The Goddess of Life

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Her Creation

The Goddess of Life was created over 200 500 000 000 (Two hundred billions, and five hundred million) years ago, she was the very first creation of Achille after the destruction of his first multiverse during the battle against The Void God.

The Goddess of Life
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Age: 200 500 000 000


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(U5) God of Destruction and all the 25 remaining Gods of Balance



As soon as she was created she was merely few seconds old that Achille asked her to literally create a universe by herself and if she was able to do it, she would be able to do whatever she want with it, it would be "her" universe and she would be allow to do whatever she want with it.

Backstory (Long version)

In over five hundred thousand years she worked days and nights to create it at first it was a very small universe, but she also created in the middle of it something she wasn't asked to do, something she wasn't suppose to be able to create yet, it was single planet the size of multiple galaxy, something only a real god could accomplish, this universe would be called universe 1.

Achille was pleased by her accomplishment and to reward her he granted her with the power of create life with the power of light with her new powers, she was able to improve her universe making it as perfect as Achille could ever hope, during the next 500 000 000 (Five hundred million) years she created two other universes, universe 5 and universe 13 as Achille created all the other universes.

While her universe was already full of life with trillion of living beings living under are her light and blessed with long lifespan in a society without any crimes or evil beings the rest of the universes were only empty shells.

One day Achille suddenly asked The Goddess of Life to "Take care" of his multiverse while he would be gone for a very long time he never told her where he was going, but she sensed a great disturbance far away in the Infinite Void something terrifying maybe a war between other gods or was it the being Achille told her about called The Void God, she couldn't tell.

For over 186 000 000 000 (one hundred eighty-six billion) years she continued to work on the multiverse alone sometime wondering if Achille would ever come back, during all those years she almost felt like this multiverse was now her multiverse since she created life in all of them, but there was something she couldn't resolve, a problem that was impossible to fix even with all her power.

Creating planets, suns, galaxies and life was in her power, but as soon as she left these universe to work on another one, especially powerful and evil humans being sometime even demons would be born amount normal humans this would start a endless amount of wars, no matter how many times she came back to purify and stop the wars peacefully and converting the evil creatures into good one, the endless cycle of birth and death would repeat itself in a infinite loop this problem was in universe 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25 and 26 only the universe who wasn't effected by this was 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 14, 17, 22 and 24.

To try to resolve the problem she created the Warrior of Lights, she created in each universe that was effected by this problem Triforce, the triforce would be given to same people in each universe on the planet called Hyrule all universes having a different version of the same people.

She also given various mortal on each planets the power of light allowing them to fight off the evil beings and keep order in each universe, this solution worked for over one billion years as the descended of the original heroes of light would continue their sacred duty to fight off evil and keep order in the universe wars with good vs evil was still happening, but at a way smaller scale that before.

Finally one day Achille came back from his long journey and was beyond happy to see the multiverse was still intact and was blooming with lifes he rewarded her with even more power and told her from now on, she should never uses the void to travel between universe and should from now on open portals to travel between them, before she could ask why, she saw an almighty powerful being appear behind Achille a being the size of half a universe.

Achille told her this being was a Void God the same Void God who destroyed his first Multiverse, but now he was literally his pet and would from now on keep the void between universe "clean" from anything and so he wouldn't be able to protect her if The Void God were to attack her.

When Achille took a closer look at the Multiverse he immediately notice all the problem with the balance between good and evil and what The Goddess of Life has done over all those years trying keep balance over it, he commended her effort, but said it wasn't enough.

This is when he created his second creation The God of Balance who was created with enormous power that could already rival The Goddess of Life despise all the power Achille gave her so far, The God of Balance was the polar opposite of The Goddess of Life, while she was the incarnation of good and light, he was the incarnation of darkness, but also had a light side which created a perfect balance inside him.

Achille ordered him to keep balance over the multiverse beside for universe 1 which was off limit to him, The Goddess of Life from now on would only create life, in merely few mortals years it was clear the newly born God wasn't up to the task as he miserably failed and caused an unimaginable amount of deaths in the multiverse due to his reckless method as The Goddess of Life tried to solve this problem by making sure nobody would suffer from her decisions, The God of Balance didn't care about the casualties and only tried to achieve his mission goal which was to keep balance over the multiverse no matter how many people had to die for it, but even after all the senseless deaths he ultimately fail to keep balance over the multiverse as it was even worse than before.

For five short mortal years she was watching unable to do anything to stop the slaughter, The Goddess of Life for the first time ever in her existance felt multiple emotions something similar to grief, disgust and depression seeing all her childrens suffer and crying for her help she felt every single deaths.

It literally wounded her very core both physically and mentally she was slowly becoming weaker and weaker each years, she lost over 95% of her power during those short five years as an unimaginable amount of people died, It created a second hidden personallity inside her one that truly loathe the very existance of The God of Balance.

Realizing what was happening and seeing The God of Balance method obviously wasn't working Achille stop him and was furious seeing him fail so quickly as the problem was balancing the whole multiverse at the same time was too hard for the newly born god, he literally punches the god in 26 pieces and placed each parts in all 26 universes and given them all the same mission to keep balance over their universes and another failure wouldn't be an option.

To make sure he wouldn't fail again Achille created 26 other gods which he called "God of Destructions" their jobs would be to help The God of Balances in their missions from the shadow doing the dirty jobs, their help proven to be very important as without them The God of Balances missions would be very hard.

This harsh punishment weaken the God of Creation by a lot, but also helped him making his job easier as keeping balance over a single universe proven to be a lot easier even in his weaken state, his method became less reckless as for 13 billion years passed and all of universe was almost in perfect balance.

