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Context (Difference between U13 and U5 events)

First of all this is a extremely long story to read and I made it long on purpose if you love to read my shit then you will like it if you don't well I guess nobody is forcing you to read it. lol

This story only happen in U13 the same exact events happen in U5, the only difference is Super Atomic Boo was defeated by Link Nukem during the battle inside the Deadly Monster section avoiding the whole boo invasion, Legende responded to Link Nukem call and came to the universal prison with the 10 other Universal Guardians.

Without the Boos problem The Legendary Shiny Mew Two Y God was easily defeated by the combine effort and team work of the 10 guardians and order is restore in the prison.

The biggest difference is The Goddess of Life didn't heal Link Nukem who was seriously injured in space which allowed WeeGee to get unseal and unlock his Spirit WeeGee form without Link Nukem getting in his way he went on destroying the prison in a attempt to free his master.


Super Spirit WeeGee big mistake!

Super Spirit WeeGee with some difficulty was able to destroy the powerful wall and shields of inside the prison one by one and was able to reach the main room where he surprise The Universal Guardians and the rest of the prison forces.

They all were surprise to see all the scanner inside the room and the scanner inside of the prison guards helmet suddently explode as WeeGee appears, he slowly walk toward the gate leading to TBWH seal chamber ignorint the guardians and everybody else.

Few Elite guards try to stop him, but they are vaporized by Super Spirit WeeGee aura or so they thought but only the Universal Guardians could see what truly was happening WeeGee punched them vaporizing them in the process, but it was so quick the normal guards didn't see it, the Guardians were ready to stop him Crom was already starting to charge but Lohengramm told them to wait and watch.

WeeGee reach the Giant door and look at it and fire a huge beam at it, but the door absorb all of it and renforce itself with a powerful shield surprise and annoyed by this turn of event WeeGee jump and deal a powerful punch breaking the shield and touching the door, as soon as he touch the door a giant reaction occur hitting WeeGee and sending him flying back crashing on the floor burn to the bones and smoking as nothing left of him but a burning skeleton.

WeeGee didn't know than the door was protected by the full power of the quadforce and only Link Nukem can touch it after doing a special ritual to take down it's defense.

It was time to attack the Guardians didn't lose a single seconds they knew this enemy was way beyond anything they faced before Legende uses one of her ability called "Guardians Link"to link all of the guardians together sharing their power and mind allowing them to grow in power and reaction speed and able to speak in each other mind and all of their ability gains certain effects from all the other Universal Guardians ability.

They surround him and prepare a plan to defeat him, WeeGee suddently heal in a seconds and launch few beam attacks in all direction, Magic Emperor protect everybody with shields thanks to Legende Guardians Link ability, Magic Emperor shield now absorb beam type attacks which renforce his shields making them harder to break.

Blue Blazer who was running around WeeGee unleash his beam blades creating a giant cage WeeGee tried to get out of it but Lightbringer appears and blind him with a intense light burning WeeGee eyes while The Fallen kicking him back in the cage, which then become smaller and cut Spirit WeeGee in pieces at the same time Crom smash WeeGee making his parts fly everywhere in the room as Earthmate Pete and Magic Emperor trap every single of his parts inside shields.

For a moment not a single noise is heard in the giant room as a strange silence last for over 10 seconds, until suddently all the parts of WeeGee but one turn black and vaporize themselve the Universal Guardians were waiting for this as all the guardians fire a huge beam attacks and hit the shield, the whole prison defence also fire at the shield renforcing it.

Super Spirit WeeGee was now trap inside the small shield as Magic Emperor made it become smaller and smaller slowly crushing WeeGee inside it until the shield become the size of a little ball Magic Emperor with the help of Earthmate Pete sent the little ball against the door leading to TBWH chamber.

WeeGee is hit over and over by powerful discharge inside the shield which is renforced at the sametime, The Guardians feel WeeGee energy getting weaker and weaker and completely disappear, Magic Emperor to be sure WeeGee is dead reduce the size of the shield to the size of an atom, the guardians look at each other, did they win?

