Lord Kiro

Fari is retainer of The King seen in Zelda: Wand of Gamelon. In the game, he gets kidnapped by Hectan and

Fari, royal retainer.

placed in chains in the Dodomai Palace. After getting rescued by Zelda, he reveals that Duke Onkled betrayed The King. They both catch him later on and, at the end of the game, Fari turns Duke over to King Harkinian saying his famous line: "Here's the traitor, Your Majesty!".

Fari didn't have an actual name in the game. He was probably named by the fans of YTP, remarkably by that Gwonam's line "Squadallah!" backwards is really "Fari"!

He receives minor roles in Achille12345's videos and - unfortunately - dies often.

He mostly fights using guns and bombs and is one of the strongest minor characters.


In CD-I Super Guns Fight, his skill level is equal to 75/150 (Elite). He is one of the many good team members killed by Ganon's mines.

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