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“Sorry, Link. I can't give credit. Come back when you're a little... MMMMMMMMMM ...richer!”

Morshu in "The Faces of Evil".




Engineer (medium to long range)
Swordsman (short range)
Resourceman (medium to long range)


Rain of Bombs
Spinning Bombing Ropes


Chaotic Good


Greedy, Clever, Sensitive, Loyal


Mario, Link, The King, Luigi, Zelda


Ganon, Ushrom

Skill in Guns Fight:

130/150 (Godlike)
Tired: 100/150 (Godlike)

Morshu McPhereson is a minor character appearing in Link: Faces of Evil. He's a shopkeeper in the land of Koridai, who sells Lamp Oil, Rope and Bombs to Link in exchange for Rubies/Rupees. What made him extremely popular in the YouTube Poop community was the "MMMMM" Sound he made while speaking whenever the Player in Link: The Faces of Evil didn't have enough Rupees to purchase Lamp Oil, Rope or Bombs. The "MMMMM" was hilarious and people had decided that Morshu's "Mmmmmm" will be a great YTP source. Morshu's humming is also used to make funny songs called YTPMV (Youtube Poop Music Videos).


In Achille12345's videos, Morshu is pretty greedy. The prices at his shop are really high and he demands a whole sack of Rupees for one bomb from Ganon. He never gives credit and seeks every opportunity to earn money (He sells Pokéballs in CD-I Pokémon Tournament and makes sex business out of Princess). Despite his money-hungry nature, Morshu is a cool guy, ready to jump into action and to help his mates anytime. His best friends are Link and The King.

He is shown to be somewhat reckless in CD-I Super Guns Fight, as he chooses to invade The King's Castle without the support of most of his team. This ultimately leads to him being killed, though he succeeds in killing Ganon before being killed by The King.

Powers and forms

Normal form

In his normal form, Morshu typically uses a variety of Bomb-related attacks such as the Rain of Bombs. He can also, occasionally, use his Rope to bind enemies and Lamp Oil to ignite them (Similarly to T4K's "Final Gaben" videos), for instance in CD-I Super Guns Fight. He can use the power of his Rupees to revive his party members.

SSJ1 Morsayen

Although Link is strong, Morshu is not so far away in terms of power from him. In CD-I Fight Special Episode 3, Morshu is able to enter his special form called SSJ1 Morsayen, making him strong enough to take on Weegee and Malleo. His special attack is c

Morshu in his SSJ1 form.

alled Falcon Mmmmmm, in which he uses the eponymous sound to deal damage to an enemy (This is also used in his normal form in "The Evil King."). He also gains ability to sense the life energy of his foes and friends, like in the Special Fight Alternative Ending.

SSJ2 Form

SSJ2 Morsayen is not very different from his SSJ1 form, his hair becomes a little longer and overall, he's two times stronger, but the main difference is that he can now use his Kaioken technique, which allows him to fight enemies far stronger than himself. He can use the Kaioken up to level 35 without having any major drawbacks. If he tries going any higher he might end up dying. His maximum level of Kaioken is x100, but reaching it would lead to a certain death short time after using it. He can also use some new attacks like the Mmmmmm Punch and the Super Rain of Bombs. SSJ2 Morsayen is stronger than Triforced Link and Majin King if he uses the Kaioken.

Morsayen in his SSJ2 form

SSJ3 Form

In alternative ending to CD-I Fight Special Episode 3 part 1, Link and The King were both killed, making Morshu so angry that he jumped straight into his SSJ3 form. His powerful beam attacks killed Malleo and Yushee instantly. Weegee, seeing the situation is getting out of control, has decided to transform into Ultimate Weegee, but was interrupted by a powerful punch. SSJ3 Morsayen tore his arm out and obliterated him with a very powerful and tiny energy blast. SSJ3 Morsayen can use Kaioken X50 without any harm, but going any higher would hurt him and even end up killing him if he goes too high.

Morshu would give a good challenge to Ultimate Weegee himself even if he managed to transform, but unlike Morshu, Weegee in this form never gets tired. In order to kill him, Morshu would have to concentrate all his energy (Kaioken X100) and release it at Ultimate Weegee, resulting in death of both of them.

Morshu in his SSJ3 form.

SSJ3 Morsayen-0.PNG

Super Saiyan 3 Morshu uses the Falcon MMMMMM Punch

Super Saiyan 3 Morshu proceeds to kill Malleo


  • Morshu is the only person in the Achille12345's videos that never won once in a Turn-Based Battle.
  • There is also a SSJG form.
  • One of Morshu's Forms, "Morsayen," is somewhat based off of Goku of Dragon Ball Z.
  • Morshu's ancestor from Universal Prison is named Morsichel.