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Skies of CD-I Legends is one of the YouTube series made by Achille12345. Ganon wants to conquer the world using his gigantic fleet of flying ships. Mario, Gay Luigi, Link Nukem, and The King try to repel the evil forces and rescue Princess Peach from Ganon's clutches.



Skies of CD-I Legends Part 1 Intro

The intro shows Mario and Gay Luigi going to Mushroom Kingdom, just like in the original cutscene of Hotel Mario. However, here, Bowser doesn't laugh. Actually, he seems really sad. He leaves an important message for the plumbers on a nearby mushroom, as he's too afraid to give it to them personally since they consider him an enemy. They find the letter, in which Bowser says that Ganon has kidnapped the Princess and is planning to invade Hyrule with his airship fleet. King Koopa pleads to save Peach, which is quite ironic coming from him. Our heroes immediately rush to The King's castle, but once they arrive, they notice it's already under fire.

Music Used

Name Source
Intro/Credits Hotel Mario
Reading the Letter Hotel Mario
Nervous Crisis Skies of Arcadia

Part 1


Skies of CD-I Legends Part 1

Just before the gates, Mario and Gay Luigi get attacked by two Sleepy Bones and Armos. Here, the Bros show how cunning they can be. Mario jumps high in the air, making enemies lose their target and waste their turn. Gay Luigi defeats Armos and then uses Fake Death, wasting another enemy turn. Mario then lands and finishes them off. The two weren't hit even once during the fight. Mario levels up to 63 and learns Fire Balls Blast (Gay Luigi has level 68).

After the fight, they reach the gates, which suddenly close in front of them. They use a vine block to climb upstairs to the balcony and barely dodge a cannonball from the airship. Once inside, they hear a scream from Duke Onkled, who's getting attacked by an Iron Knuckle. Mario and Gay Luigi provoke the armored knight to attack them instead and the boss music begins to play.

Mario and Luigi fighting an Iron Knuckle.

The Iron Knuckle charges Iron Knuckle Anger, which doubles its attack power, before each of its turns. Gay Luigi enters an Attack Stance and Mario uses Koho, reducing the Iron Knuckle's HP to about 83%. The Iron Knuckle strikes with Spinning Blast and deals a ton of damage. Mario is forced to use a Bagel to recover both Bros's HP. Gay Luigi uses Mega Punch, bringing the enemy's HP down to 69%. The Bros learn the hard way that an Iron Knuckle's attacks get stronger each turn when it uses Super Lightning Slash. Gay Luigi is already in near-death state, but the Iron Knuckle seems to be just warming up. After his HP goes below 70%, he can now use Iron Knuckle Madness, quadrupling the dealt damage. Mario Focuses and Gay Luigi, since he has enough Focus points, uses Seizure Scream in order to stun the Iron Knuckle for two turns (47% HP left). Mario and Gay Luigi fully recover their HP with Meatballs and Gay Luigi throws a Mushroom at Mario (+Attack and an auto-revive). Mario attacks with Hagan (17% boss's HP left) and Gay Luigi finishes off the enemy with Butt Blast. They start to celebrate, but somehow, with 0.001% HP left, the Iron Knuckle gets back up. Mario Jumps, thinking it'd be enough to take it down, but Gay Luigi has a feeling something's wrong and decides to Guard (-60% damage received). Surprisingly, Jump deals no damage and the Iron Knuckle strikes. Mario gets saved by the auto-revive from the Mushroom, but both Bros are now in critical state. Mario, seeing that he has 60 Focus, uses special skill called The Enclosed Instruction Book to learn how to destroy an Iron Knuckle for sure. He learns from the book that once an Iron Knuckle's HP reaches 0.001%, it becomes immune to all attacks except Link Nukem's Armor Breaker, which neither of the Bros have. However, a Power Glove can be used as an alternative, and since there just so happens to be a spare in the book, Mario wears it and punches the Iron Knuckle. The tough battle finally ends. Gay Luigi reaches level 70 (learns LUCKY ME! and Spaghetti) and Mario reaches level 65. 

Then the scene moves to The King's room, where we see Link Nukem for the first time. He and The King get ambushed by two Iron Knuckles (there are four in Ganon's army), but they destroy them almost immediately since Link Nukem can use Armor Breaker (which is an instant kill against Iron Knuckles). Hectan and Harlequin are frightened because of this display of power. Militron informs them that Lupay's battleship is going to attack this position and they should leave the castle. They decide to throw minions at Link Nukem and The King to slow them down, which results in a humorous battle scene. The Bros meet up with Link Nukem and The King and decide to go down the elevator as soon as they hear Lupay's ship approaching and charging its laser. Duke Onkled is too late to take a ride, but he barely escapes the explosion. The whole castle's in ruins, but the basement and underground hangar are safe. The King decides to strike back using his gigantic mothership, the MAH BOY. All of the other good CD-I characters are already inside.

"Mah Boy" fighting "The Red Wolf".

The mothership takes off and engages into battle with Lupay's battleship, the Red Wolf. The MAH BOY starts the fight by firing Morshu Torpedoes that will strike the enemy in two turns and the Red Wolf Focuses. Lupay then fires Small Cannons, but Zelda predicted that and ordered evasive maneuvers. Lupay loses the target and the MAH BOY counters with Lazer Cannon, badly damaging the enemy. Red Wolf activates Shield Level 3, but it's easily pierced by two Lazer Cannons. Lupay, seeing that she's in trouble, contacts The King and admits defeat. Link Nukem, however, rejects the surrender, claiming "There's only two ways that this can end, and in both of them, you die." Nobody from the Red Wolf survives when Morshu Torpedoes strike. Mario reaches level 66, Gay Luigi reaches level 71, and The King and Link Nukem reach level 130 (King learns CD-I ATTACK! and Link "Triforced Nukem").

