck didn't lose control this time, but another car suddenly sideslipped and ended up hitting her.

He tried to save his wife's life by going back in time over and over to avoid her deaths, but each time he saved her from one accident, she would end up dying in another way few seconds or hours later...

After 1000+ tries he realised there was no way of changing fate. Each attempt at changing the timeline would result in a horrible side effect, always killing Zelda in the process. He got sick of seeing her die in a painful way over and over and eventually gave up. He decided to end her life in her sleep - the most painless way possible, as opposed to what she would have suffered in every other scenario.

Devastated, he was about to tell about this to Zelda's father, The King, but couldn't find either him or any of his friends. It turned out that the plane that Zelda took, has crashed into the building where The King arranged a party. Once again, Link went back in time in an attempt to save his friends, but just like in case of Zelda, they would all die in one way or another shortly after the accident.

Link's amazing ability turned out to be his curse. After failing to rescue anyone he loved, he decided to commit suicide. However, due to his enormous strength, there was nothing in the world that could actually kill him. Jumping into a black hole, flying right into a supernova or his own attacks couldn't even hurt him. He even tried to go into the infinite void, but couldn't find anything (The Void God is no longer there).

He saw only one way to end it all and it was to travel back in time to the origins of his Universe and wait for the Big Bang explosion to eventually occur and kill him. The problem was, he didn't know the exact moment it would happen. Right at this moment, he came to a realisation that overusing his time travelling ability has made him very weak. His idea was to use it beyond it's limits and die from it.

He jumped into the past as far as he could. As he was going backwards in time at an extreme speed, he saw his and the other universes disappearing into the void. Suddenly, he saw an explosion followed with a huge flash of light, which forced him out of his time travelling process. He lost the counsciousness immediately after being hit by a shockwave.

After waking up, he could no longer remember who he was and what was he doing, drifting in the void of space.

100 000 000 000 years in the past.

He ended up crashing on a planet in Universe 13, the alternative Pokemon Tournament Universe, 10 months before the tournament took place. He ended up being saved by Zelda, who initially thought he was Link Nukem. She decided to nurse the unknown traveller back to health and hide that event from everybody else.

Link's amnesia was so severe, he forgot how to even walk and speak. During those 10 months, Zelda had to reteach him all of the basic human activities. As Link was recovering, Zelda sensed a strange aura around him, getting stronger every day. It would feel as if the time was passing slower whenever she came to visit him. Zelda would notice that her watch would always malfunction in his presence.

She could stay a full day with him and the sun would barely move in the sky. She eventually became quite attached to Link and even developed an affection for him. Link also felt strong emotions towards her, as if he already knew her for a very long time.

Although Link Nukem was Zelda's true love interest, he never gave her back the love she had always hoped for, unlike this Link from an unknown world.

When the Pokemon Tournament started, Zelda left to participate, while Link would stay behind, trying to rememer who he truly was. He stayed alone for a few days and suddenly felt the Earth starting to shake. Looking out of the window, he saw an enormous light in the sky, which disappeared after a while.

He tried to go into space to find the source of this light, but couldn't find anything. Few hours later, when he went back to the planet and searched for Zelda, he sensed a powerful dark aura appearing and witnessed several explosions in the distance.

He travelled to the location of the smoke and found a ruined stadium engulfed in flames. He sensed Zelda's energy becoming weaker. Following its source, he found Zelda being held by a man with a dark aura. As the man turned around, Link noticed he looks very similarly to him.

The dark warrior then said: "Oh, look. Your dog is here!" "......." "You cannot hide your emotions from me, Zelda. You chose this failed copy over me?" "I'm disappointed in you." Dark Link Nukem then started to choke Zelda. Link jumped in, trying to save her, but got striked down by a single blow. He then hears Zelda begging the man "Not him, please, stop! Why are you doing this?! Let me go!"

A demonic voice ringed in Link's head: "Anyone who betrays me deserves nothing but death!", followed by the sound of Zelda's neck breaking. Dark Link Nukem then proceeded to blast her lifeless body into nothing.