This last for over two hours as WeeGee seem to be dead or at least under control, The Fallen and Lightbringer decided to go make sure all this didn't free any prisoniers the other guardians wonder where is Link Nukem and why he didn't come back yet few minutes later, suddently a dark energy come out of the door the Guardians realize there a very small crack on the door at the same place where the ball was earlier probably left by all the stress and energy that was release on the door in that exact little spot.

This dark energy take a form as a giant face made of flame appears in front of them as billions of soul come out screaming in agony everybody but the guardians are petrified by fear and horrified unable to move if they mind wasn't combines they would surly be overcome by fear too.

The giant face with a dark deep voice tell them "Your great hero is dead and soon you will join him!" As all the dark energy goes inside the tiny ball, suddently Super Spirit WeeGee reappear as the ball grow in size WeeGee is pushing it back Magic Emperor and Earthmate Pete and The Great Brian try to hold it, but the shield is broken WeeGee come out and charge the guardians.


The Universal Guardians Last Battle Part 1: A chance to win.

Super Spirit WeeGee charge them as he try to punch Lohengramm a giant shield by Magic Emperor appears and block WeeGee attack giving Lohengramm enough time to dodge before the shield break, but Lohengramm decide to take the hit as WeeGee break a parts of Lohengramm armor and wound a bit his arm sending him flying crashing in a wall.

As soon as Lohengramm touch the wall WeeGee is already on him grabbing him by the neck trying to break it, but before he could his arm is cut off by Blue Blazer lazer beam as King Magnus cut his other arms, Lohengramm who was hit on purpose continue to execute the plan and pierce WeeGee with his energy wings which make WeeGee extremely heavy as each of his atom now weight more than planets. (Without creating gravity)

WeeGee is surprise and fall on the floor making a giant explosion and creating a hole in the extremely resillient floors making multiple hole and ending up in the bottom room on the prison in the core of the planet, WeeGee body heal itself and repairs every effected atoms in his body which cancel Lohengramm ability.

WeeGee try to get up still obviously effected by what just happen as his body is having trouble to heal from the internal damages it caused to him to a atom level, Crom appears and hit him with all of his power with his giant sword who weight more that a whole galaxy from above and WeeGee easily block the attacks.

King Magnus cut his arms as Crom sword crush WeeGee on the floor, Blue Blazer create a giant cage made of Lazer beam trapping WeeGee inside it Magic Emperor and Earthmate Pete assisted by The Great Briant and Legende reinforce the beam with shields.

The cage become smaller and smaller and literally vaporize WeeGee inside it as the beam disappears there is nothing left of WeeGee as his energy completely disappears again, but reappears as Lohengramm is suddently took by a terrible pain coming from his arm.

Lohengramm is horrified to see his arm grow in size as he see eyes pop out of his wound Lohengramm cut his arm off with his energy wings WeeGee come out of it, as WeeGee punches Lohengramm earliar WeeGee hand was injured by his armor and left very small parts of his body inside Lohengramm wound.

He used it to regen and reappears WeeGee is left alone with Lohengramm the others followed WeeGee in the lower floors as Lohengramm stayed behind to focus and prepare a powerful attack, Lohengramm try to pierce WeeGee again with his wing, but WeeGee grab two of them as the rest pierce him WeeGee feel his body get heavy again, but have time to pierce Lohengramm with his own wings.

WeeGee fall again inside the same hole he left earlier Lohengramm is left behind impaled by his own wings he fall on the ground seriously injured the other who were connected to Lohengramm mind know what just happen as they see WeeGee fall unable to move Earthmate Pete and Legende take this chance to charge him and combines two very powerful attacks together.

Without warning Lohengramm who is too injured and cannot focus to keep his ability on WeeGee activated suddently worn out allowing WeeGee to move again and block the two guardians attacks and and counter with two powerful kick hitting the two guardians sending crashing really hard on the floor below, The Great Brian hit WeeGee with a powerful lightning spell making a hole in his head and temporarily paralyzing him.

Crom hit him with his giant sword sending him flying, King Magnus unleash his millions slash techniques cutting him in pieces, Blue Blazer unleash his thousand of beam blades everywhere as Magic Emperor trap WeeGee inside a giant shield.