After the battle, Gwonam informs of more enemy ships approaching. He then notices a gigantic white dot on the radar. It's the Join Me Or Die! - Ganon's Mothership. The video ends with cliffhanger as the MAH BOY gets surrounded by the entire fleet.

Music Used

Name Source
Nervous Crisis Skies of Arcadia
Battle #1 The Legend of Dragoon
Victory Theme #1 The Legend of Dragoon
Nervous Crisis Skies of Arcadia
Major Boss Battle The Legend of Dragoon
Victory Theme #1 The Legend of Dragoon
Boss Battle #2 The Legend of Dragoon
Nervous Crisis 2 Skies of Arcadia
Boss Battle The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Drachma Theme Skies of Arcadia
Nervous Crisis Skies of Arcadia
Ruins Dungeon Skies of Arcadia
Blue Rogues Theme Skies of Arcadia
Airship Boss Theme Skies of Arcadia
Galcian's Theme Skies of Arcadia
Victory in Battle Skies of Arcadia
Standof Skies of Arcadia
Armada Skies of Arcadia
Giga's Theme Skies of Arcadia

Part 2 Preview

Video 1


Skies of CD-I Legends Part 2 "Small Preview"-0

Part 2 still hasn't been released. However, the preview was, in which there is a short scene showing Link Nukem fighting with Militron, Hectan, Omfak, Harlequin and the last Iron Knuckle. Omfak starts the fight by putting up Omfak Shield, decreasing all damage taken from the next attack by forty times. Link Nukem then answers with Link Nukem Blaster. The enemy party almost dies and Militron questions the shield's efficiency. It turns out Link Nukem got incredibly strong thanks to the Triforce he absorbed. Harlequin enters Ghost Mode, Hectan heals the party, and Iron Knuckle's Super Lightning Slash and Militron's Evil Wave gets blocked by Link Nukem and he instantly learns how to use these attacks. After Omfak puts his shield back on, Link Nukem attacks him directly with Bang! You're dead. With no shield, the evil group gets desperate and uses Team Attack, but Link Nukem replies with a Combo Breaker, overkiling Militron. Then he combines Super Lighting Slash and Armor Breaker to kill both Hectan and Iron Knuckle. Harlequin exits Ghost Mode and tries to escape, but he's too fat to run. He begs Link for mercy, who just replies with "Life's a bitch: it means you die." and kills Harlequin, using a normal attack.

Music used: Esper Battle from FINAL FANTASY XII.

Video 2


Skies of CD-I Legend Part 2 (Link Nukem Vs The Blue Wolf fight only)

Link Nukem Vs The Blue Wolf

(please info)

Music used

Dark King's Theme from FINAL FANTASY Mystic Quest, arranged by DJ SOUNDBYT3

Part 2 of the Skies of CD-I Legends is now the most anticipated video by Achille12345's fans ever. The release date is still unknown, but Achille promises it will be made after finishing CD-I Pokémon Tournament.

The King Kamehameha vs. Link Nukem Galick Gun


The King Kamehameha VS Link Nukem Galick Gun

This video is actually a remake of Achille12345's first YouTube Poop which is crap, and his quality is really bad. He remade it with Link Nukem instead of Link, and has more animations such as the screen shaking.

Achille12345's context (if you care so much to read a lot):

After the events of Skies of CD-I Legends, Link Nukem lose most of his power and end up weaker than ever at a power level of 9 000. The Triforce of courage ditch him and goes to The King allowing him to gain all three Triforce and again a massive power up, Link Nukem over time get jealous of The King since he is now way weaker than him.

The accumulated rage that Link Nukem kept inside him for over the last 5 000 years was too big for him to supress anymore.

One day Link Nukem suddenly challenged The King in a fight, The King accepted hoping it would calm him down and Link Nukem quickly realize The King is holding back which made him beyond mad, The King decide to get serious and quickly outpowered Link Nukem.

What started a friendly fight quickly turn into a violent, bloody fight as Link Nukem snap out of control and goes beyond his limit unleashing his potential allowing him to power up enough to cause some serious trouble to The King.

This is when this video start, at the end Link Nukem is killed but since he is immortal, dying doesn't truly matter to him as he reappears from thin air fully healed with The King at his mercy.

The King knew this would happen, but all he wanted was to stop Link Nukem from blowing up the planet killing him was the only option to calm him down which worked.

Link Nukem was still pissed off at The King but was surprise to see him win using a technique he never seen before the Kaioken, he then promises he would behave from now on if the King teach him the Kaioken which would allow Link Nukem to regain some of his lose power The King have no choice but to accept his offer.

That day over 65 million people died and over 50 million more over the next month, but it could have been worse at least now Link Nukem is busy learning the Kaioken and mastering it, The King made sure nobody would disturb him and gave him whatever he wanted.

This greatly reduces his anger actually making him very docile, The King made sure nobody would disturb him and gave him whatever he wanted.


  • Minor error: In the battle summary screen after destroying Lupay's ship, Luigi goes up to level 70, even though he already got to it after beating the Iron Knuckle. Achille made a typo and the green plumber should be level 71.
  • The videos themselves are most likely based off of one of Achille12345's favorite games, Skies of Arcadia.
  • If you listen very closely to when the MAH BOY takes off after Smith kicks Link Nukem's Octorok, the sound used is actually part of a trailer used by sound company DTS dubbed "The Digital Experience" that debuted in 1993, the same year DTS was founded, on debut theatrical releases of Jurassic Park. It was also used on LaserDisc releases (giant discs that played film; they were much larger than DVDs) after its ousting from theaters due to complaints from parents about the dark nature of the trailer and how it was too scary for children's viewing, especially before a family movie. The trailer can be found here: