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Achille is bored, very bored, DEADLY BORED and so he decides to go to several different universe (few that we know and others that we do not know), and he invites the most powerful character of each universe to join in a prestigious fight tournament.

The length of the battle will be obviously depend on the power level difference between the challengers. Some videos will be very short if the battle is one-sided. However there would be epic battles between godlike beings, also there will be amazing battles between crappy character (like two Impas lol)!

It's going to be fight after fight, with small random scenes in  between the fight and backstory on the character that we do not know or what happened to them, (like what happen to SSJ3 Morsayen after he defeated WeeGee and the other and so on).

The tournament will take place in a giant empty universe (way bigger than u1 and empty as u13); so that is possible the fights between universe-destroyer-power-like-characters without damage and problems.

Achille will choose the following universe and characters listed in the Multiverse page.


1st: 4 wishes from Achille

2nd: 3 wishes from Achille

3rd: 2 wishes from Achille

4th: 1 wish from Achille

5th and below: an random prize! It can be anything from a badass weapons/armors up to an useless decorative object depending on how good they did in their fight according of their powers.

The wishes can be anything either, they can wish: to have more power, revive a dead friend (such as a loved one), a badass weapon (such as RPG, legendary sword like Excalibur and Minecraft Story Mode) , immortality, lotsa of spaghetti or even force somebody to become their personal slave, anything they want. (Unless they wish for someone to die in that case it won't work.)


The rules are almost the same as in Dragon Ball Multiverse Tournament and are the following:


1) When the character name and his/hers universe are called, he/she must get in the ring.

2) The fight starts when the two challengers have touched the ring.

3) If a challenger takes too much time coming, that is a forfeit.


1) If a challenger specifically attack both physically and verbal, (or try to do so), people that are not your opponent (the audience,someone from another universe...) the referees may call you a cheater and you will get punished and lose (Still the audience are far from the battlefield and they are protected by a force-field so they will not suffer any harm).

2) Challenger can not receive any exterior help, including materials, magic, energy or sound. For this reason, fighter are not allowed to stay near their space, where they look suspicious. (The only exterior help allowed is passive ability such as getting stronger from people cheering for you or praying for you.)

3) Any kind of technique is allowed. You can come with ANY equipment (such as firearms a.k.a. guns), but you must be alone from any people except for your enemy. (You can bring with you as many people as you want as long as they are parts of a single being as you enter the ring, such as a fusion or a giant robot than need multiple people to command.)


1) This is a death tournament. Fighters who dies loses. The opponent however could still spare his/hers foe and win.

2) The fighter disappear from referee's sight for 15 seconds. So stay near the ring.

3) The contestant tells with a clear sigh that he/she forfeits. If the opponent however does attacks, he/she will get disqualified and punished.

4) You receive an exterior help than isn't allowed, or are called out as cheater by the referees.


1) It is forbidden to fight, even far from the arena.

(Unless it is in the Training Chamber if so the persons must all agree to fight without being forced by any blackmail or spells like mind control and so on, anybody dying or getting hurt in the Training Chamber will be revive or healed completely.)

2) Any problem will result in a punishment made by Achille himself it can be a warning or go as far as an temporary death for the persons causing problems. (unless extraordinary cases).

3) Any need (food, drink, conveniences, calling people, meditation space, texting, e-mails, and even sexual needs...) will be given at your demand.

4) The challengers must not treat the organizers awfully.

5) Any contestants will be fully healed or revived after each match.