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Okay since I last spoke with you guys on the subject of the RPG I have come up with some more stories. I have been thinking of a couple different concepts.

Story Concept 1

This is the one Gloin came up with:

The Map: (added in Bikini Bottom and Japan)

"The continent of Youtube Poop is divided into few countries with Kingdom of Hyrule lying in the center, France with Paris to the north, America with Texas and Elwood City south, Mushroom Kingdom and Koopagia in the south-east and Mobius and Walwar to the east. All of those countries, except for Koopagia (which was neutral) and Walwar were in good relationships with Hyrule.

Few years ago, a war took place. The country of Walwar, ruled by Ganon, had led a massive attack on Hyrule in order to steal The Triforce of Courage and Wisdom. Ganon's force was overwhelming, but his overconfidence and underestimation of Hyrule's allies were main reasons of his defeat. The well-trained Hyrulian soldiers, along with allied units fended off the attackers and marched towards Walwar, forcing Ganon to surrender. In peace treaty, King Harkinian ordered Ganon to drastically reduce his army to prevent future attacks and mantain strength balance in the entire continent. All was well, until one day...

Ganon was silently gathering troops all those years. Country of Mobius, now ruled by Dr. Robotnik and Bowser's Koopagia have formed a secret coalition with Ganon for a promise of riches and power. Ganon wanted Robotnik to create robotic clones of Hyrulian soldiers and send them to attack Hyrule's allies to trick them into thinking The King has turned against them and wanted to claim the world for himself. With everyone being hostile against Hyrule, nothing could stop the coalition from taking the Triforce pieces and conquering the world.

Impa, looking at the Triforce of Wisdom has found out that Ganon may attack them soon, but the rest of the vision is unclear. The King, sensing the upcoming crisis, decides to send Link, Mario, Luigi and some troops as an emmisaries to their allies to warn them about the danger. But they don't know about the other part of the plan..." -Gloin1994

Story Concept 2

This is one I have come up with, this one has more of a Kingdom Hearts feel to it (at least in the seperation of worlds). I don't have a story but I have a setting so its a start.

Like I said above this one would involve a more seperated world, with one being the CD-i world (or Achille12345's canon world), the Disney-esque world (The Frollo Show canon world), the SpingeBill world (MoBrosStudios/AwfulFawfultheFalafle canon world), the KotH world (JJagwire and Pumkin canon universe), and I'll think of more later. Within this story, (like I said no plot yet) you would be fighting things like Weegee, Wilford Brimley, The Hiver, etc.

And at the center of all worlds is the mysterious final boss who will remain anonymous... for now.


Tubby (Patrick Star)

I really have only one newcomer set in stone that I know without a doubt will be in the game. And that would be:

Final Words

I really haven't tackled too much with RPG Maker yet, but rest assured I am working on it. I intend to take concepts from both stories and make a a good quality final product.

Also if you have suggestions for this game such as characters, plot elements, or even other full stories like Gloin1994 did, tell me and I will put it into consideration (it is likely to show up one way or another).

Also one more thing: I might be cutting Arthur  due to the fact he is not as relevant to the newer story concepts. He's not as of this point but he is unlikely to appear in the final product or even the first demo.