Link bursted in anger and awoke a newly found power inside of him. He then charged towards Dark Link Nukem. When their attacks have colided, the whole planet and the galaxy was wiped out by a huge shockwave. After a short fight Link realised he was no match for the dark warrior, who then proceeded to beat him down half to death and tried to finish him off with a huge beam attack.

At this moment, Link instinctively travelled back in time, a few hours before the attack on the stadium. After his powers awoke, he got his memories back.

He knew the exact copy of his wife would get killed soon and also what happened the last time he tried to save someone. But then, he remembered that he has never actually went into future here, only backwards, therefore this timeline didn't "save" and he could change her fate.

He went back to the stadium and asked Zelda to hide with him somewhere safe. As the dark warrior arrived, he turned the stadium into dust. Link then sensed Dark Link Nukem disappearing into space, charging a giant beam at the planet.

Link barely had time to grab Zelda and teleport with her. As he was teleporting, he was hit by the explosion, which had a strange effect on both Zelda and Link. They both ended up being unharmed and in the exact same location, but there was no trace of the stadium of Dark Link Nukem.

The whole region was completely different. In the place of a large green plain with a big stadium there was a forest. Link was confused as he didn't use his time travel ability. Not only Dark Link Nukem was nowhere to be found, but he also felt that the energy emanating from the while universe was different. He took Zelda in his arms and flew with her around the planet. Link came to only one conclusion...

A new life in the strange universe.

This wasn't the same universe. "Maybe the explosion made us teleport into another universe in the same location" - he thought. (As it turns out, he was right. Not only did he travel into another universe, called Universe 18, but also went back over 300 years in the past.)

After Link explained to Zelda everything that happened with Dark Link Nukem and who he truly was, where he came from and the fact that they were now stuck in this universe, Zelda was shocked by this, as she would never see her father, friends or Link Nukem ever again.

At the same time, she was happy she could still be with Link. A few days later, after exploring the world, both of them found a good place to build a house and a farm. It was the perfect place to start a new life.

Time passed by and both of them were as happy like never before and it continued this way for 15 years. They never had children since Link was immortal and immortal beings couldn't conceive children with mortals.

It never really bothered Zelda, since she was happy as long as Link was with her. Their presence has influenced the region with more people coming to live in here. At first, the land was a deserted, green plain with a forest and then turned into a huge town full of life, which was built a few kilometers away from their farm.

An endless cycle of pain

One day, Zelda suddenly felt ill. They've learned from the best doctor Link could find on the planet that she got an incurable disease that would quickly ravage her body. Saying goodbye to her, while she was drawing her last breath on a death bed was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life, even worse than having to kill his first wife to spare her from a painful death.

Few days later, sitting alone in his house, Link decided he couldn't take it anymore and travelled back in time to right after they started building the farm to relive another life with Zelda. Unfortunately, after 15 years, he would again have to witness her final moments.

Link has travelled back in time several more times and each parting was as soul-tearing as the first one. On his final try something felt different. Zelda seemed to be fighting the illness more than ever before and lasted until the end of 17th year. He truly thought she could survive this time and got his hopes high up, but Zelda would ultimately succumb to the illness. This time, the pain was so intense for her that he couldn't stand watching her suffer. As he was about to go back in time yet again, he was stopped by Zelda.

Zelda told him that she knew what he was about to do. She figured out it wasn't the first time she had this life with him after observing his behaviour and his developing depression over the years. She told Link that she refuses to let him go through this endless cycle of anguish anymore. Her wish was for him to move on with his life and try his hardest to find happiness somewhere else.

Link deep inside knew she was right. He made a promise to let go of the past and find happiness no matter how long it would take him. He stayed with her for several days later, until she died in her sleep.

Finding happiness

After Zelda's death, Link embarked on a journey around the world, trying to find a new purpose in life. One day, he saved a life of a young girl looking similar to Zelda. As she thanked him with a warm smile, Link had experienced an epiphany. For the first time in 10 years, his sadness was replaced with joy. For this moment now on, he knew what he needed to do: He became a hero, protecting the lives of innocents from criminals.

