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I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octorok!

Octoroks are a common species in the Legend of Zelda series. They are little octopus-like creatures that shoot rocks from their mouths.

Role in Achille12345's videos

The first sighting of an Octorok was in CD-I Final Destination, where it was going to be a meal to Duke Onkled. It was also the only survivor of the video. It got a bigger role in Skies of CD-I Legends, where it followed Link Nukem around as his pet. Smith kicked the same Octorok which pissed Link off enough to chain Smith to the side of the King's ship. It also got a smaller role in the first episode of CD-I Pokémon Tournament, where it was seen being a pet of ????. Then, in Episode 5 of CD-I Pokémon Tournament, Link Nukem's Lair was being guarded by a dark Octorok with red eyes known as the Cave Demon. This Octorok has managed to take down Mecha Smith, and an entire Kordian army. Then, inside Link Nukem's Lair, there were Gold versions of the Octorok outside of the cave, guarding the treasure. They chased after Gwonam and then hearing the sound of Giygas, fled in fear.

Specific Octoroks

Link Nukem with his pet Octorok.

Link's Pet Octorok

Link's Octorok is one of the few things that Link Nukem really cares about. He will attack and even kill anyone who harms or attempts to harm it. The Octorok itself has not yet shown any power to the same degree as his kind guarding Link Nukem's Lair.

Cave Demon

Cave Demon

As said above, this Octorok has shown to be quite powerful. He has beaten:

  • Several unknown people who got close to Nukem's Lair
  • A dragon
  • Superman
  • Ultimate Malleo and Ultimate WeeGee
  • Mecha Smith
  • a Koridian army
  • Some of Ganon's Minions

At the end of part 5, it was seen charging at a revived Weegee. It is unknown who actually won that fight, though.

Golden Octoroks.PNG

Gold Cave Guardian

Mecha Smith VS The Cave Demon.

Gold Cave Guardians

Gold Cave Guardians first appeared Inside the treasure area. They are not as strong as the Cave Demon, but when fighting in groups, they feel more confident and their Power Level becomes up-close to Cave Demons's. While escaping from the cave, Gwonam managed to fight some of them off with a powerful gatling gun.


  • Octoroks made an appearance in every Zelda game to date, except for Twilight Princess.
  • The Cave Demon is a reference to the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.