WeeGee is trying to recover but is immediately cut as soon as he try to regen by Blue Blazer beam blades, at this moment Super Spirit WeeGee decide to get serious and goes 100% unleashing a giant shockwave that destroy all of the blades and break the shields sending all the guardians flying.

Super Spirit WeeGee now at his full power immediately target Magic Emperor in his eyes he's the most dangerous one and charge him, Magic Emperor know there is no way he can dodge this attack as he barely have time to put up a giant shield than it's already broken and barely slow down WeeGee, he put another bigger one which is also broken giving Earthmate Pete and The Great Brian enough time to react they see Magic Emperor cannot move when he create shields.

They come beside him and help him by renforcing his shield making a even bigger one that WeeGee broke in seconds, they create a super huge shield putting all they can into it, as Crom, Blue Blazer, Legende and King Magnus attack WeeGee from behind they attacks now barely can hurt WeeGee, but is enough to slow him down as they combines effort seem to work, but WeeGee continue to slowly advance toward the three guardians who are slowly push again the prison wall.

WeeGee unleash a giant beam attack behind him forcing the other guardians to dodge it and stop attacking, Magic Emperor see his own shield slowly starting to crush his father and son along with himself, Magic Emperor look at his father and son and tell them he's sorry.

Magic Emperor take down the shield and push them away WeeGee hit him piercing his body with his arm, Magic Emperor grab WeeGee arm and smile as he said: "Using this power might kill me, but I take you down with me you son of a bitch" he break a seal on his two hands which unleash an huge amount of energy directly go inside Super Spirit WeeGee body turning him into a giant cloud of smoke that quickly disappears in the air.

Magic Emperor body fall on the ground his father and son run back to him, they realize he merely fainted but he won't be able to help them anymore as WeeGee reappear again and regen from smoke particul in the air behind The Great Brian and immediately grab him.

The Great Brian react by letting out a giant wave of heat and lightning than barely injure WeeGee as he slowly crush Brian body with his arms, Legende pierce WeeGee head with a energy lance, but don't seem to effect him at all as the other guardians try to save Brian WeeGee crush The Great Brian breaking all of his bones as he let his lifeless body fall on the ground.

We slowly turn his eyes and look at the other guardians saying. "You are next---" But is cut mid-sentence by Crom appears out fo no where going at multiple time the speed of light charging WeeGee with his giant sword he is stop with a single hand, WeeGee continue "Next after this fool" He quickly take Crom Giant Sword and hit him crushing him on the wall with his own sword Crom fall on the ground unconscious.


The Universal Guardians Last Battle Part 2: It's not over yet.

Meanwhile on the first floor The Angel of Protection and Angel of Time along with the two missing Universal Guardians Lightbringer and The Fallen arrive Lightbringer heal Lohengramm and stabilize him, but he would need few days to fully recover, there was no time to waste since he know the other guardians are in deep trouble as 3 of them already died, Lohengramm look at the two remaning Angel Knights and ask them to merge with him.

Lohengramm created the Angel Knights using his own special ability using his own energy to bond souls of dead heroes inside soulless suitable mortal body merging with him would heal his wound and make him stronger as they would become one giving Lohengramm all the angels abilities, memories and personality Lohengramm already used this ability to survive a mortal wound in the past but doing so can alter his personallity or make him go insane and so doing this can be very dangerous especially with two angels at once.

As last resort he have no choice as they are all going to die either way if he don't, the two angels agrees and in a giant flash of light the 3 become one, the three guardians jump inside the hole as they arrive on the bottom floor they are horrified to see the 4 other guardians are in bad shape.

All of them are injured, but the worst is Earthmate Pete who is missing his left and Blue Blazer who was hit by a beam attack to the head making him lose his helmet and both of his eyes, but even blind he continue to fight with the other 3 gardians as well as before using the mental ability to see through their eyes.

Legende see the other 3 guardians and link Lightbringer and The Fallen to the Gardians Links ability making them stronger giving them a chance to fight back, they don't waste anytime as Lightbringer unleash his light wings form making all the gardians glow in a intense light only WeeGee can see blinding WeeGee burning him to the bones by the intense power of light.

