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Never piss Link Nukem off

"Never piss Link Nukem off" is a video made by Achille12345 May 24, 2013. It's a video showing the ending to a fight between Link Nukem fighting Weegee and Malleo.

The video gives a brief text synopsis that explains how a fight broke out between Nukem and Weegee Bros. that involved Link Nukem initially quickly defeating the Bros. But then both bros. powered up into their Ultimate forms and Link Nukem followed up by powering up himself into his Triforced form. The combined might of both Ultimates start getting Nukem on the ropes. From there the video asks what would happen if Link Nukem would get mad to the point of using the Fierce Deity Mask.

After that the video begins with Link Nukem catching his breath. Link Nukem smiles and proceeds to tell Weegee and Malleo that they've pissed him off. He puts on the mask and becomes Fierce Deity Link Nukem. He proceeds to power up an extremely powerful beam that quickly incinerates Weegee and goes on the destroy a nearby galaxy. Malleo uses his Fire Flowah attack on FDLN which fails completely. Link Nukem appears right behind Malleo and kills him by simply showing his hand through his body.