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Magic Emperor (Backstory)

His childhood

Magic Emperor real name is Ghaleon his father was a very powerful mage called Earthmate Pete and his mother was a brillant young mage called Adele.

Magic Emperor was a calm and playful child that was born with very powerful magic abilities that allowed him to create force fields and fly, he could also read and control other people mind at will.

This scared off the other mages children in the institute and so he never had any real friends, he passed his days to play alone flying in the sky exploring various region or practice his magic abilities under the supervision of his mother.

At the age of 10 he was already more powerful that her mother who was pretty powerful herself, his father decided to sent him in the Universal Prison were he would be training to become a future universal guardian.

His first few Universal Guardians missions.

During the next 30 years he trained as they discover Magic Emperor had the same ability as his father have, which is be able to stop himself from aging as Magic Emperor was now 40 years old, but looked the same as he did when he was in his 20s and never once fell sick just like his father.

He finally complete his training with Link Nukem and other powerful mages and became the 3th and youngest universal guardian he was very disciplined and for him the laws and rules was everything, he when on multiple missions and quickly prove his worth by killing a powerful Class SS monster who was attacking multiple planets and saving countless of people lives.

One day as he was on another important mission with a elite guards squad to investigate an attack on a important planet, but as they arrive on the planet they didn't find anything, until suddenly a huge army of extremely powerful monster probably all around Class A to S attacked the city.

Magic Emperor created a huge amount of force field around all the civilians and all the elite guards to protect them from the attacks at the sametime he was creating giant fireballs and burned a lot of monster to dust, but they were so many of them and they were so powerful that he was having trouble to focus on keeping all those force field up as they was thousand of civilians to protect, but he held on until the end as the monster started to retreat.

He thought it was over but out of no where a huge giant monster appears in the sky, it was the strongest monster Magic Emperor ever seen his power was so overwhelming he felt for the first time in his life a strange feeling as his whole body was shaking and he couldn't stop it.

The giant monster called himself "Gananllitron The Ancient Emperor" and Magic Emperor will be honored to die by his own hand alone side the whole galaxy as he fired a giant energy ball from his hand torward the city, Magic Emperor took all the force field down and created a single huge force field around the giant energy ball trying to contain it as it exploded inside his force field, but it was way too powerful and for the first time in his life he was push beyond his limits as he suddently burst into flame using all his energy he was about to run out of energy when a elite guard came flying to him and gave him all of his energy holding his hand.

He was barely able to hold it for few more seconds as his force field was broken as thousand of small weaken energy balls fell on the city, Magic Emperor could move anymore as a bigger energy ball came right torward him but the elite guard jump in the way and took the explosion, sending both of them crashing into the ground far below as the whole region was hit by the rest of the energy balls creating explosion everywhere transforming the whole planet in a burning wasteland.

As he came back to him he couldn't stand up as he realize he lost both of his legs, he looked around him and saw a few meter away from him the body of a elite guard who lost most of his armors it was probably the guard who helped him, as his vision came more clear he was beyond shock to realize this elite guard was his mother.

He painfully fly torward her, but she was seriously injured, she had lose both of her arms and part of her legs and one of her eyes, he created few small force fields to stop the bleeding and quickly realize she wouldn't survive for long without a healer, he heard she joined a elite guard squad, but if he only knew she was with him all this time he could have avoided this by keeping a small force field on her.

She came back to her and scream in pain as he couldn't do anything to ease her pain, she looked at him and said she was sorry that she wasn't able to help much, he told her it was thanks to her his force field didn't break earlier or else the whole planet or even the whole solar system would have been gone she saved their lifes, she smiled and told him he did everything he could and he shouldn't blame himself for this as she lost consciousness again.

Magic Emperor looked in the sky and saw Gananllitron looked at him with a surprise look as he says: "You are impressive you were able to stop an attack that would have blown up the whole galaxy, but it ends now"

Gananllitron charge another attack even more powerful and fired and just before the attacks hit Magic emperor, suddently a huge light appears as the attacks and stop and disappears, Magic Emperor couldn't see the person face, but he realize it was Link Nukem in his Quadforced form.

