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The Big Weegee Head.

I'm a fan of achille12345 wallet a long time ago, so I wanted to contribute my fanaticism by recreating one of its most powerful characters. His name is God of destruction, but everyone knows him as The Big Weegee Head.

The Big Weegee Head:

This is my personal design for this incredible character, father of both Weegee, Malleo, Yushee, Walleo and Walweegee. Since he is a god of destruction, I wanted to make judgment of his name, for that reason he has that aspect.

White hair is due to the fact that it is already very old because it retains billions of years old. His eyes on fire indicate destruction, for that is what this element does. The hat is black for an aesthetic effect added to the pentagram on his head as a symbol of his wickedness. Your skin is slightly reddish due to the intense amount of energy and heat present inside.

comparison of its size with the milk way galaxy:

The Big Weegee Head and milk way galaxy.

Here is a comparison of its size in relation to our galaxy. When it is in its 1%, it is the size of a giant star (UY scuti), when it reaches its 10%, acquires a size of a solar system, and reaching its limits, 100%, can exceed the size of a galaxy whose proportions are similar to ours.

The Big Weegee head and the universe:

The Big Weegee Head traveling the universe.

I created this image in order to show its size in relation to the other galaxies present in the universe. Here we see travel throughout the universe with a gigantic aura of fire surrounding it. His speed is immeasurable, I do not even want to try to figure out where he can get with it.

I would let achille12345 choose its speed, but if it were to depend on me, it would be sextillion times faster than light, reaching 300. km / s.

God of Destruction.

God of destruction in its greatest splendor:

This form was personally made by me. I believed her with the curiosity of what would happen if he had his full body instead of just creating lower and upper limbs through portals. In this case, it would have two seals, one that would limit its presence in the universe, and another would restrict its complete body with all its splendor.

I invented an excuse, where after the quarrel with the goddess of life, she imposed two powerful seals on him, restricting his presence and another his body itself. In this form he disposes of all his destructive abilities, as Zettai Hakai (Absolute Destruction) his most powerful technique.

Zettai hakai: Can destroy and recreate anything the Destruction God wants, could destroy the entire universe and recreate it from scratch or destroy specific points of it. It does not destroy only the physical but the soul bringing the existence of the being in question into the absolute void. This technique is a more effective version of the infinity big bang.

comparison of its size with the largest known galaxy in the universe:

God of Destruction and IC 1101.

Its size in this state is more than 10 times its inner shape, reaching 18 million light-years, triple the size of IC 1101 the largest galaxy ever stored in our universe, with its 6 million light-years. In this way he could crush galaxies with his hands without hesitation. It does not use this form because it could shake the whole universe, distorting it and consuming it as a side effect.

I demonstrated this in the following image:

God of Destruction and its chaotic presence.

In this state, he can also offer the destruction mode for Weegee, Malleo, and Yushee. He could also apply it on WeeMallSheeGas. This form is an insanely more powerful version than the ultimate form, and even humiliates the link nukem using the quadforce to the fullest.

OBS: If you can not read well, it's because I'm using google translator, and I'm not fluent in English.