The guardians take this chance to attacks King Magnus try to unleash his millions slash techniques now powered up by the power of light, but Super Spirit WeeGee easily block all of his attacks even blind and injured WeeGee was still way beyond their power, he try to kick back King Magnus, but his leg is cut off by Blue Blazer beam blades Lohengramm strike him with his two new angel blades made of pure energy he gains after merging with the two angel knights and cut WeeGee in half.

Super Spirit WeeGee immediately reform and heal his body and grab The Fallen who was attempting a sneak attack from behind and throw him at Lohengramm as he unleash a giant beam attack at them from close range, the other gardians know it's impossible to dodge this attacks, but Lohengramm appears with The Fallen at the other side of the room in a instant.

The beam continue and create a giant hole in the prison walls, Lohengramm reappear in front of WeeGee in a blink of a eyes and cut WeeGee head off as he was trying to attack Earthmate Pete, all the other gardians take this to their advantage to combines they ultimate attacks WeeGee who is now headless counter at the very last seconds with his own giant beam at full power.

The result as all the attacks collide is a colossal explosion that sent everybody fly and seem to vaporize the already weaken WeeGee, all the walls are literally push few feets away from their fondation as the whole prison is shaked and some parts of it crumble the main energy source powered by the Quadforce is cut as the whole prison goes in the complete dark.

Everybody is in the dark as the guardians get up on their feets and cannot see anything, but can still sense each other but WeeGee energy disappears, they stay for a while wondering if they were able to finally defeat WeeGee for real this time, but know there a great chance WeeGee is simply taking time to regen himself.

Legende uses her ability to see clearly any energy in the dark along with The Fallen who can see in the dark, but after 5 long minutes of searching they found nothing no trace of WeeGee, Lightbringer light up the giant room with his sword to search for WeeGee too, but as soon as he does that WeeGee was waiting for it, WeeGee who was suppressing his power down to zero to not be detected suddently appears behind Lightbringer and power up back to 100% in a blink of a eyes punch Lightbringer in the back making him fly and crash into a wall rendering him unable to fight as the whole room goes dark again.

WeeGee immediately suppresse his power back to zero making him invisible now the gardians know WeeGee is still alive and is hunting them down in the dark, The Fallen who can still clearly see WeeGee allow the other guardians to see him through The Fallen eyes.

This allow the guardians to take WeeGee completely off guard as he was suppressing all of his power to nothing as he is hit by all of their attack at the same time, WeeGee scream in agony as he fall to the floor Lohengramm pierce WeeGee with his energy wings and make his body super heavy again making him unable to move.

Lohengramm The Fallen and Legende to quickly look around the room to see if there is any more parts of WeeGee left, they quickly search and find nothing.

Super Spirit WeeGee scream as loud as he can as he try to move his body who is getting crushed by the intense weight of his own body Lohengramm who is now is complete control over WeeGee body lift him in the air and ask all the guardians to charge their strongest attacks and strike him all at the sametime.

All the guardians don't waste anytime as they all deeply focus close their eyes and power up and charge all of their attacks few seconds later, they feel WeeGee energy appears everywhere in the room as they are all grab from behind and attacked they wonder what is going on, The Fallen sees something unbelievable something that wasn't in WeeGee list of abilities.

He sees not one, but over 20+ Super Spirit WeeGee appears from thin air in the room they are not WeeGee Clones they were all real WeeGees!


The Universal Guardians Last Battle Part 3: Super Spirit WeeGees teamwork!

The Fallen try to defend himself but is no match for their combines strength as he is hold in place as he is blasted with powerful beam attack from all directions and is reduce to pieces the samething happen to Earthmate Pete as he is rip aparts by the WeeGees but before the ends he was able to raise walls from the ground around Legende and Lohengramm freeing them.

King Magnus Gallant quickly spin on himself and cut all the WeeGees in pieces and he jump in a corner of the giant room ready to defend himself.

Blue Blazer who was going to have the same fate at his two friends unleash beam blades in all directions cutting the WeeGees arms freeing himself, 3 gardians move in the middle of the room as all the WeeGees suppresse all of their energy becoming invisible again in the dark.

