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Majin King

Majin King is the powered up form of The King. In this form, The King can pull off more powerful attacks, add a new firing mode to his Dinner Blaster weapon and take on powerful beings such as Weegee and Malleo. This form first appeared in the third episode of CD-I Fight, where The King used it to help Link, Morshu, Walleo and Waweegee fight the Malleo brothers and Yushee.

Powers and Abilities

In his Majin form, The King is, of course, granted amazing power and agility that makes him a force to be reckoned with.

If The King is gravely injured in this form and is near death, he'll become even stronger, but he'll only have a few minutes to unleash his full power before he's finished off or he succumbs to his wounds.

Role in Achille12345's videos

It is revealed in CD-I Fight Special Episode 3 that The King practiced his Majin transformation until it was perfected. When Walleo and Waweegee arrived to fight the villains, he and Morshu (who had already prepared for the fight by turning into Morsayen SSJ1 ahead of time) set out to aid Link and the Walleo brothers in the fight. He delivered the last blow to Weegee with the Dinner Blaster.

Majin King in his Dying form, choking Weegee

In the alternate ending, after Triforced Link was killed by Ultimate Weegee, The King immediately transformed into his Majin form to avenge the young hero's death. He tried to shoot down the villain with the Dinner Blaster, but to no avail. Afterwards, he punched Ultimate Weegee in the eye, leaving a hole where his fisted landed, and he tried to punch him again, but got one of his hands bitten off in the process. The three evil doers triple teamed him when he was weakened and put him in the ground. After Walleo and Waweegee were killed and Weegee turned back to normal, Majin King, nearly dead, went into his almighty Dying Form and attempted to finish Weegee off once and for all by choking him to death, only to be disintegrated by Malleo's Fire Flower attack before Weegee's neck completely snapped off his body. Though The King died in vain (as Weegee fully healed after he was nearly destroyed by the hand of Hyrule's monarch), his efforts in trying to save the world would not be forgotten.