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The Big WeeGee Head Minions

The Big WeeGee Head, the most powerful monster in Achille12345's universe has three main minions...

1: WeeGee (His favorite and most powerful)

2: Malleo (The second most powerful)

3: Yushee (His least favorite and also the weakest)

The Big WeeGee Head's location and its current state.

The Big WeeGee Head is currently trapped inside of an extremely powerful seal made and improved over time by Link Nukem.

This seal is located on a prison planet inside of a heavily guarded solar system. The area is off limits to anyone except the guards carefully selected by Link Nukem himself. Unauthorized people are to be driven away, jailed or - in the extreme instances - killed.

The Big WeeGee Head's Seal and The Connections

The Connection is a mystical force channeled from The Big Weegee Head's soul. It allows him to link with his minions and very slowly, but constantly give them energy. Link Nukem was only capable of sealing The Big Weegee Head's body. All the attempts at sealing BWH's soul to stop him from sharing energy have resulted with a failure. Fortunately, the soul is powerless without its body, so it's forced to stay near the seal. The further it travels away from it, the weaker the Connection becomes. Link Nukem build the lair inside of the secret planet in order to trap the soul there forever. The Big Weegee Head's soul to this day wanders around the prison, waiting patiently.

After 2,000 years, The Big WeeGee Head soul's presence in the seal room became so powerful, that anyone near it would easily succumb to the darkness. Only Link Nukem is allowed to enter this room.

The Connections' effects and The Three Minions' Seal

As mentioned before, The Connection allows BWH to share energy with his minions. This energy eventually made The Three Minions very powerful. No matter how many times Link Nukem destroyed them, they would always come back, every time stronger than before. After 20 years of struggling, Link Nukem was worried that eventually the minions might surpass him in terms of strength. Therefore, he looked for a way to nullify the Connections' effect.

Using the same  technique he tried to perform on BWH's soul, Link Nukem performed on his minions shortly after killing them. Their souls were sealed in two more Quadforce slots. Although The Connection effect was still present, the Minions became unable to resurrect as long as the seal is working.

Link Nukem was able to rest easy knowing this problem was finally resolved. Two more seals with WeeGee inside one and Malleo and Yushee in the other one were weaker than The Big WeeGee Head seal, but it was enough to contain them.

One thousand years later, Link Nukem power was drained by the three seals to the point that he feared if just one of the minions were to be freed, he wouldn't be strong enough to win. However, there was nothing he could do about it.

The planet guardians found Giygas, who was trying to break his way inside the solar system and awaken the Big Weegee Head from his slumber. After a short fight against Link Nukem's defence system the guardians were able to defeat Giygas. With no idea where to seal this powerful monster Link Nukem decided to seal Giygas inside the WeeGee's seal.

Pokemon Tournament events

Few years later, The Big WeeGee Head's soul was still wandering around in the Lair. Upon finding Gwonam, who was trying to find a way inside the lair he helped him by showing him the secret entrance.

Without wasting time, Gwonam has decided to take a risk and went inside it. After a while, Gwonam found WeeGee's sealing room, protected by an invisible shield that only allowed pure-hearted people to enter. Those with even a slightest stain on their soul cannot pass. Despite Gwonam's intentions to steal equipment for the Tournament, he was somehow allowed to go inside. Without knowing what he was doing, Gwonam hit the seal with his fist, breaking it. At this point, Giygas and WeeGee were freed and all the energy that was given to WeeGee over the years was released all at the same time.

He suddenly became so powerful that he automatically developed a gigantic ego. (Which would put Vegeta's ego from DBZ to shame) From now he titled himself as: *Super WeeGee*. Even in his base form he was few thousand times stronger that his former Ultimate WeeGee form. Now he could finally free his master...