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“Whatever I see... I shall devour!”

Omfak is a minion of Ganon and one of the bosses from Zelda: Wand of Gamelon. He is a wolf, who can shape-shift his head into a fire-breathing lion head or a pair of giant lips. He demonstrates his power to Zelda by killing and eating a nearby bird. After being defeated, he explodes into a flock of black birds.

In Achille12345's videos, Omfak can't fight well on his own and he serves rather as a support in RPG fights. He can't be underestimated, though, as he knows a very useful skill: Omfak Shield, which drastically reduces damage received from the next attack. Thanks to it, Omfak's team manages to survive Link Nukem Blaster. However, this doesn't not stop Link Nukem, who kills Omfak in a next turn with "Bang! You're dead!" and then proceeds to wipe the entire party out in the next round.


  • Omfak's skill level in CD-I Super Guns Fight in equal to 88/150 (Elite).