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Triforce of Power is a part of the sacred relic called the Triforce, which appears throughout The Legend of Zelda series. In the original game, Ganon steals the Triforce of Power. Link's mission is to defeat him and reunite all the pieces of Triforce, thus saving Zelda.

Triforce (Power piece is at the top).

The Triforce of Power gives incredible strength and magical power to anybody who gains possession of it. In Achille12345's video, CD-I Fight Episode 2, Link, after getting defeated by Weegee, uses the combined Triforce to recover from his wounds and enter his second form - Triforced Link. He has managed to easily destroy the evil creature with it. However, how Link has managed to get both Triforce of Wisdom and Courage is unknown.

Triforce of Power is also featured in the CD-I Pokémon Tournament. Link Nukem lends Ganon this part of the relic, but limits its power to 5% to prevent him from becoming too strong. Still, Ganon gets a big power boost (Temporary level up from lvl 120 to 220) that allowed him to hold off Bowser long enough, so Mario and Luigi could charge their Anti-Bowser Beam.

Trivia (CD-I Pokemon Tournament)

  • If Ganon was able to use the Triforce of Power's full potential, he would have been at Level 2400, but he would still be no match for Bowser Insane mode without his minions help, even though that Bowser is only Level 1666.