Back few minutes earlier we see Super Spirit WeeGee who try to go Super Ultimate Spirit form to finish this battle once and for all but realize he cannot due to losing too much energy with all the damages he took when he was stuck against the giant door earlier.

He decide to uses an alternative way and take the gardians very seriously as he could very well be defeated by them if he get unlucky to give him a better change to win he decided to divide himself using parts of his body to create other Super Spirit WeeGee they are all the same person, but every time he divide himself his power is also divide, but Super Spirit WeeGee is way more powerful than the Universal Gardians 1 on 1 so dividing himself 20-30 times would actually make him weaker, but would also give him the advantage, he come up with this plan and hide his other self making them extremely small undetectable, back to the present time.

King Magnus Gallant is left alone on one side of the room as he is attacked from all directions he easily counter any attacks, but at the sametime try to get to the 3 other gardians in the middle of the room as he run toward them sensing their energy, he doesn't see one of the walls Earthmate Pete created is in the way and crash into it at full speed.

His two sword get stuck into the wall, he is quickly kick away from them the three other gardians know this and try to rush to him but are stop by many WeeGees in their ways, King Magnus is alone in the dark being attacked by many WeeGees and without his swords every times he counter them he hurt his hands as their attacks are really powerful.

He is surprise by a barrage of beam attacks at the sametime many WeeGees try to punch and kick him he dodges and counter all the attacks for a while, but his arms end up like bloody meat and broken and cannot uses them anymore, he try his best to dodge all the attacks and get to the other gardians he suddently realize that without his swords and especially without his arms he is literally useless and would just get in the way.

So he decide to accept his fate and ask Legende to take all of his life energy and absorb it to power herself up since he is mentally link to her she does have the power to do so if the person agree with it and open his soul to her, he is dodging attacks as he beg Legende to do it and finally she say: "You always were my favorite of the bunch Magnus, good bye my friends as she absorb all of his energy." King Magnus Gallant body fall on the ground lifeless.

The three gardians are back to back waiting for the worst as suddently multiple beams come from all directions almost hit the guardians who jump in the air in the same direction making sure to protect each other as they block all coming close combat attacks Blue Blazer beam blades flying in all direction cutting any WeeGee who dare come too close.

Lohengramm pierce multiple WeeGees making them too heavy and making them unable to move anymore and use a forbidden technique Link Nukem defended him to uses than drains the souls of any dead person in a certain area allowing him to power up anybody he want but himself with them temporarily.

Since Blue Blazer seem to be one with the most useful techniques he decided to empower him with all the souls of the dead Gardians making him far more powerful and fast at the sametime boosting the three gardians overal power thanks to Legende Gardians Link ability making them over 100 times more powerful as their were all combines before due to Lohengramm new form and Blue Blazer insane power up.

Super Spirit WeeGee seeing this decide to reduce the number of WeeGees reducing their numbers to 5, the five WeeGee again suppress themselve and hide in the darkness, striking at random at the gardians WeeGee have all the times he want as he doesn't get tired, but the gardians cannot see in the darkness and will eventually get tired.


The Universal Guardians Last Battle Part 4: The Long Last Stand...

The gardians try to go back to the superior floors and outside to fight in the light but realize the whole superior floors collaps trapping them, this game of hide and seek goes on for 3 days of none stop surprise attacks as any attacks the gardians tried never worked due to WeeGee regen ability this battle isn't to defeat WeeGee anymore, but to simply survive hoping Link Nukem will appears to save them as long as they can hold back WeeGee there is still hope.

Eventually for using her Gardians Links ability who take a lot of mental power and will to use for so long put a enormous stress on Legende who slowly became unstable both mentally and physically until her body finally gave out as she suddently fainted.

The two other gardians who are surrently cut from each other mind without a warning are surprise WeeGee take this to his advantage to push them aparts from each other and pick on them separately he divide himself again many times without Legende ability to share their power the gardians are now way weaker and more easy target especially while blind and separated and disorganized and very tired, at this point all battles take place at the sametime.

Greatly injured Lightbringer stay unconscious the whole time as Crom and Magic Emperor are unable to help as they are barely able to move at all, knowing they are of no help and would only be in the way they both shallow their pride and decide to fake being dead.


