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The Random Game is a series of YTP videos made by Achille12345 back in 2009. It is a fake action RPG game, in which Gwonam or other selected characters fight their way through a bunch of enemies and gain Experience Points.

The series contained 3 parts. After that, it was cancelled.

Part 1


Youtube Poop The Random Game Part 1

The character select screen of the "game" shows a bunch of characters from YTP world. However, only two are available for now: Gwonam and Impa. The player chooses Impa, but gets warned that she really sucks. After that, the loading screen appears, in which Weegee punches Impa.

The first boss in the game is George the Baker (Level 0). Since Impa doesn't even have a health bar, she loses a life from a single hit. She later tries to dodge projectiles and even attack George, but he gets rid of her easily. A message "Impa DIED!" shows on the screen after losing all 3 lives and now she can't be selected. After that, a loading screen appears, in which Weegee punches the words "loading...". Only Gwonam is available.

The video was short, because it was only a test if Achille's fans would like it. And they did, giving him a motivation to create next part.

Part 2


Youtube Poop The Random Game Part 2

Player now selects Gwonam with stats: HP: 40 | Attack: 12. Weegee punches loading screen, presumably to make the game load faster.

Gwonam then engages into battle, dodges all of George's cake projectiles and defeats him with 2 hits. "Squadala Man" then levels up and learns the skill "Sword". Near the entrance to the castle, he meets his next challenger: Iron Knuckle (Level 5).

Gwonam loses most of his HP, but then he uses his Charged Attack to knock down Iron Knuckle and deal some cheap damage. Knight then gets up and activates his Limit Break, defeating Gwonam and making him lose one of his lives. After a moment, he comes back, dodges cunningly Iron Knuckle's swords and finishes him off with Charged Attack. Gwonam levels up again and learns passive "Critical Skill", that has 20% chance to bring him back to life after losing all HP. He then gets inside the Ganon's Castle.

Part 3


Youtube Poop The Random Game Part 3 (CANCELED PROJECT)

Inside Ganon's Castle, Gwonam meets Link. An info shows "Defeat Link to recruit him!". Link deflects all the attacks, hurting Gwonam himself by occasion and then he uses his Limit Break, bringing Gwonam's health to 0. Gwonam's "Critical Skill" activates and he gets up, but Link stops the fight saying that Gwonam is so weak he decides to join him.

After the fight, a warning screen appears that Gwonam can now enter Death Fight - a hard battle against random opponent. The player chooses "Yes" despite being warned. The opponent turns out to be Malleo (Level 5500), who defeats Gwonam very quickly. With only one life left, Squadala Man continues exploring the castle.


Sadly, Part 4 will never be made, as the series got cancelled for an unknown reason. The next opponent was supposed to be I.M. Meen and the final boss was supposed to be WeeGee.