Link Nukem jumped in the sky and gave a solid punch to the giant monster sending him flying in space as he disappears going after him, Magic Emperor stayed behind alone trying to stay awake to keep the force field on his mother active to stop her from bleeding to death, until his father and The Fallen the second Universal Guardians arrive, Earthmate Pete was shock to see his wife and son in this state as he quickly made special medicine plant grow and used it to treat both his wife and son wound, shortly after Magic Emperor lost consciousness.

The life of a Universal Guardian

He wake up in a hospital in the Universal Prison and was happy to learn Gananllitron was defeated and her mother survived too, but her life would forever be change as she was suffering from endless pain probably due to the dark energy ball she took to save Magic Emperor and she would never be able to walk or uses her arms ever again.

5 years later his mother died a normal mage would live up to 300 years, but her injuring and constant pain, shortens her lifespan and she died at the age of 64, Magic Emperor never forgiven himself for what happen to her mother.

7 185 years passed by as he took over his father role as leader of The Mages Institute he when on many other missions and never once lost a man making sure to protect every single one of them, he's the one that recruted the young Lohengramm and made him join the universal guardian, Lohengramm later proved to be worthy to become the universal guardian leader, he continue to protect the universes missions after missions he saved countless of lives, most of the powerful monster are in the universal prison because of Magic Emperor hardwork.

One day Magic Emperor fell in love with a young powerful female mage student just like his father did with his mother, he had a child called Brian, and as his father and himself his son had the same ability to keep himself from aging or become sick, he was trained like Magic Emperor when he was younger to become a future universal guardian, he would call himself The Great Brian.

The Pokemon Tournament Part 6 events (Universe 5) (The Long version)

One day Magic Emperor and the rest of the universal guardians were called in a emergency to defend the Universal Prison who was under attacks, all the guardians were present beside for Legende, Magic Emperor wasn't surprise as Legende was always working in solo on her missions and off duty would follow Link Nukem around all day.

They learned the Creepypasta were able to wipe out a elite guards squad and killed one angel knight and the Lower Monster Section was took over by Super Atomic Boo, at the sametime Impa was explaining them the situation they heard a scream coming from the Huge Monster section as a monster was free inside the section and was trying to take down the door.

Earthmate Pete reassure everybody that the door with the auto repair system wouldn't break as this door was especially made to stop those huge monster, Lohengramm ask Impa to open the creepypasta section door as the door open many creepypasta comes out, but Blue Blazer was already is position and easily defeated all of them, Lohengramm order Magic Emperor, Crom and Lightbringer to go inside the sections and clear it as the group enter the section the door is closed behind them.

Once inside the section the three guardian quickly realize why the creepypasta was able to wipe out the elite guards squad and the angel knights as all of them was extremely powerful and were all working in teamwork, Creepypasta would never team up under any circumstance, but here they tried to kill the three guardians helping each other.

After a somewhat short battle the main creepypasta forces and the SCP monster were all defeated, Magic Emperor uses his ability to read mind on Slenderman and realize all the creepypasta in the section was mind control, he was shock as not even he could do such a thing even if he wanted to, mind controlling so many powerful monster and powering them all so much would be a very difficult task.

They continue into the dark gloomy section until they reach Princess room, Magic Emperor look at his mission details once more as the name Princess was in it, he see he most capture her alive at all cost and tell this to the two other guardians.

They find the little girl and are attacked right away by more creepypasta, but it turns out she was the one controlling all of them as she suddently became unstable and unleashed her power, after a short struggle Crom was able to take the little girl down, but as Magic Emperor was about to trap her in a force field to capture her.

Crom suddenly grab her and kill her in a very horrible way, Magic Emperor tried to stop him with his force field, but Crom is a unstoppable monster and his force field barely effected the guardian movement, Magic Emperor was truly mad as a part of his mission was a failure, Link Nukem won't be happy at all.

