Achille12345 Wiki

Here's a list of all status effects that will apply only to Achille12345's RPG fights. Some of these Status Effects are borrowed from Final Fantasy.

Negative Status Ailments

  • Charm  - The victim of this effect will attack his own team.
  • Critical Weakness - The victim will always receive critical hits from the enemies.
  • Confuse - Attacks both enemies and allies indiscriminately and uncontrollably.
  • Curse - Causes a drop in many stats and/or disallows the victim from performing actions.
  • Disease - Impairs the recuperation of HP and MP, in various ways.
  • Disable - Unit cannot attack, but can still move.
  • Eject - Target is removed from the battle for a few turns.
  • Freeze - Immobilizes the target similarly to Stop. However, fire element attacks will heal it and physical attacks may kill the target instantly.
  • Lamp Oil - Unit takes extra damage from fire-based spells. (Used by Morshu)
  • Petrify - Encases target in stone, making them unable to take turn or get damaged by attacks. If the whole party is Petrified they lose.
  • Poison - Takes damage every turn.
  • Reverse - Switches the effects of healing into damage and vice versa.
  • Silence - Unable to cast spells.
  • Mini - Shrinks. Defense and/or attack strength greatly decreased.
  • Sleep - Unable to take turn until woken up by an attack or on their own.
  • Slow - Time taken to execute actions and time until next turn is increased.
  • Stop - Unable to move or attack for a few turns.
  • Toad - Becomes a frog, attack strength is decreased and can only input the Attack or Frog command.
  • Venom - A stronger variant of Poison.
  • Zombie - Victim becomes Undead, taking damage from healing spells/items. Revivification magic and items KO afflicted units. (Arguably the worst status effect.)