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Militron the Berserker.

“Feel the fire of war!”

Militron is one of the bosses from Link: The Faces of Evil, which is a non-canonical game from The Legend of Zelda series. He is a minion of Ganon who possesses the ability to turn citizens of Koridai into stone monsters called Armos. He can also breathe fire.

When Link defeats him, it turns out that inside the armor there is an old, fat man in his underwear who then runs away, feeling embarrassed.

In the game, he could be defeated with a few hits, and wielded an enchanted sword rumored to change its appearance depending on who wields it.


He is clumsy. It can be seen in CD-I Final Destination, where after Ganon bought a bomb from Morshu, Militron sneezed with fire and ignited the bomb, causing the chain reaction of unfortunate events. Despite this, he is likely to be one of the strongest of Ganon's minions.


In Achille12345's videos, Militron is a strong warrior, skilled with the use of a sword and able to use fire-related abilities. His sword can break any shield and launch a devastating Evil Wave.

In CD-I Pokémon Tournament, Militron possesses an ability called Shield Breaker, which can pierce and destroy Bowser's otherwise impenetrable force field. His role in the team Limit Break You Must Die! is Fire Of War, a blazing onslaught of fiery sword slashes said to surpass 9000 degrees.

In CD-I Super Guns Fight he wielded a rocket launcher and could instantly breathe a torrent of fire from his mouth.


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    According to CD-I Pokemon Tournament, Militron, despite being underneath the rank of Ganon (his master), is much more powerful than Ganon (whether or not Ganon is holding the Triforce of Power). Militron is, however, weaker than Ganon when the latter has activated even 5% of the Triforce of Power's strength boosting capabilities.
  • Militron's skill level in CD-I Super Guns Fight in equal to 115/150 (Godlike) and his robotic version's level was 110/150 (Godlike)