Achille12345 Wiki


All Transformation multipliers

Random states

(Can greatly varie depending on the character)

(Multiple can be active at the sametime but none of the Angry states can't stack with Beyond Limit, Beyond Limit will always cancel their effects)

Angry = 2X to 1 000X (Can stack on anything)

Very Angry = 2X to 6 000X (Can stack on anything)

Extremely Pissed Off = 2X to 30 000X (Can stack on anything)

Last Stand = 2X to 700 000X (Can stack on anything)

Beyond Limit = 2X to 200 000 000X (Can stack on anything)

Kaioken - 2X to 300X (Can stack on anything)

Ultra Instinct: x2 - Infinite


Triforced = 50X (Base)

Mastered Triforced: x600,000 (Base only)

Fierce Deity: x1,000,000 (Triforced) x50,000,000 Total

Ascended Fierce Deity: x66 (Fierce Deity only) x3,300,000,000 Total

Quadforced: x1,000,000 (Mastered Triforced) x600,000,000,000 Total

Mastered Quadforced: x1,000,000 (Quadforced only) x600,000,000,000,000,000 Total

Omniforced: x30,517,578,125,000,000,000,000,000 (Stack on anything but need a very resilient body to contain it's power.)

Link Nukem

(All are the same as normal Link beside this one)

Mastered Triforce: x6,000,000,000 (Base only)


Triforced = 1,000X (Base)

Mastered Triforced = 1 000 000X (Base Only)

Quadforced = 10 000 000 000X (Mastered Triforced) 10 000 000 000 000 000X Total


(The same for all character who can use it)

SSJ: x50 (Base)

SSJ2: x10 (SSJ) x500 Total

SSJ3: x100 (SSJ2) x50,000 Total

SSG: x1,000,000,000,000 (Base)

SSB: x50 (SSG) x50,000,000,000,000 Total

SSB2: x10 (SSB) x500,000,000,000,000 Total

SSB3: x100 (SSB2) x50,000,000,000,000,000 Total

Legendary SSJ: x666,000,000,000,000 (Base)

Ultra Instinct: Max Possible Power

The King

Triforced = x50 (Base only)

Mastered Triforced form = x600,000 (Base only)

Majin = x45 (Base)

Majin (Dying) = x670 (base only)

Mastered Majin = x500,000 (Majin) x22,500,000 Total

Mystic Majin = x100,000,000 (Mastered Majin) x2,250,000,000,000,000 Total

Evil = 18X (Base)

Insane = 200X (Can only stack on Evil)

Mystic = 56X (Can only stack on Evil or Insane)

God = 900 000 000 000X (Stack on Evil)

Majora = 1 000 000X (Base)

Incarnation = 10X (Stack only on Majora)

Wrath = 1 000 000X (Stack only on Incarnation)

Omega = 1 000 000X (Stack only on Wrath)

Berserk = X50 (Final phase Nanomachine King only)

Mario & Luigi

Metal: x10 (Base Only)

Fire Flower: x30 (Base Only)

Giant: x10 (Base Only)

Star: x100 (Base)

Super: x50 (Base only)

Invisible: x10 (Star only) x1,000 Total

Spirit Star: x50 (Star only) x5,000 Total

All-Star x4,000,000,000,000 (Spirit Star Only) x20,000,000,000,000,000 Total

Super Star: x500 (Merged Star and Super)

Invincible: x1,000 (Super Star only) x500,000 Total

Badass: x5,000 (Invincible only) x2,500,000,000 Total

Metal Flower: x300 (Merged Fire and Metal )

Giant Metal: x100 (Merged Giant and Metal)

Giant Metal Flower: x30,000 (Merged Metal Flower and Giant Metal)

Star Power

(The same for all character who can use it, but Mario & Luigi have to be in Spirit Star form)

SM64 120 Stars: x20 

SMG 242 Stars: x40

PMTTYD 6 Crystal Stars: x100

MP 9,000 Stars: x100 

MP3 Millenium Star: x500

SPM 8 Pure Heart: x1,000

All-Star = x4,000,000,000,000 (Base, all Star forms combined)


Evil: x20 (Base)

Dark: x20 (Base)

Lord: x50 (base can stack on Dark or Evil)

God: x700,000,000 (Base can stack of Evil, Dark or Lord)

Triforce of Power: x16,000 (Base)

Triforced: x20,000 (Base)

True Form: x1,000 (Triforce of Power) x160,000 Total


Ultimate: x5,000 (Base)

Spirit: x1,000,000 (Ultimate) x5,000,000,000 Total

Ultimate Spirit: x10 000 (Spirit) x50,000,000,000,000 Total

Giant: x100 (Ultimate & Ultimate Spirit)

God: x500,000,000,000 (Ultimate Spirit) x25,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Total


Ultimate: x5,000 (Base)

Essence: x5,000 (Ultimate) x25,000,000 Total

Ultimate Essence: x10,000 (Spirit) x250,000,000,000 Total

Fire Flower = 30X (Base)

Golden Fire Flower = 300,000,000X (Stack on anything but Fire Flower)


Red = 5 000X (Base)

Ultimate = 100,000X (Base)

Spirit: x1,000,000 (Red or Ultimate)

Ultimate Spirit: x1,000,000 (Spirit)

Rainbow: x15,000,000,000,000 (Spirit)


Supreme: x20,000 (Replaces Base)

Soul: x60,000 (Base or Supreme)

Ultimate Soul: x600,000 (Soul Only)

Ascended Soul: x3,000,000 (Soul Only)

Mastered: x1,000,000 (Soul, Ultimate Soul, or Ascended Soul)

Huge: x600 (Base or Supreme)


Ultimate: x5,000 (Base)

Fire Flower: x30 (Base)

Golden Fire Flower: x300,000,000,000 (Stack on anything but Fire Flower)


True Form: x600 (Stack only if Head form 100%)

True Form gain x600 (Boost every time a God of Balance is absorbed up to 25 times)