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“All toasters toast toast!”

Fat Mario
Mario from "Hotel Mario".




Fighter (short range)


The Enclosed Instruction Book
Fire Balls Blast
Melee Combos
Jump Attacks


Neutral Good


Cocky, Arrogant


Luigi, Morshu, Link, The King



Skill in Guns Fight:

98/150 (Godlike)

Mario (named Fat Mario in the very beginning of The last stand against WeeGee) is the main protagonist of Hotel Mario, released on the Philips CD-I in 1994. The game has received negative feedback due to "bad controls", "gimmicky game mechanics", and "mediocre and cheesy cutscenes", which are often being parodied on YouTube. Mario is a really popular persona in YouTube Poop community along with his his famous and silly quotes, "All toasters toast toast!", or "Where there's smoke, they pinch back", and is often portrayed as an idiot.


In Achille12345's earlier videos, Mario used to behave like a douchebag, especially towards his brother, Luigi. He had a tendency to swear a lot and was calling his brother "gay". His arrogance almost caused the Great Disaster, in which Luigi would turn into WeeGee and proceed to kill half of the Earth's population. He has also made stupid mistakes and been very clumsy.

Today, he thinks less about himself and gets along well with his brother. He really worries about the Princess and is ready to perform heroic deeds for her. Also, it seems that Mario took some fighting lessons from Fei Fong Wong from Xenogears, making him much more powerful and efficient in combat. He's managed to defeat Iron Knuckle with the help of Gay Luigi.

In battle, Mario can attack by jumping on enemies, attacking them with his fists, casting fire abilities or using Toast. He can also buff his allies with his Meatballs, which can be combined with Luigi's Spaghetti to form Spaghetti and Meatballs for even greater bonuses and an auto-revive.

In CD-I Super Guns Fight. He is the captain of the good team. After witnessing the evil team kill Peach, Mario goes on a brutal rampage, killing several members of the team. However, Militron finds Mario and kills him along with the remaining minions of Team Evil. He is the only main unit of the good team not to make it to the final battle.

If Mario focuses and charges up as much of his own energy as possible and it clashes with a powerful energy charge from Luigi, he'll form and launch a devastating attack capable of destroying multiple mountains known as the Anti-Bowser Beam.


Mario has an evil spirit residing in his body, whose name is Malleo. Unlike WeeGee, who can be awakened by Luigi's anger, Malleo was only awakened when Mario was revived. This is first seen when the seven Star Spirits revived Mario after he was killed by WeeGee. The resurrection went wrong and Malleo took over Mario's body. During CD-I Super Guns Fight, Malleo briefly appears and makes Mario become extremely violent, though his power level doesn’t appear to increase.

Malleo has three known forms: normal, Fire Malleo and Ultimate Malleo. His second form activates when he uses a Fire Flower on himself, making him stronger than WeeGee in his normal form. In this form, Malleo can absorb other entities to gain their power. Although Fire Malleo is already given a boost when transforming, he isn't as strong as Ultimate WeeGee or his own Ultimate form, but when he absorbs enough people, he can become the strongest being in the universe, even stronger than WeeMallSheeGas. The third form can activate only if Malleo suffers enough damage and anger. So far we haven't had an occasion to see him, but Achille12345 has confirmed that Ultimate Malleo isn't quite as strong as Ultimate WeeGee, but is close in power.

In Achille12345's newest projects, there is no Malleo in Mario.