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His Creation

The Big WeeGee Head
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Age 14 000 000 000


Superior God

2nd name:

3rd name:

Original name

God of Destruction

Fallen God of Balance

God of Balance


Infinity Big Bang

Arms Summoning

Force Field

God Death Stare



Original Alignment:

Lawful Evil

(True) Neutral

Top 10 Personality













Old Minions: WeeGee, Malleo and Yushee


Goddess of Life


5 and 13

(Both of them from U5 and U13 are carbon copy of each other)

But the one from U5 is dead in the current lore.

The Big WeeGee Head was born 14 000 000 000 (fourteen billion) years ago, he was the second creation of Achille The first being The Goddess of Life, he was called God of Balance and his role in life would be to make sure the Balance over the Multiverse is kept, but The God of Balance proved to be unable to maintain balance over the whole multiverse the task been too great for the newly born god.

As result Achille punished him by breaking him in 26 parts placing each part in 26 different universes in the Multiverse all the parts were now different beings with various power, the strongest part was sent in Universe 5 where he was given a similar job just like all the other 25 parts his role was still to keep balance, but this time only over this universe, the God of Balance promised he wouldn't fail this time.

Backstory (Long version)

The God of Destruction (also known as The Big WeeGee Head) wasn't always an evil deity dominated by his dark vendetta. He was once known as The God of Balance, whose role was to keep a balance in the Universe 5 by influencing the amount of good and evil living beings born in the universe.

During the 12 billion year period, he was able to keep a perfect balance in the universe, until one day, the other superior god in Universe 5 known as The (Old) God of Destruction went missing. This other god's duty was to destroy all beings that could put the balance of the universe in peril, such as unnaturally powerful evil beings.

The God of Balance tried all he could to maintain the balance, but 1 billion years later, everything spiralled out of control when both evil and good beings started to be born with an unnaturally high power levels. The average human would normally be born with a power level of 2, but the other humans' power ranged from 3,000 to 9,000 at their birth. Few thousand years later, the descended of these humans were now born with a power levels of around 5,000,000. As they grown up these beings, holding a terrible power in their hands, started fighting each other for dominance, creating wars the universe had never seen before. During their mutual conflicts, planets and even the entire solar systems were being destroyed.

The Good side has estabilished numerous factions to push the evil away and has achieved a victory - although pyrrhic - after a long war. That wasn't the end of the conflict however, as the extermination of majority of evil beings has caused a destabilisation of the Universe. From that point on, only evil creatures were born into the Universe, causing more endless wars.

One day, The God of Balance has decided that the only way to stop the universe from being destroyed was to kill every single living being whose power level was too high. To speed up the process, he created three minions, called WeeGee, Malleo and Yushee. He, along with his new powerful minions has hunted down every single life form, leaving only humans with an acceptable low power level of 1,000 - 3,000 alive, thus putting an end to the galactic wars.

With his dark goal accomplished, he went into a deep slumber to recover the power he had lost. His campaign had depleted his energy and he would need at least few hundred thousand years of sleep to recover, so he left his minions and ordered them to kill any newborns with a power level higher than 10,000 to maintain balance in the world.

A few hundred thousand years later, he was woken up after sensing his minions' energy disappearing. He quickly travelled to their location only to find them dead on the ground, killed by a group of powerful humans. One amongst them had a power way beyond anything he saw before, this human was Link Nukem.

The God of Destruction was angered to see this and powered up. His energy was so intense that most of the humans immediately fell to the ground, unable to move due to the immense pressure of his power.

Link Nukem was the only one still barely standing up as he said "I surrender" and then knelt to the dark god. The God of Destruction was at first surprised and pleased with this afterwards. He came up with an idea of making this human a replacement of his previous minions, as he sensed a perfect balance of good and evil inside of him.

As the God of Destruction came a bit closer to Link Nukem and summoned a giant arm holding a chain from a portal to take control over Link Nukem, the human suddenly powered up beyond his limits and quickly summoned a giant sphere from the sky with a giant Quadforce inside of it. As the arm of the God of Destruction was sucked into the sphere and a part of his head started to be sucked in as well, he realized what was going on and tried to get away from it.

He was able to pull out the part of his head out of the sphere and was about to break free, but all of a sudden, a bright beam came out of the sky and entered the Quadforce, creating an incredibly intense and pure light that weakened the dark god.

The God of Destruction wasn't able to do anything as he was blinded and weakened by the sudden light. He ended up being entirely sucked into the sphere and once inside of it, struck by millions of small beams of light coming from all directions, taking away all of his power and trapping him in this dark void. He realized he was sealed and there was nothing he could do to escape the sphere.

Link Nukem has decided to put TBWH inside the newly built section of the Universal Prison behind special walls, made specially to stop all kinds of energy from going through them.

In less than a few weeks inside the sphere, The God of Destruction has noticed a flaw to the seal: He could still move freely inside the seal and slowly recover his power. He could even influence the souls of the dead people who died in a certain area around the seal. With those souls, he was able to feed off of them and recover his power a bit faster. This went on for over 8000 years.


The CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 6 events

During the events of Part 6 Link Nukem entered The God of Destruction's sealing room for the first time ever since he left the seal there. The God of Destruction wasn't stupid, he knew exactly why Link Nukem was there and after seeing Link Nukem's reaction to all the power he regain over the years, he knew Link Nukem would try to unseal him and destroy him in his weaken state. He was was only able to recover 10% of his full power in the time he had before being unsealed.

After the seal was broken, he had a large confrontation with Link Nukem and his three allies, Legende, Morsichel and the now newly reborn WeeGee. He was able to injure Legende and Morsichel and force them to retreat. But then Link Nukem and WeeGee fused together becoming Link WeeKeem.

The fight continues as The God of Destruction slowly began to power up to the highest he could at this point which was 10% for a few seconds. He thought about simply destroying them, but he realizes purging the universe in its current state would prove difficult without help, so he decided to trap Link WeeKeem inside of a force field and try to make him his minion(s) just like he tried to do to Link Nukem 8000 years ago.

After trying to explain to them why he wants to purge the universe (telling a part of his backstory without telling or showing them the whole truth about the previous God of Destruction disappearing), he slowly starts to convert them. But suddenly The Goddess of Life intervenes powering up Link WeeKeem just enough for him to be able to defeat the weaken God of destruction.

Before he was sucked into the giant black hole, he was able to mortally wound Link Nukem killing him before falling into the dark abyss of the black hole.


The CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 6 Epilogue

After he was sucked into the Black Hole The God of Destruction was surprised to end up in the same exact place of where he was a second ago, but the difference is Link Nukem and the others weren't present and the Blackhole behind him didn't suck stuff in, but actually was rejecting them.

He was extremely weak and slowly dying as he barely able to travel in that strange universe to a planet which looked exactly, like the planet where he first meet Link Nukem. However the planet was considerably different and the Dark God could only sense a single powerful being on the planet, his plan was to kill and absorb the soul of that person to recover a tiny fraction of his power just barely enough to avoid death so he could then go hide to sleep and recover his power.

Yet before he could do anything Perfect Ultimate Spirit Blue WeeGee appear in front of him determined to stop him, even in his critical state TBWH was able to put up a small resistance against his old minion, but he was ultimately defeated, as his old minion absorbed his very essence into his own body taking over the Dark God's power and becoming part  of WeeGee forever, this is how The God of Destruction story ends for now.