But before he could finish his lectures on Crom as he was getting heal by Lightbringer spells the three guardians felt a terrifying power coming at them at great speed with the ground shaking under the monster step and screams, it was Zalgo the Creepypasta God and he was beyond angry about something.

They barely have time to get out of the room into the huge hall as they see the huge monster coming running at them, Magic Emperor try to stop him with his force field, but is barely able to slow him down as Crom and Lightbringer jump at him, they are able to land few good hit, but the monster seem to ignore them as he continue on his way pass by them and by Magic Emperor ignoring him too.

The monster stop at Princess room as he crawl down to look inside the room as he see and grab what left of Princess body, he hold the little body in his hand for a moment as he start to growl and moan in pain holding the little body close to his face, the three guardians look at each other completely baffled by what they were seeing, Zalgo was the most evil monster in the prison he is driven by a rather single-minded goal to destroy all life and here he looked in pain and sadded over the death of Princess.

Zalgo slowly put down Princess corpse on the ground and suddenly turns around to look at the three guardians, he was obviously extremely mad as he scream and powered up and grow twice as strong and big as he was a second before and charge the guardians as thousand of spikes come out of Zalgo and start flying everywhere in the room, the wall itself start to pour out blood and the whole room change shape as if it was alive.

The three guardians start a very long and hard fight against Zalgo that push the three guardians beyond their limits to have any chance to survive, Lightbringer is seriously injured during the battle using his ability to absorb and receive any damages the other two guardians receives saving their lifes as Crom shoulder is pierce by one of Zalgo spikes, thanks to Magic Emperor force fields he protected them from most of the deadly attacks they all survived the battle.

(During their battle against Zalgo Magic Emperor sense the other Universal Guardians were in trouble fighting a even more powerful monster as he sense The Fallen die and his Son The Great Brian energy becoming weaker and weaker, he knew he couldn't do anything to help them and needed to finish this fight fast.)

Finally Zalgo fell to the ground out of energy and defeated as his size is reduce to the size of a normal human, he start to crawl on the ground into Princess room and try to reach her corpse with his hand as he was able to reach her, Crom land on his arm and crush him with his giant sword ending the Creepypasta god life, after this they gives Lightbringer first aids and start to head back in hurry to help the other guardians.

Suddently the whole prison is shaking due to a huge explosion and Magic Emperor sense his father energy disappears alone with the monster energy, he was devastated as he knew his father just died, their joined with the other guardians and healed those who could be save.

After the Pokemon Tournament events

(Spoiler about Link Nukem fate ahead you have been warned!)





Magic Emperor and everybody else later learns from The Angel of Light Morsichel report about The God of Destruction and WeeGee, Malleo and Yushee death while Legende died in battle and Link Nukem was seriously injured and fell into a coma, Magic Emperor could read into anybody mind so he knew Morsichel was lying after seeing the real events in his mind, but he knew exactly why he lied and so he never told anybody to not get in trouble.

Two days later Link Nukem woke up completely heal but he was different, he immediately called all the leader from all nations, all guards everybody from the Universal Prison alliance and told them he was officially retiring, not only as the leader of the allied nations, but as his duty to defend the universe and he would never again fight or defend anybody against the evil forces, he was going to go back on Hyrule and live a peaceful life.

A new leader of the allied nations was elected it was normally going to be Earthmate Pete, but as he was dead the second choice was Magic Emperor, 10 years passed by as he did his best to renplace Link Nukem, but it wasn't easy as he didn't have the overwhelming respect from everybody like Link Nukem had, Crom left the Universal Guardians to follow Link Nukem and Blue Blazer left too following Crom, after The Fallen death the new leader of The Dominion of Voth decided to leave the allied nations, but even with few people leaving, Magic Emperor was able to manage and keep the rest of the alliance and keep the Universal Prison working as well as under Link Nukem leadership, this is where his story ends for now.

The Pokemon Tournament Part 6 events (Universe 13)

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