Pokemon Tournament Part 6 events

The Goddess of Life was meditating in peace in her universe as she saw a vision from universe 5 a very close future where The Fallen God of Balance now called The Big WeeGee Head by the Inhabitants of the universe would unseal himself from his seal and destroy the whole universe 5, but at the sametime saw another possible future where The Big WeeGee Head would be defeated by the heroes of light, but not without her help.

Directly helping mortals to achieve a precise goal is forbidden by one of Achille laws given to the Superior Gods in the multiverse, but a part of her couldn't pass on such occasion to get rid of this fallen god of balance who would only create more destruction.

She left her universe and travel to universe 5 where she took over the body of a guard called Chicken Wing she then planned all the events that would eventually lead to The Big WeeGee Head defeat, she's used one of her power to travel in time and she was the one who gave the idea to Gwonam to get the Golden Ocarina which lead to WeeGee getting unseal.

She then came back to the present where she distracted Link Nukem and other guards in the Universal Prison deactivating certain defense system allowing WeeGee to get to the control room releasing almost all the monster in the prison.

She then left the guard body and when in space invisible and waited for the right moment to continue her plan, she appear in front of the Angel of Light Morsichel offering him the almighty power of life in exchange he would die, but would be reborn into an almighty being of light and life strong enough to defeat WeeGee, he accepted her offer as she expected.

She saved Link Nukem life in space healing him and then told Legende than Link Nukem needed her help on a planet with a giant portal, she later completely recreated WeeGee soul after he was destroy by The Void God.

All was going as planned as the final fight started against The Big WeeGee Head, she waited for the right time to act and gave the power of light to Link WeeKeem and with this power he defeated the fallen god of balance.

Her plan was a success as she rewarded the heroes of light, Link by saving his soul and sending him back to his loved one in his own timeline and saved Nukem life by placing Legende soul inside Link Nukem body as Legende wished for, she then healed Morsichel and disappear and when back to her universe.

The CD-I Pokemon Tournament Part 6 Epilogue

As she was on her way to her universe she was teleported in the void in front of Achille who looked at her with a death stare, he was obviously pissed at her she was ready to be punish and had her power taken away from her or worst be destroy, The Void God appear and saw both of them, but didn't do anything since Achille was present, Achille looked at The Void God and back at her and smirk saying: "I could just let him eat you, but that wouldn't really be a punishment for you."

Achille then ordered the Void God to attack universe 1 and destroy it, The Goddess of Life was shock hearing this as she saw the Void God quickly fly towars universe 1 like a hungry bird seeing his pray, but at the last moment Achille tell The Void God to stop than he changed his mind.

The Goddess of Life Punishment (Long version)

Achille look at the Goddess of Life and says: "Your universe is too perfect to be destroyed." He then teleported both of them into universe 13 the carbon copy of universe 5 where the same exact events with the same people have happened for the last billions years it was a test universe to see how long both universes would stay the same, until The Goddess of Life helped the mortals in universe 5 and obviously changed the events.

He then forced the Goddess of Life to give the same idea to Gwonam to go for the Golden Ocarina, and help WeeGee to be to unleash all the monster in the prison, but after this forbid her to do anything else to help and force her to watch the next events.

As Link Nukem is slowly dying in space WeeGee kill the Angel of Light Morsichel and destroy the prison planet shield and get his spirit form unseal and proceed destroy most of the Universal Prison as he's about to destroy the door leading to The Big Weegee Head seal he is stop by the ten Universal Guardians who put up a very good and long fight against Super Spirit WeeGee, but are all ultimately killed leaving only Legende as the sole survivor, it was at this moment Link Nukem seriously injured teleported himself in the prison only to witness all his friend dead with Legend at death door at his feet, she used the last of her power to heal Link Nukem before dying.

Legende's Quadforce left her body and went towards Link Nukem's side, something inside of him, a dark energy he was keeping inside him and accumulating all the hatred over the last 8000 years, began to emerge, Link Nukem's quadforce came out of his body and went beside Legende's quadforce as both of them slowly turned black with spikes coming out of them as they fused together and went back inside his body, a huge dark energy was unleashed from him as he became Dark Link Nukem.

Dark Link Nukem's power was terrifying and he could almost rival The Big WeeGee Head full power as he beat WeeGee down and slowly tore his soul apart piece by piece and literally ate and absorbed him completely destroying him forever.

The Goddess of Life painfully watched in silence as Dark Link Nukem slowly fell into madness as he killed every single survivor in the ranks of the prison guards and all remaining prisoners, Achille then accelerated time as Dark Link Nukem went on a rampage for two years over the universe, and one day The Big WeeGee Head was able to break the seal and unseal himself.

An titanic battle took place between The Big WeeGee Head and Dark Link Nukem as their fight completely destroyed the universe.

As The Big WeeGee Head took the upper hand and injured Dark Link Nukem he used his ultimate technique the Infinity Big Bang and wiped the rest of the universe clean.

As he found the remains of Dark Link Nukem who was still barely alive, he summoned an arm out with a hand holding chains and enslaved the fallen hero and make him his new minion who would from now on call him "Master"

At this moment The Big WeeGee Head noticed Achille and The Goddess of Life as he understood what just had happened as he smiled looking at the Goddess of Life, he then began to laugh, this Big WeeGee Head was the same Big WeeGee Head she helped Link WeeKeem to defeat back in universe 5 he was literally his carbon copy.

After witnessing this horrible end for universe 13 by her fault The Goddess of Life felt as if her soul was torn apart the last time she felt such pain was when The God of Balance when on a rampage over the Multiverse.

Achille then teleported her back into her universe and released her telling her next time she broke his rules, her punishment would be even worst, he then disappeared.

For the next 10 years the Goddess of Life fell into some kind of depression and fell sick as the living beings in her universe tried everything they could to heal her sorrow, but they couldn't do anything but watch their beloved goddess suffer, this is the end of her story for now.

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