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Lupay the Hypnotist.

“I spy with my eye someone who must die!”

Lupay is a boss in Link: The Faces of Evil. She is an anthropomorphic wolf possessing a magic rubee, which can turn Koridians into Moblins, bulldog-like creatures. Link defeats her by deflecting beams from her enchanted third eye.

In Achille12345's CD-I Super Guns Fight series, Lupay was a Captain of the Evil Team. She has managed to get quite a big kill streak,shredding enemies with her deadly claws, before brutally dying in the hands of the Fairies. In Skies of CD-I Legends, Lupay commanded a battleship, The Red Wolf, which destroyed Hyrule Castle. She was easily taken down afterwards by The King's mothership, Mah Boy.

Ironically, Lupay was considered by Gwonam to be the most dangerous of Ganon's elite minions in the CD-i games, yet in Achille12345's videos, she is one of Ganon's lesser minions, along with Goronu and Omfak, with the exception of the CD-I Super Guns Fight in which she kills Mayor Kravindish (Who is very strong in this series) She is killed by the two fairies.


  • Lupay's skill level in CD-I Super Guns Fight in equal to 90/150 (Elite)