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“My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!”
The King

King Harkinian
CDI The King by Mandiny.jpg




Fighter (short range)
Spellcaster (long range)


Mah boy!
Enough! (Cup Throw)
Melee Combos
Dinner Blaster


Neutral to Lawful Good
(Chaotic Evil in "The Evil King" and Lawful Evil in the CD-I Super Guns Fight series)


Caring, Funny, Nice, Cowardly, Ruthless ("The Evil King")


Luigi, Morshu, Link, Mario, Zelda, Gwonam



Skill in Guns Fight:

150/150 (Legendary)

King Harkinian is one of the characters from the non-canonical The Legend of Zelda games titled Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, in which he plays the role of the King of Hyrule. These games made by the Philips company and released on CD-i are considered to be some of the worst games of all time, but because of the hilarious and cheesy cutscenes, they've become extremely popular on YouTube. Achille12345 is one of the many people using the original cutscenes to make a mockery of them and to create parodies known as YouTube Poops. 

King Harkinian is the most popular inclusion in YouTube Poops. Many of his lines and phrases, such as “Mah Boi” (which was meant to be "My Boy"), and “I wonder what's for dinner,” are particularly popular in these videos. 


In Achille12345's videos, he's portrayed as a rather cowardly lord, who tries to avoid fighting by himself and prefers to brawl in groups (excluding Youtube Poop: The Evil King, as it's only him against Morshu, Fat Mario, etc). Still, he is a loving father, caring about Zelda and his "Boi," Link. The King is pretty strong in terms of fighting, as he gave a good challenge to WeeGee in Youtube Poop: The last stand against WeeGee Part 2.

In other series, such as CD-I Super Guns Fight, he plays a role of an evil overlord, who doesn't hesitate to fight no matter the circumstances and is extremely powerful. He has managed to destroy a whole group of Soldiers trying to assassinate him, and even took down Morshu, the Leader of the Good Team. Another example of The King being evil is in the series fittingly titled Youtube Poop: The Evil King, where, after being corrupted by WeeGee, The King gains power by absorbing the souls of others and manages to defeat a large group of heroes before getting beaten by Walleo and WalWeeGee.

Skills, Abilities and Power levels

The King has demonstrated to be a powerful fighter in Achille's videos. He's capable of long range and close range attacks, he's even been able to heal himself at times as well, usually by drinking from his cup (Filled with Blood/Wine). The King usually seems to prefer to attack his foes with his bare fists, but he also has energy projection abilities, such as the giant "Death Ball" he used in Youtube Poop: The last stand against WeeGee. One of his ultimate attacks is the Dinner Blaster, which typically fires Hamburgers, and sometimes actual bullets. He is also often able to summon his "Dinner", which he calls out in an echoed voice. The Dinner appears and slowly grows before exploding, dealing cataclysmic damage to enemies.

In CD-I Super Guns Fight he is the most powerful unit. However, he is a member of the evil team instead of being a heroic character. He successfully manages to kill Morshu after he kills Ganon.

Majin King

The King gets a huge power boost in Youtube Poop: CD-I Fight Special Episode 3, where, after long months of training, he's able to enter his special form, Majin King. In this form, he wields a gigantic Dinner Blaster with two firing options: Gigantic Burger and Flak Cannon, both dealing enormous amount of damage. His Power Level can then match WeeGee's in his normal form.

The Evil King

The King has even been the antagonist in Achille12345's "Youtube Poop: The Evil King" series, being a very powerful antagonist when he's powered up by many souls. His Power Level has changed during different videos. During The Evil King series, his power level went as follows:

  1. No souls: 900,000 (Nine hundred thousand)
  2. Few Souls: 5,000,000 (Five million)
  3. Hundreds of souls: 25,000,000 (Twenty-five million)
  4. Mystic King: 50,000,000 (Fifty million)
  5. Mystic King: (Five months later with thousands of souls): 150,000,000 (One-hundred and fifty million)

The Evil King casts magical attacks, such as Impa's "Triforce of Evil" to boost his next attack. Soon after, Gwonam summons the Fire Emblem Dragon to assist, but The Evil King uses "Iron Knuckle Soul and Fari Soul! Team attack". The souls of Fari and Iron Knuckle appear, Iron Knuckle physically attacks the dragon with multiple combos, while Fari's soul charges up a powerful beam. After the beam is finished, the Iron Knuckle swoops in with the final blow, which does an enormous amount of damage to the Dragon. The Evil King uses "Double Eyes beam", which are two lazers that merge together to do a decent amount of damage, but not enough to kill the Dragon. After the King takes the Dragon's next attack, he summons "Phantom Arms", which open the Dragon's mouth, ripping the creature in half, which is an OVER KILL.

He then casts "Mystic Cage". The heroes are teleported to an empty area with a magical power source gathering, which explodes causing damages between 300,000,000 and 345,000,000 damage to the team. This attack takes out Gwonam, Gay Luigi and Ganon and deals a lot of damage to Mario and Link. Morshu, however, is in Kaioken 50X and has the highest health and power level of the group so he still survives with a lot of health remaining.

His next attack he casts on the hero's is "Apocalypse". A cutscene of energy which rapidly gathers into one spot, and explodes, the attack is visible from space which deals 10,000,000,000 (Ten billion) damage to all the team members, knocking out the entire party. Yet some of the Party has Auto Revive status so some of them come back with some health.

After the King loses some of his souls from trying to absorb Gay Luigi's soul (Gay Luigi's WeeGee soul prevented from being absorbed) he perform's DINNER!, which is a dinner plate which has (of course) 'Dinner' on it, causing an explosion to the team, which knocks out Morshu, Link, and Mario. Gay Luigi then uses "HELP!" To revive them. The damage taken was between 100,000,000 and 2,500,000,000.

After Gay Luigi insulted him, The Evil King soon after went full power to Mystic King, his stats boosted up. His Attack doubled, his Defense was boosted fifteenfold, and his Maximum Health went up twentyfold, and he soon after used "Dinner Blaster," which fired a black-red wave beam attack. After the beam finished, The King launched a burger towards the surviving heroes. The damage was enormous, dealing damages between 290,000,000 and 745,000,000.

His final attack was "Meteor Strike". A cutscene follows after usage with a meteorite slowly moving through space, soon being smashed to pieces by a molten meteorite, which comes crashing down to the Earth, finishing the heroes off, awarding victory to The Evil King.

Majora King

The King's 3rd form is Majora King, who will appear in the Multiverse Tournament Series.

Majora king colorless.png


When Achille himself wanted people to vote on which video to make, Youtube Poop: The Evil King's alternate ending was ranked as a meager 9th place out of 11 choices. However, it suddenly gained 48 votes in January, jumping its way to fifth. This means that Youtube Poop: The Evil King is pretty popular among the fans of Achille12345 as of late.

Forms of The Evil King