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“You thought my first pokemon was my best? Think again.”

My Princess.png

My Princess is a max level, shiny Arceus used by Bowser.


My Princess is Bowser's true most powerful Pokémon, much more powerful than his Ass Kicker. It serves as his trump card. Presumably, it is named after Princess Peach Toadstool. My Princess effortlessly defeated Mario's Princess, completely vaporizing it and turning it into an egg...for some reason.

When Bowser was beaten by Ganon and his minions, Mario, Luigi and a dancing archer, Zelda looted two of his Pokéballs, presumably Ass Kicker and My Princess.


My Princess at least knows the moves Safeguard, Waterfall and Stone Edge. Its signature ability is Flames of Judgement, a massive beam of fire that can inflict upwards of 500 000 damage even when "not very effective, wait what?". Like Ass Kicking, this ability can kill opposing Pokémon.