For over 300 years, he was watching over the inhabitants of this world. During this time, one incident in particular was engraved in his memory. He saw a young man fall from a castle wall and grabbed him before he hit the ground. What surprised Link was is that the man looked similarly to him, but it was nothing compared to hearing a familiar voice coming from inside of the castle, calling Link's name.

During the next few days, he learned that the girl's name was Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, her father was King Harkinian and the young rescued man was Link. There were also other people Link, the Hero of Time & Space has recognized from his own universe, such as Mario, Gay Luigi, Morshu, Bowser, Ganon etc. The difference was, Bowser in this universe was crazy and both Mario and Gay Luigi had an unknown evil presence slumbering within them.

He continued watching them over months and noticed that this Link was mentally ill and Zelda was obviously trying to take care of him. This reminded him of the days he spent with second Zelda and almost made him travel back in time to talk back to once more, but knew how all of this would end.

Link, The Hero of Time & Space's final journey

This is when he was struck with an idea: What if there was a cure for her illness in a far distant future? There were a lot of deadly diseases back then that had a cure right now. His thoughts had let him to a final decision few days later...

He felt terrible about breaking his promise, but as long as there was a spark of hope he would do anything to rescue her. He travelled back in time once more right before Zelda made him promise to never go back in time and instead told her he was going to save her.

Before she could reply, Link already jumped 1000 years into the future, which wasn't what he expected. Not only was the planet devastated, but almost no life was present in the entire universe.

He teleported to the closest people he could find and found himself on a spaceship. He was greeted by the surprise crew and explained that he came from the past, looking for a cure for his wife. After hearing the symptoms of the illness, the strange people replied it was his lucky day, since a cure is very easy to find and can heal the body even at an advanced stage. They pointed him at the direction of the medical shop. Link took the right medicine and just as he was ready to teleport back, he heard people screaming from outside the room: "The Devourer is here!" and saw a man crashing into the hallway coming from space as the hole he left in the wall are seal with a automatic forcefield.

Link went outside the shop and saw a man, who looked like Mario. He could feel a similar presence he felt in Mario and Gay Luigi from the past. Link calls Mario's name and the man turns around, saying: "Mario? Nobody calls me that anymore, I'm Super Fire Flower Malleo." "Wait a second, are you Link? No, you're different."

Link asks what happened to this universe and all it's inhabitants. Mario replies :" Oh, don't worry, they are right here... They are parts of me now. Want to come and join them?"

Before Link could do anything, Malleo suddenly powered up, Link felt the energy of trillions, if not more different people all at once. It was so intense, he was stunned for a while. This gave Malleo an opening to attack and landed a solid punch against Link, sending him far away into space.

Link quickly recovered and powered up into his Hero of Time form. Both beings started a titanic battle between each other. Each of their punches would create a shock wave, wiping out any lifeless galaxy nearby. After a long battle, Link got the upper hand and was able to vaporize Malleo with a giant beam attack.

Malleo quickly regenerated his body from what seemed to be thin air, but the attack affected him as he lost a lot power. Link charged another beam, more powerful than the last one to finish him off.

Malleo looked at Link with, fear which slowly turned into frustration and regret as he said: "You are so strong, It's such a shame I won't have the joy of making you part of me, but I cannot die here, not now!" Link unleashed his attack and at the same time, Malleo screamed: "Super Ultimate Planetary Fire Flower!!!".

When he unleashed a huge fire flower the size of a planet, it easily went through Link's beam attack. Link didn't have enough time to react and got directly hit by the flower. He felt his body being torn apart and screamed as he was vaporized into nothingness.

The Afterlife?

Link suddenly appeared in a strange place, filled only with the shades of white and gray. He noticed even his own body was colorless. He was soon after greeted by a woman surrounded by a bright light. After asking her where he was, the woman explained that he died in a battle against the most dangerous Malleo in the entire Multiverse and was lucky to die, since being absorbed was a far worse fate.

Link instinctively tried to go back in time, but saw it was useless. The woman said he already had his chance, since she already saved his life once already when he was travelling backwards extremely fast. She stopped him from killing himself and ensured he would survive the fall to a nearest planet.

