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The Princess

"Thanks to you two, I can safely rule the Mushroom Kingdom."

-Princess Peach

Princess Peach Toadstool, often referred to as just Peach or Princess, is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She normally plays the part of being kidnapped by Bowser, and depending on Mario, and sometimes Luigi, to save her. In Achille12345's videos, Peach is derived from the infamous CD-i Mario game, Hotel Mario. In this game, the Princess has been kidnapped by Bowser and his 7 Koopaling children, who had taken over the Mushroom Kingdom and kept the Princess held captive in their 7 Koopa Hotels over the course of the adventure. With their superpowers combined, the Mario Bros. defeated the Koopa Family and rescued the Princess, allowing her to rule the Mushroom Kingdom safely again, ending the quest.


In the CD-i Pokémon Tournament series, the Princess was supposed to attend to a Pokémon battle with Harlequin, one of Ganon's elite minions, but she couldn't make it due to some casualties backstage. When Bowser defeated Mario in the quarterfinals, the Princess betrayed the plumber and became Bowser's lover, giving the villain any needed support. When Bowser fought Ganon and his minions, whenever he was taken out, the Princess would revive him and make him stronger, through means of a 1-Up Mushroom and the "Power of Love," both of which made Bowser much harder to defeat. With the Princess's power being lended to Bowser, Ganon, Harlequin, Militron and Hectan eventually became overwhelmed and needed to escape with their lives. After Mario and Luigi charged up the "Anti-Bowser Beam," Bowser initially dodged the attack, but after being rebounded by Link Nukem, it caught Bowser by surprise and sent him blasting off. The Princess forgot about him and ran over to Link Nukem to make love to him, which resulted in her neck seemingly being broken by the intolerent and hot-tempered warrior. With that blow from Link Nukem's fingers, he has brought an end to the Princess's "dirty b*tch" ways, not just for the rest of the tournament, but possibly for good.

In the CD-i Super Guns Fight series, the Princess was held as hostage in Battle 3, where she is killed in front of Mario. 


  • Princess Peach's personality is quite different from her personality in Achille12345's videos; she is usually innocent, kind, and pure while in Achille's (newer) videos, she is lustful and dirty-minded.
  • Her skill level in CD-I Super Guns Fight is equal to 1/150 (No skill).