Lohengramm battle

Lohengramm end up alone in his corner assaulted by over 15 Super Spirit WeeGees at the sametime, he is able to pierce few of them making 5 of them unable to move, but his energy wings are broken by the other WeeGees he take out his angels blades and start to fight them, thanks to the angel of time and the angel of protection Lohengramm is now able to stop time for a second and create shields around himself.

This allow him to actually have a chance against those strong WeeGees as he is able to destroy 6 of them before finally getting punch really hard by one of them and fall on the floor as the 4 last WeeGee grab him rendering him unable to move, he unsleash shields around every WeeGee slowly crushing them, but as the 5 other WeeGee finally heal making them able to move again they all combine into one WeeGee and fire a huge beam attack before he could be hit, Lohengramm commit suicide by blowing himself up vaporized all the WeeGee around him and leaving a giant hole in the floor.


Blue Blazer Battle

Blue Blazer is up against over 30 WeeGees but is way more powerful thanks to Lohengramm powerful from earlier he is able to defend himself and cut in pieces any WeeGees who try to come too close of him with his tornado of beam blades.

Parts of many WeeGees are flying everywhere and reforming getting closer and closer to him as Blue Blazer have to reduce the size of his tornado of blades more and more until they are literally spinning millimeters away from his own body creating some kind of huge moving armors the WeeGees are unable to get pass for a while even beams attacks don't seem to work as suddently Lohengramm explode creating a giant shockwave making Blue Blazer lose focus for a second as all the beam blades fly everywhere cutting both of his arms off along with all the Weegees close by.

Blue Blazer fall on the floor seriously injured, but he get up again in seconds before the WeeGee could regen themselve and uses his beam blades to cauterize his wound as he continue to fight, now without arms he cannot create more beam blades as they are broken.

Super Spirit WeeGee get rid of all of his copy to become one again to finish Blue Blazer quickly who continue to cut WeeGees in pieces over and over walking backward as WeeGee run toward him regen himself from any wound and breaking his blades one by one until none is left.

Blue Blazer know the end of near as he badly cut himself open with the deadly metal blade on his boots as his blood fall like a waterfall on the floor in front of him, WeeGee is confuse by what Blue Blazer is doing but ignore it as he jump in the air for the final blow,

Blue Blazer suddently create with his blood on the floor a giant large beam wall and rise it in the air and surround WeeGee trapping him inside a giant beam cube, Blue Blazer beam blades come from his blood his finger always have little tiny cut that allow him to create beam type object with his blood.

With such large quantity of blood that beam cube is extremely resilient and way more deadly that beam created from little to no blood, Blue Blazer slowly start to reduce the size of the cube Super Spirit WeeGee laugh as he know he left few parts of himself just incase this would happen, but at the sametime Blue Blazer find and destroy all of these tiny parts WeeGee last behind.

Blue Blazer then scream to WeeGee: "This time... There is no... Escape!!" Super Spirit WeeGee then start to panic inside the cube as he know if he get vaporized now it's the end for him as the cube get smaller and smaller he start to scream in agony as hard as he can as his whole body is slowly reduce to nothing.

The cube get smaller and smaller until almost nothing left of WeeGee but a tiny little object the cube stop getting smaller, Blue Blazer is shock as he realize the beam are way to thick due to being created by a very large quantity of blood and he cannot reduce it more then what it is now he start to move the cube around trying to force WeeGee to touch the walls.

But WeeGee even as a tiny little burn object can still control his body and move with the cube movement as much as he can to avoid being hit by the walls Blue Blazer start to spin around and do everything he can for a whole minute, but the movement get slower and slower as Blue Blazer feel his energy living him extremely fast he look at his huge wound and says to himself out loud....

"It's looks like... I messed up..." As he fall on the floor lifeless, The cube broke freeing WeeGe who start to gasp took by uncontrollable shaking for a moment as he look around and see this time he won, but remember there is still one of them left...

He walk to Legende body and as he is about to kill her he hear a noise behind him as the fews still intact lights suddently goes back up, WeeGee turn around and sees Link Nukem who is seriously injured.

The story ends here. ;p