He had no choice but to accept his new home, but Link replied panicking that he needed to go back once more, since he finally found the cure for his wife. The woman looked at Link intrigued and saw a bottle in his hand. After putting her hand on his head for a for a brief moment.

She turned around, affected and saddened by something, then announced: "You have gone through a lot of hardships, only to end here, so close to your goal." She then opened a portal, showing Zelda lying in bed, calling Link's name. Link received a permission to go to her but was informed that once she dies again, which would be inevitable, he would be forced to come back to the realm and stay there forever. Before Link went through the portal, he asked the woman's name. She replied: "Goddess of Light".

He appeared before Zelda and gave her the medicine. The pain disappeared and she slowly opened her eyes, seeing Link in front of her. Both of them cried tears of joy.

For the next 80 years, they lived a happy life together. Eventually Zelda would grow old, while Link stayed young.

When her time came, Zelda thanked Link for the amazing life he gave her and regretted she couldn't stay with him forever. Link told her not to worry about what will happen to him in the future since he already found a place where he would find happiness. After hearing that, Zelda passed away with a smile on her face.

The Legendary Heroes of Light realm

As soon as Zelda died and was given a proper funeral, a portal opened behind Link. As he walked towards it, his body started turned colorless. After passing through, he stood before The Goddess of Life. "Welcome home" - she said.

Link thanked her for allowing him to live the life he had always wished for. He then started asking questions about the realm he was currently in.

The Goddess of Life explained that this was what she called, Universe 11. This was the universe where all the most powerful and worthy warriors who fought against the forces of evil would go after they died in battle, The Heroes of Light Realm.

Link said: "This is afterlife, so it's truly the end for me" The Goddess replied: "The end? No. Life was not a mere fraction of your experience. This is where your real life begins".

Link then heard a familliar voice behind him saying: "How come he gets to be greeted by The Goddess not once but twice, while all I saw was this ugly WeeGee guy when I first came here? This is so unfair!"

Link turned around and saw a woman that looked exactly like Zelda. He ran towards her, but the woman gave him a confused look and said: "What's your problem, new guy? I got something on my face?" Link replied: "Zelda! You are here too?"

The woman took a step back and replied: "My name is Legende. If you are looking for Zelda, they are over there!" Link turned around and saw eight Zeldas. He also saw someone very similar to the Malleo that killed him with a strange looking Luigi, even one Ganon, Morshu, and multiple Links, one of them wearing black glasses.

He scratched his head in confusion when The Goddess of Life explained to him that all of them were worthy heroes of light who died in battle just like him. All came from many different universes and timelines." she then points in the direction of Malleo and strange looking Luigi.

"In most universes these ones were evil beings, but these two were worthy of entering the realm. Make sure you become good friends with them, since you will be here for a very long time."

Link looked at the woman who called herself Legende. She cringed, saying she doesn't have respect for weaklings, but is cut mid-sentence by the Link with black glasses called Nukem. "I hope you realize he's only in his base form right now and he's already almost as strong as you." Legende shrugs it off: "Yeah... So what?"

The Goddess of Life says she must be going, but before she goes, she tells Link one last thing. Time goes way slower in this realm and although he has been here for a few minutes, it's only been merely few microseconds for the living realm.

She stops after noticing Link wasn't even listening to her and was looking hypnotized at Legende. The Goddess looks at Legende, then at Link and smiles, saying: "Good luck with that" and disappears.

From this point Link starts his new life in this strange, colorless universe.

The short universe 4 events

One day at some point many years later, he was supposed to help Ultimate WeeGee and Ultimate Malleo to fix a sink the size of a Galaxy. This sink provided water to many sectors of the universe, but he didn't feel like helping that day. He was very bored and decided to play a prank on a living being to have some fun, even if it was forbidden to do so.

He invited a possible future worthy hero of light called The King from the Universe 4. In his realm, the two of them passed a very short time together as they danced to a song for a bit, until the party poopers Ultimate WeeGee and Ultimate Malleo appeared, wondering why didn't Link come to help them.

Both of them started running after them and as they were cornered, The King was rejected from the realm back to his universe and Link was forced to help WeeGee for a whole month without pause as a punishment.