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Malleo is an internet meme (although not as popular as Weegee) who had originated as Mario's sprite in educational DOS game called Mario is Missing!

In Achille12345 's videos, he is an evil spirit living inside Mario's soul, and one of the antagonists in The last stand against WeeGee series. He hates his brother, Weegee, but he can team up with him if a great force attacks them both.

He is slightly weaker than Weegee, but he is still incredibly dangerous.


In part one of The last stand against WeeGee, Mario, Morshu and Ganon were sent by The King to defeat Weegee, who was terrorising the New Hyrule. Unfortunately, all three of them despite their efforts died.

In part three, the Seven Star Spirits decide to revive Mario, seeing in him the only person who can possibly stop Weegee. The resurrection goes wrong and Seven Stars unintentionally unleash the power of Malleo, which kills them almost instantly. Malleo flies over to place where Weegee and Waweegee are fighting and knocks down Waweegee. Walleo comes to Waweegee's aid and teams up with him to destroy both Weegee and Malleo, but they get killed instead. With only Malleo being his obstacle in conquering the world, Weegee goes full power and after a fierce battle, ultimately prevails against the red-hatted creature. However, Malleo uses his self-destruct skill and destroys the whole planet along with Weegee as an act of revenge. In the end, it all turns out to be The King's prophetic dream, and Mario is taken to the dungeon to prevent him from becoming Malleo and prevent Luigi from becoming Weegee. Though the crisis was averted, the dream still showed what Malleo is capable of.

Alternative ending

This video leaves off when it's just Malleo and Weegee were both about to clash beams and end their fight. But in this video, Malleo uses a Fire Flower to become Fire Malleo, making him much more powerful and allowing him to easily defeat Weegee with gigantic force. After quickly and ruthlessly knocking out Weegee, Malleo turns him into a Fire Flower and proceeds to absorb him, gaining a tremendous amount of power.

Powers and abilities

Malleo has a skillset similar to Weegee's, which is natural since they are brothers. Like Weegee, he is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and can fly and move at such speed he seems to be teleporting. He has the ability to project energy in the form of blasts and beams. Unlike Weegee, who primarily channels his power through his eyes, Malleo usually (but not always) fires his energy attacks from his hands. Judging by the red color of most of his attacks, they seem to be fire-elemental in nature, which is fitting since Malleo is Mario's "Weegee" counterpart. His ultimate attack is launching a Fire Flower at his opponent while calling out "Fire Flowah" in a distorted voice. This attack is presumably an instant kill if it connects, but Malleo rarely uses it because most opponents can easily avoid it, unlike Weegee's massive Overlimit ultimate.


Like Weegee, Malleo seems to have a spirit inside him. This spirit might be more proactive than Weegee's, however, as Malleo's eyes turn red whenever he fires a Fire Flower, hinting that it might be his spirit doing so. Thanks to this, Malleo can undergo two transformations.

Malleo can transform into Ultimate Malleo, just like Ultimate Weegee. While we have never seen Ultimate Malleo fight, Malleo's spirit might be weaker than Weegee's, as Achille12345 confirms that Ultimate Weegee is still stronger than Ultimate Malleo.

Malleo's second form is Fire Malleo. If he uses a Fire Flower to transform, he can activate this form. At the start, he is weaker than his Ultimate form, but nonetheless much stronger than an untransformed Weegee. Fire Malleo can use a variety of fire-based attacks, and his speed is greatly enhanced. However, his most terrifying feature is his ability to absorb others by turning them into Fire Flowers, because Achille12345 has said that this feature could possibly make him the strongest being there is. If Fire Malleo absorbs another person, he gains all their strength and his power is greatly increased. There is a limit to this ability, as he must weaken his victims in order to absorb them, so he would have to absorb weaker characters before absorbing stronger ones. After absorbing enough people he could become stronger than Ultimate Weegee, WeeMallSheeGas, and even Link Nukem and TBWH. The only character whose power he could not reach, even in theory, is Achille12345 himself, whose power level is effectively infinite. For some reason, he seems to prefer not to use this form too often, or he has limitations to when he can use it. Otherwise, he could just transform into that dangerous form anytime he fought.

Malleo (like WeeGee) has a *Super* (Super Malleo) who is billions of times stronger than the normal Malleo.